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>1 What does you feel when you see the reissue of H Bomb albums?

1 These reissue have been welcomed as it had to be, i mean with joy and a certain nostalgia I have been the first one to be contacted by Eric from FGL ( Axe Killer records), his project has surprised me because I had a bit forgotten record companies and all thi sstuffs in France...my thought has been for fans of the period that were going to have albums in CD...Today when someone speaks of vinyl LP , it is to stay original as in this period, CD didn't exist..I can tell that our great joy is to have a product that holds me to heart, indestructible and outin my collection to all ever .

>2 By now, what do you think of these albums?

2By this time, we knew that it was necessary to be a stage band to get the recognition of the audience then the technical side has never been mybest points. I composed and wrote with pleasure and then left my guitars back .... I think that these albums have a soul because we told histories in each title. Today I do not judge the sound of these albums because the way to record CD's now have changed. but I am very proud of these albums.

>3 To be signed on a foreign company should/could have been an advantage but it seems that it makes more problem like distribution in France. Do you think that it was really a problem for your carreer? 

3 France or foreign, difficult question for a French group singing in french... we have not had to choose, someone has proposed us and it appeared like a miracle in this period where everybody were searching for a label. We would have do the same if someone in France had proposed us a contract ,I think. The distribution in France would have been worse than by importing albums! Nobody were betting on french bands & on their possible sells at this time because indie companies were beginning. Our carreer were short but incredible by the meeting with the greatest bands on earth; A carreer...it's at first the means of the label...I still think the same today

>4 What are your best remembrances & the worst one?

4 remembrances ...Too much women, fun & travel. ... my best emembrance is the Heavy Sound Festival...Metallica were started their career and Bajon Rojo asked us to lend them some of our instruments to play on stage... I have no bad remembrance excepted the day I have decided to stop because we didn't feel good together no more.

>5 Armando , you recorded the first Crusher album ( death grind) at the studio du Bras d'Or ( Spasmophilius, ...)at Boulogne/mer (F). Do you remember this time & is it an experience you have done again?

5 Crusher was among the first bands of a long list that trusts in me. Then, since this time, I have never worked with peoples as adorable as them, their music was a state of mind but in the common sense even if today we're no more in contact. I love them because with their help ,I have been able to advance in this way...

>6 Some reproached the singer in H Bomb. Is it the reason why you decided to have a new singer after the release of your second album?

6 We made a mistake by believing that an English singer would going to make us sell more albums and to specify our carreer in foreign countries. Today, I regret it, but it was a goodexperience...We have never listened these that disparaged our French singer.

>7 Is there any chance to see H Bomb back & why?

7 No. Too much things have changed. It would be so difficult to not being ridiculous ahead an international scene devoted to hardcore and rap... the band can try it but without me.

>8 What's your opinion facing this intesrest on reissue of 80's albums?

8 Reissues would have to be a good thing for companies ,but I believe that samplers are still more important in term of sells. For our album, it is very well but I have the impression to have taken the place of other artists that run after companies. Today, a label doesn't have any money to lose, bets made on an artist are more calculated than before. So old bands that had a little sucess are really interesting for them...

>9 Is there some unknown tracks left that could be released ? 

9 I have some demo tape that are unexploitable even with the new technical used today, and in rehearsal,, it was really live , in all the meaning of the word...

>10 If something ould have been changed at this time, what would you like to change?

10 Someone said about us we were a super stage band, & we was one ! But some guys didn't appreciate that we stayed in bus tour for concerts and that it was impossible to see us before and after the gig... Our pleasure was to keep the surprise for the show, & fans were happy...I want to be forgiven for all the guests band that have not been ableto see me more... without laughing, our structure was such important that to play with the greatest band we had to give an image of a great french band too. I 'd have like some journalists to be less frustrated to be with the audience ratherthan on stage as artist...

>11 A last word?

11 Today I continue to work with young artists and bands and I notice that I had a huge chance to have lived these years...But it is not finished , H BOMB is always there!   

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