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style : melodic thrash metal - Album : Worship

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Imagika is back after a surprising debut album that were an incredible masterpiece of Bay Area melodic thrash metal. As a matter of success, ABS records released in 1997 their first Cd in Europe & the band signed an international management & publishing deal with the Flying Dolphin agency in 1998. The deal with Headless Corpse records continues with this new album & for Europe itís Radiation records, the subdivision of Nucelar Blast that distributes it. Since their beginning, Imagika played with bands like Vicious Rumors, Forbidden Machine Head, ...With a good internet, radio & press exposure & advertisement in the biggest mags worldwide, the future of Imagika is surely one of the best to come. « Worship » gets amazing reviews everywhere . Itís now time to see them live in Europe as the band will play as support act of the 1999 Grave Digger tour. Facing their first album, Imagika makes some changes in its music. The album starts with a relly melodic song wiht guitar garmonies that really remains more Helloween than Metallica. But the more this song is played the more heavier it sounds . Thereís more melodies & harmonies but itís still terribly powerful & efficient. Imagika incarnates pure & majestic power metal . Iifluenced as well by Judas Priest ( hear some vocals screams , solis & riffs like in « The sky is falling ») , Iron Maiden ( some guitar harmonies) than by Metallica & Forbidden or Overkill. Imagika creates 47 minutes of incredible & talented metal music. Out of trend, timeless , this band is really one of the best. Youíre never felt bored by listening to the 2 masterpieces created by Imagika. « Worship » is indispensable for all metal fans & with their first album, the proof of the excellent health of thrash metal is made, provided itís played by convinced & clever musicians.

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Imagika comes from San Francisco, USA. Created in 1993 , the band was united by commmon influences such as Priest , Mercyful Fate & Slayer. Energy, Intensity & power are three words that can describe the band. In 1996, they rleased their first self tittled CD for Headless Corpse records. & in 1997 , this Cd has been licensed to ABS records in Germany that allows to have a german & japan releases in this year. Now, the band works on its new CD & is still looking for distributors, licensing, management, ....

Imagika is the symbol of the rebirth of Bay Area Thrash metal! The band has not only take the elements that gave the success of this style but it also succeeds in blending it various influences coming essentially from heavy metal bands like Judas Priest, ...The result is an original blend of dynamic & powerful metal completed with excellent solis. This album gives audience a lot of pleasure. More over, the singer is really good, in the same time melodic & aggressive, the perfect cross between Rob Halford , Steve Sousa & Chuck Billy. This allows to propose various vocal lines that bring different surroundings to songs like in "Murder 1".  Musically speaking, the main part of "Imagika" will remain bands like Metallica (first period) , Priest, Forbidden, Slayer, Exodus , Testament, ...So, such a dynamic music blended with excellent vocals line give an indispensable album. It's an incredible piece of maturity & perfection. On some songs, like "Caged & Shacled", "Chance to survive" , musicans shows that it's still possible to innove in thrash metal. The last songs of the album shows a different face of this band, it's like a power ballad which spirit can remain a song like "Beyond the realms of death" of Judas Priest or "The Unforgiven" of Metallica ( surely because of the voice). "imagika" is definitly a very recommendable CD, composed by skilled musicians that have got a solid musicianship & a great sense of composition. This album will surely reconcile metal fans with Bay Area thrash metal & make it discover to the young ones that came to earth with death metal. Don't forget to listen to it carefully because of the 2 hidden tracks.

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