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>1 - Headline is back with an acoustic album. Why? & why don't you release a live album as you're a very good live band? 

The acoustic album was realeased following a great demand of the fans during the FNAC tour. They wanted to keep a great memory of these versions. We actually have one album only, so releasing a live album is maybe too soon, no ?

>2 - When you hear now your first album, what do you think abou tit? What still please you & what can be the little problems you find now? 

The results are positive ! "Escape" has been very welcome by the medias and the audience has proved, during our gigs and through the Hard Rock Magazine referendum, that there were beside us and I think the best satisfaction is to hear them sing our songs ! For the negative points, I would say that there was a lack of work from our distributor Night & Day. The audience still claim not to find our albums, and even if we made good sales, we still have to check their work... our job is to play music, not to verify if our albums are available...

>3 - On this album, you recorded 2 covers (Queensryche & Yes). Do you think that playing such titles is also a proof that Headline is a talentuous & high level band? 

During the FNAC showcases we first wished to introduce our music to people but also what music we enjoyed. If we had wanted to technically prove ourselves, we would have included "Pull me under" of Dream Theater which was completely rearranged in an acoustic way.

>4 - For a mini album, "escape thru the lands" is very long with some surprises. Can you explain why you add some bootleged live tracks at the end? 

As I already said, "Escape Thru the Lands" is a thanking present to the audience that supported us in 98, we put the best of us ! Concerning the "bootlegs", we received them from a fan, through his present we also thank the others that can hear themselves singing with us (during a gig in Rochefort in May 98) !

>5 - Dream Child , another band that were signed on Brennus is now with Metal Blade records. D o you dream of a same way?

Yes and no, we all dream of exporting our music, but we are patient, Metal Blade is not the most adapted label to defend our interests. We met some big labels at the Midem and most of them ask to the bands to engage themselves for a very long period, we are enough distrusted to leave our production to a record company for a few albums without proving their good job.

>6 - You recently played with Dio. For a metal band, it's always a great date no?  To play with such a great legend, does it change you a bit? Were you more stressed when you start your show? 

It's always great to play in a place like Elysee Montmartre ! We were very anxious because the English let us climb on stage only 15 minutes before the opening of the doors... I let you imagine the quality of the sound on stage ! Anyway the audience well reacted and this was the most important !

>7 -With one & half album; it's now time to reach a new step. Can we know more abou thtis forthcoming second album? Can you give us some revelations? Do you still owrk with Kholmeyer? 

Today we are pre-producing the songs, we will begin the recording mid-April. Robert Kohlmeyer is still interested but we also have the interest of Mikko Karmilia (producer of the last Stratovarius) but we have not make our choice already... Germany or Finland... that is the question !

>8 - Headline was one of the best metal sellers in France with 'Escape' & now Headline means success & best sellers for Musea. How do you hope to sell records with 'Escape thru the lands'? 

Very good question ! We are the Musea best sale for 98 but we want more in order to organize a bigger tour and touch foreign countries. We already have projects out of France and it would be nice if everyone could get our album everywhere !

>9 - Headline has now its web site & web fan club. Can you tell us more about it? Do you think being on the net can help bands like yours to get more media exposure & to touch more people ?

Our fan club "Sad Clown" has been created in November 98, Steve takes care of it very well and regularly update our website. It's a great tool, we keep in touch with fans and it's a great opening on foreign countries (the site is now translated in English).

>10 - Most of acoustic songs coming form electric song sounds not very good. It's like songs losing their souls. But yours succeed in making it more sublime ( hear for example 'The night is over'' or 'Time of the lords'). Is it because these songs have been created with an acoustic guitar?

I very often compose the songs on an acoustic guitar, but not all of them. That it's what is interesting in an acoustic version : going to the essential without losing the power and the variety of the moods linked to the prog metal.

>11 - How do you explain that these acoustic version doesn't really change the original version even if it brings them a new dimension?

Because we worked for it ! Seriously, we spent time to rearrange the songs in order to make these acoustic versions become a complement of "Escape". We used strings, celtic instruments and percussions, all that traduces in the best way the mood of the songs. Do you know the famous words : "when a song sounds all alone on an acoustic guitar, ..." ?

>12 -A last word? 

Thanks again for all your support and hear you soon through our second album !

Didier (translated by Sylvie)

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