Label : Brennus records

1 Headline arrives in the scene with an album that get rare & unique qualities. What are reasons of this success?
Success? ! ...such a word..A little bit untimely! We 'll say "success" when the album have reach a large public. In fact, we tried to give ourselves all teh possibilities to realize an homogeneous album in the oound & various in the compositions, the whole thing giving an open door to other arrangements for stage performances. 

2 To have the luck to mix his first album in Germany with the same guy that mix last Vandenplas ( & Superior) must be a real satisfaction & also a proof of your serious & professionnalism; What do you think of it? For you, what are the main differences between Germany & France musically speaking & in studio? 

When we arrived to the mix part, we felt to need to appeal to an exterior hear. Our choice was made on Robert Kohlmeyer from who we appreciated teh production of Superior. We were so happy when he accepte to work with us! Hard Rock (all tendancies) is more present in German culture than in french one, maybe thanks to several bands that have had an international carrier. Consequently , a real hard rock market exists (productors, managers...) with people that are used to work this style of productions. 

3 This album is a real challenge for Headline! What's your aim?

The only ambition of the band : go on living our passion for music with making albums, live performances & letting discover our music to a public, as large as possible. 

4 Tell us about the promotion of 'Escape' Do you have some gigs planned or a tour ?

'Escape' was rather welcome by the public & press.We're leaving for an 'acoustic show cases FNAC' tour from the end of March to the end of May. We'll also give some electric dates in many towns.

5 What were reactions facing the album?

As we already said it : reactions were rather good!

6 What are your projects?

Projects : concert & preparation of the second album.

7 'Til today, what was lacking in the french metal scene to have a band that get success worldwide? 

Franch group or not, conviction & cohesion in a team are stronger than material means. 

8 What's your opinion on teh french scene, qualities & faults, its best bands & hopes?

As we do not knwo all the french stage, it's difficult to give an arbitrary judgement. Anyway, if we generalize, it seems that bands with thrash tendancies are very attractive by creating their own infrastucture (independant labels, fanzines, concerts places...). This policy favoured the appearance of a real stage in France (Loudblast, Massacra) & in an other style, Patrick Rondat proves that french musicians are not so bad 'exported'. 

9 Something you'd liek to add?

In the actual surrounding negativity, we wish to give people some well being & escape, title of the album.

100 Where is available your album & is there any other means to get it?

After some delay in the launching, th ealbum is now availble everywhere or if you wish to order it, you can contact Brennus records (5 rue de lixy - 86140 Villethierry - FRANCE)

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