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Headstrong records is a swiss professional records company which is distributed in its own country by EMI. In France, it's Lolita Music that promote thier bands. 


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Style :Loud thrash - Album : (Flux) - Interview

Web : http ://www.fragment.com

Fragment is a 3 piece band that were created in 1995.One year later they released their first 7 Ďí called « fragment » ²& then they recorded with David Weber (Trponem Pal, Lofofora, Young Gods, ..) their 5 tracks EP called « Tronc ». This EP allowed them to be remarked . So, Headstrong records signed them & the band released in 1997 their first album in Sweden by Daniel Bergstrand ( Mesghuggah, Strapping Young Lad, Stuck Mojo, .. ;). Th eparticularity to this swiss band is to keep their lyrics in french. Framentís music is really particular. Fragment isounds really louder than a lot of heavy bands. This powerful sounds is really strenghtened by the really good french lyrics that essentially deals with all bad sentiments. Using french words give another dimension to this band & makes a lot to their originality. Sometimes it remains Oblivion with their album « Cybervoid » where one song were sung in french. The music of the band sounds really disturbing & unhealthy. Itís like a painting of horror climates where distress is described like poetry. The bitterness delivered here is sometimes bursted out by a kind of mechanical & loud music like for «vogue ». Fragment shows a tortured face & soul that never seem to be eradicate.


Style : Doom - Album : The well

Sludge came to earth in 1994 in Switzerland ; In 1995, the «íve gone to the famous Sunlight Studio to recor a 4 tracks Ep «Sweat Daisy ». This album were produced by the famous producer Tomas Skosberg ( which co produced too « The well »). Released worldwide (except for USA), the band were disappointed with the financial problems of thier record company. But in 1997, Sludge came back to Sweden to record their first album « The well » released by Headstrong. Then, the band get the opportunity to play with famous bands like Treponem Pal, Die Krupps ; Stuck Mojo, Entombed, Testament, Transport League, Machine Head, ...One of thier concert was played on a natioanl swiss TV channel. After a 20 dates tour in Switzerland, Sludge is ready to invade foregign countries like France. Sludge is extremely appreciated by XY (Samael) & Lee Dorian of Cathedral.

Sludge Ďs music is pure doom metal where melodies take a good place. Instead of playing only slow loud chords, Sludge enrichs its music with a lot melodies brought by guitars parts or by the singer. Thier singer uses « various voices », from melancholic but melodic one enriched with very good backing vocals toa kind of death metal voice. More melodic than brutal, Sludge creates melodies that remain deeply into your mind. Sludge develops 7 dark, depressive & hypnotic surroundings with weighty riffs. Theres also 2 cover versions. The first one is from Killing Joke & is called « We have joy ». It really sounds apocalyptic & inhuman. Second cover is the tittle Black Sabbath. One of the best cover of this song was made by Type o Negative, but Sludge achieves to give too a special color to this song. Instead of playing a carbon copy cover, Sluge makes different arrangments especially for vocals that are more « gothic ». The guitar sound is the most heavier ever heard for this song. Maybe heavier than Entombed has done before ! So, « The well » is definitly a convincing doom metal album. Maybe the kind of album which is able to satisfy as well those that appreciate melodic doom & those that prefer more aggressive doom.


Style : Heavy metal - Album : Nucleakarma

Web : http://home.worldcom.ch/~lsmerigl/

Created in 1993, Hare Ďs goal was to play the most hypnotic, extreme music. The kind of metal which doesnít sound classical . Between 1994-95, the band played as often as possible & as far as possible. They toured in France, in Germany, ....In 1996, they released their selftittled debut album « Proud to be loud » & to promote it they toured in Switzerland ( about 30 dates) & played with bands like Sepultura, Rammstein, dog Eat Dog, Samael, ...this intensive promotion forced Music For nations to release worldwide this first album. Crowbar even took them to tour in Europe. « nuclearkarma » is the name of thier second album & Proud to be loud has been changed for Hare. In France, itís Lolita Music that releases this album ( like all Headstrongís catalog) & for Switzerland, itís EMI. . Itís difficult to give a label to Hare. Is it heavy metal ? It sounds like this but itís really different from what is used to be heard in this style. Is it thrash ? Not really even if guitars are really loud & if sometimes vocals are really powerful. The particularity of Hare is probably their singer. He gets a real charisma & he gets a very unique voice, between melodies & aggressivity. Music is really heavy & never speed. Hare can remain a more melodic version of bands like Crowbar or a thrash metal version of Alice in Chains. Their music is often described as « hypno-metal ». Theres absolutly this hypnotic side in Hare Ďs music. Between heaviness & emphasis ; the band distils a musical richness which leads it to a majestic beauty. Iís impossible to stay the same or to stay insensible while listening to this album .

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