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E-mail: heathendoom.music@swipnet.se / fax: +46-8-15 89 51 / phone +46-(0)165770

If you've ever read the first presentation of Heathendoom, you know that some forthcoming releases was expected for 1997. It was in fact the release of the first album of T.A.R & the one of FITH REASON.  I made a little mistake when i said that this label was devoted to heavy doom metal, (read the interview of Per, the boss of Heathendoom music) . As he said, his label is devote to all bands that are good & have something to say.

But, the qualities i present about the label are still the same. It's still an ambitious label who decided to work with underground bands but also with new bands (for now) created by wellknown bands members (Fifth reason for example).

So, Heathendoom music is very diversified & that 's an advantage. For a new label it's sure that Heathendoom will become one of the most important in a few years. The quality of their productions is really impressive. Heathendoom propose quality bands who have excellent recording conditions. Then, sound, presentation are done in professionnal conditions. Heathendoom will certainly have to take care of his bands 'cos major label will surely try to sign them. I think that most of underground label would have to see how Heathendoom works. Heathendoom is also a distributor, makes mags & have its own metal stores ( & mailorder of course)

Heathendoom music is also working at a web site to present its productions.

Here's Heathendoom 's productions by order of release (click on a cover) :

New releases : Darklands ( new album) , Serpent

Releases : Memory Garden , Darklands, Fith Reason, T.A.R.,

SERPENT : Autumn ride

Band : http://www.darkvault.com/serpent/enter.html

Created in 1993 by Lars Rosenerg ( which also plays in Entombed !) & Andreas Wahl ( Concrete sleep & Therion), the band released at first a demo tape & later came a debut album called ĎIn the garden of ...Serpent). As Radiation records, a subdivision of Nuclear Blast was interested in this album, they released them for us in 1996. Serpent shows quality doom metal influenced by bands like The obsessed, Motorhead & Black Sabbath of course. Un happy about this debut album, the band stopped with Radiation & Lars quitted the band, replaced by the founding members : Andreas Wahl ! After a few appearance in som esamplers of magazines, Serpent signed with Heathendoom music. So, in mid 97 the recorded this new album ĎAutumn rideí, album which was mixed by the famous Tomas Skosberg in the legenday Sunlight Studio.

100% Pure doom metal ! Such is the ultimate sentence of Serpent and one can say that Perís & his guys reaches their gial! Never an album of doom had appeared so captivating than this one! Never a group had as well succeeded in making us forget for one moment all what Black Sabbath could achieve in the past. Then, Serpent features as the worthy successor of Ozzy & Co. As the first song begins, the reference is obvious and even Piotr Wawrzeniuk with the song is able to subjugate us by his intonations worthy of Ozzy wehn this one is at his best form. The second piece of the album is prodigious! Certainly the heaviest song than a band could write. And yet, Serpent never falls into this heaviness, this monolithism where several bands are confronted. The melodies are quite present, throbbing, captivating! With a faultless production, the group sounds as if it came out straight of the mid 70ís! And more, this album does not sound definitively as not dated or obsolete! ' Autumn Ride' is without question an album which will have the appearance of a reference as regards in the doom metal scene. The ultimate album in the end, may be that one that Black Sabbath has not been able to release out for a few years. It is excellent and essential: a monument!

DARKLANDS : Darklands

Darklands web site at http://home2.swipnet.se/~w-21288/Markus/Darklands/frame.htm

Created in 1992, the band had to wait until 1994 to see 2 tracks released on a sampler tape called ĎSundsvall undergroundí. The same year , they offered us their first demo tape called ĎDiablerieí. After anotehr demo tape in 1995, Darklands get a deal with one of th emost active swedish company , the famous Heathendoom music ! It ended in 1996 with a mCD called ĎChroniclesí which contains 3 tracks of gothic doom, influenced by My dying Bride & Paradise lost. In 1998, itís time for them to offer us a first album, selftittled !

Attention, here is a work of art for the gothic doom scene! If you like Type O' negative , My dying Bride, this band is certainly the one you need! In any case, the sphere of influences of Darklands ends with metal music because teh band also have the influence of group like Danzing or The doors! And this mixture is clashing! Their first mCd had really satisfy audience. But this time, the group work more & more to offer us an album which reaches nodes of beauty, emotions but also powerful time. Erik Barthold, the singer (but also drummer of Left Hand Solution) is imperial throughout this album. He does not confine himself any more to produce the loudest possible voice. Its song is very varied and the melodies are so reinforced. Moreover, the group showed much originality throughout these 10 songs. Thus, various instruments & sounds are found. Some new sonorities brought here and there reinforce considerably the impact of this music. The production of the album is exceptional: the bass terribly sounds & crushes minds (' the king of crows'), the drummer shows intelligence in its play, by never doing too much. The guitars are precise and evolves admirably between power and melody. All this is blend to perfection & it brings a cocktail of great quality and then teh band finally get an indispensable album. Moreover, the cover art is splendid, which does not waste anything with our pleasure. Darklands asserts itself with this album as the essential group of the movement ' gothic doom'. It is an album to get urgently and to listen in several times to collect all its richnesses!

T.A.R. :

Band web site : http://home.bip.net/t.a.r & E mail : juan.renderstorm@home.se

old web Web site :http://hem1.passagen.se/vdesign/

Biography :

The story of T.A.R. began in 1993 after the meet of Juan & Torbjörn, guitarist & singer. After, they complete the line up with another guitarist, a drummer & a bssist, the band called "Vulture King" at this time, recorded a first demo called "Breaking the chains" on a 8 tracks home recording, lend by guitar player of the now famous band called Lion Share. Another demo tape called "Act 2" will also be recorded a few time later & it obtains good reviews from mags like Akasha, Backstage, ... This allows Vulture King to play as support act of bands like Dismember, Face down... After the departure of drummer, Vulture King become T.A.R. & they recorded a last demo with a rythm machine. This one was called "Are you deaf? " Then, after good reviews by lots of european mags, Perra, the new drummer (ex suffer & Serpent) join the band in the beginning of 1997.

T.A.R. describes itself as a combination of progressive & basic music. They want to make something simple enough to be understand by everybody, but with a few complexive parts. T.A.R. wants also that all its member has something to say in each song. Heathendoom music (see on the labels page for presentation) signs the band & their debut CD is now released. It's called "Fear of Life". This album was recorded in 14 days & is quite a concept album , based on a fictive author called Jacob Werner. T.A.R. wanted also to make it different as , like they said, "songs are not the story but part of the stories & life of Jacob W. " this concept is divided in 2 parts : the first one is dealing about what Jacob wrote as author & the second part is in fact Jacob, telling his history himself.

Review : Like all production of Heathendoom music, sound & production is near from perfection. It's really excellent & different at each time. For T.A.R., the sound is very modern & original with a 12 page booklet with lyrics & lots of informations. I was thinking that Heathendoom was a doom metal devoted label & as Per (the boss) confirms in his interview, it's not the case. The label only signs good bands whatever their style of music & this one is not a doom metal band, like also Fith Reason. The style of music is for me Thrash metal, but at a mid tempos, except for some songs as "Kiss of Death" & "Ten & half" (even if this song begin as an acoustic one during more than 1 minute).

An important thing in T.A.R. is the fact that this band has got with Tobjörn a very good singer. He's very attractive & has got a real charisma like in the song "If", for example. His voice is at the same time aggressive & melodic. Torjörn is what i called a screamer-singer, someone that makes melodic vocals line with an aggressive voice. By his intonations, he remains me strongly Blackie Lawless of WASP, but in a louder way, except in the first song of the album where it seems to be more internalized & gloomier. As it's often mid tempos songs, the drummer enrichs its game with some arrangements that are really subtiles ones, like in "True violence" or in "Stained shadows" with a fine play on his ride cymbals during the break. On the ong "Kiss of death", T.A.R also remains bands like Death Angel (act III period) because of its refreshing side of the heavy & subtile breaks. T.A.R. doesn't hesitate to show that they've various influences. Then, you can hear a bluesy intro, with a voice that could be used in a gothic metal band. But for a whole part, T.A.R. seems to be more influenced by american metal bands. The 2 guitarists complement each other excellently & bring a certain presence & fluidity in songs, with a large preference to hopping & syncopated rythms. they show a lot of ingeniosity.

In fact, T.A.R. offers a good & exploding cocktail of aggressivity & melody. The band shows an impressive potential & there's no place for boring itself when you hear "Fear of life", because of the richness of musical details. I would also like to give a special mention to the song "If" where the band hands emotions & sadness to us (a part of this song is written is Spanish!). A magnificient song!!

Album : TAR & the feathers for the millenium - Style : Metal

TAR is back with a 4 tracks Cd. After having astonished people with an indispensable first album that I highly recommend to you (« Fear of Life ». This time, TAR sounds differently than n its first album. Its more aggressive. The sound is less produced & remains more rehearsal except for « Kiss of Death » which sounds heavier & clearer. But be careful, itís not a rehearsal on CD. Its a real album on CD , but it seems to have been a funnier release like for the « Garage days rev. » from Metallica ( if a comparison has to be made). Even vocals have been changed for a while. Itís louder. But, the resemblance with Blackie Lawless can still be heard. This guy has really one of the most original & attractive voice. I cannot be bored while listening to him like for the beginning of « Guilty ». Itís not only a good singer, he has also something different in his voice. More, « Guilty » is one of their best song, quite representative of the T.A.R.ístyle, which is a blend of powerful, melodies & originality (« Countdown to doomsday »). Itís difficult to define this band, probably Metal is the best label to give them. Never out of ideas, the coming album from T.A.R will reveal a new face of the band. I think a lot of people will be surprised ! !

HDMCD004 FIFTH REASON "Psychotic" DIGI-CD limited (2500 copies)

Fifth Reason web site at http://home2.swipnet.se/~w-28967/index.htm/

Biography : Fifth Reason can be considered as a special or super band in the underground sceene. Imagine : the band is created in 1992 & released in 1993 a first demo called "Stranded" that will seduce lots of labels & mags. But, guitarist Simon Johansson, who is the main composer of Fith Reason, became a member of Abstrakt Algebra, a project createed by Leif Edling. Simon will release one self tittled Cd with Leif in 1995 & play in various festival. After, a passage in Memory Garden ( which will also be signed by Heathendoom music) , Simon contacts the ex Memento Mori & Tad Morose's singer : Kristian Andren, in 1996.

After they complete the line up, Heathendoom music signs them & the band plans the release of its first album called "Psychotic". Then, the band choose a friend called Mike Wead, the current guitarist of Mercyful Fate & ex guitarist of Hexenhaus ( on their first album, "the awakening"), for producer . Then, Fifth Reason also asks Marco A. Nicosia, the other Hexenhaus guitarist, to help them for the recording. He joins the band as second guitarist. Fifth Reason described itself as a progressive & technical melodic metal band. It's sure that it's a CD made & produced by professionals& confirmed musicians.

Review : For me, Fifth Reason plays Heavy metal, but be careful, it's not a kind of old Heavy metal band, or a music that comes from the 80's. Fifth reason plays a modern heavy metal for the 90's & the 21 'th century!At first, but have i to tell it again if you know Heathendoom music yet, the sound is very good, very modern & current with a huge production that reaches a rare width. The grade of technicity & quality is adequate for each songs to be "memorized" & attractive & not too much simple ortoo much linear. Such a powerful sound remains me the one of the Black album of Metallica. But, sound is clearer & less weighty, so it gives more dynamics, like in "This journey of mine" for example. There's also a few keyboards' parts that enrich songs that are also linked together .

Fifth Reason works for the revival of Heavy metal with its originals songs that are one after one better than the previous one & they own some certain trumps. The band also re-discovers Heavy metal & gives us sensations that we could have forgotten. At first, the singer makes lots of various sing. He can use an aggressive voice (for a few parts) & use generally a lyrical voice (remember that he also sings in Tad Morose & Memento Mori, 2 famous lyrical bands). If you haven't heard about him before, his voice can remains singer of Psycho Motel, for example. Moreover, each song has got its own particularity that makes it absolutely necessary & engaging. This can come from guitar parts , for some subtile drums or bass parts or form some voices parts. Guitars are loud & powerful but have also a rare precision when guitarist shows all their subtlety in solos or in audacious breaks ( hear "Above, below & beyond" or "in Between") that proves that influences of the band are various : from jazz rock to metal, even if European bands seems to have more influenced them ! More over, the band exploits all the riches of heavy metal like in "a shadow remain", a ballad that can seduce Queensryche's addicts.

In any case, this CD (like all the one that are produced by Heathendoom music!), has got nothing to envy facing the star performer in metal. There'zs absolutely no weakness in the making of this CD (booklet, production, sound, ..) or in the ability of musicians. "Psychotic" is definitly a must-have, & very recommendable debut album for those who search for bands that can unite originality, powerful & melody.


« Forever », the debut mCD for Heathedomm is really a surprise. The band sounds like an early album of Candlemass. Itís a doom metal with great works from guitarists in the harmonies. The singer is excellent in his lyrical style& really near from Messiah Marcolin. But Memory Garden is not a copy of Candlemass, the band trys to bring other influences. Then, itís better to say that the band continues what Candlemass has began. The tittle track « Warlord » shows all the possibilities of Memory Garden. This 4 track CD is really well done & is a good departure for the band. For a first production, Heathendoom music sign an impressive & promising band ! ! 


Darklands is a very slow, atmospheric doomsday band with an romantic touch of Type O´Negative, mixed with Bathory. My own opinion about Darklandsí music is that theyíre playing a kind of doom metal near from the band My Dying Bride but in a gothic version ! ! ; For a debut mCD, the production is very good . The sound of Darklands is very original. The band makes lots of arrangements with the help of violin (thatís certainly why the referecee with My dying Bride exists), acoustic guitar parts ,...The singer has got a clear but loud voice. Guitars sound also loud but as a difference with mainly bands, it still sounds clear & clean. The masterpiece of this 3 tracks CD is certainly the song « Dead but dreaming ». It shows the maturity of Darklands & its delicacy. For a first trial itís surely a good one. A full length album is foreseen & awaited for early 1997. 


This is the debut full-lenghth from these great Metallers. This record shows a more mature side of the band. More powerful and a lot more progressive. With « Tides », a new step is made for the band. Once more, the production of this album is phenomenal (Recorded at Studio Fredman, Sweden). Itís even a more original sound. Memory Garden seems to find their own style & the new evolution for its music. If thereís always some Canlemassís influences, it turns more personal. Iíll say that itís now more a slow heavy metal than doom metal. The band is at the cross of Candlemass, Veni Domine & Memento Mori. Even if songs are slow, itís never a boring music because the musicians make a fantastic arragements work. So, thereís lot of details & technical parts in songs, like the drums on « Dreams Horizons » for example. Once more therís good arrangemlents on this album , on the left side, the right side, ...The mix is very good. Thereís two guitars in the band who plays different things in the same time. It shows the work of the band. All the structure of songs are more worked Then, thereís in a same track a clean guitar parts, a bass solo parts, ... like in the song « Ryme of the elder ». Memory Gardenís music is really majestic. The singer is still excellent & put more emphasis on songs. To end the album, thereís a piano ballad who confirms the talentuous musicians & composers that they are. « Tides » is a very recommendable album for metal fans. 

Previous releases in 97:

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