Hell on earth

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Hell on earth

Label Contact :PO Box 20 342, Tampa, FL 33 622-0342 USA

Phone : (813) 880-9325

E mail : NeptuneRec@aol.com

Band E mail :line2hell@aol.com

Interview questions answered by BillY, Joe & Shelby of Hell On Earth

1 CAn you present the band & its story?

We are Hell On Earth.

Bill Y Tourtelot: vocals & guitar

Joe Gilardi: guitar

Shelby Carperter: bass

Mike Browning: drums

Jon Lee: drums

Mike Krotz: samples

2 CAn you present the concept of Hell on Earth?

. BillY-"Hell On Earth is not a concept but a way of life. Our music and live performances reflect our lifestyle. That's why I drain my blood on stage. Many other personal fetishes are performed durning our live shows also."

3 What are your influences?

3. BillY-"Crown Royal and embaumbing fluid."

Joe-"Weed and beer."

Shelby-"Smoking crack."

4 You record your album in the famous Morrissound studio with Tom Morris. Was it easy to record there ? Why this choice?

4. Joe-"Yeah."

BillY-"We chose Morrisound Studios with Tom Morris because Tom was so open minded to new ideas and sounds and Morrisound Studios is one of the best in the world."

5 Your music feels quite unhealthy & shocking for some people. What's your opinion about that?

5. Joe-"Good. There's nothing healthy left in this world!"

6 On the back cover, there's a picture with a cross & the symbol of NAZI's army in the 2d WW. CAn you explai this picture? Is it a will to shock everybody or a way to claim your devotion to this movement or your agreement to this state of mind?

6. Joe-"jesus was the first Hitler."

BillY-"christianity was and is the original Nazi Army. What the roman catholic church disagrees with, they try to convert or destroy. The shock value is This is reality."

7 AIDS seems to be something that 's important for you. Can you precise your opinion & feeling about this disease?

7. BillY-"AIDS is the most dangerous epidemic man has released into this human population. Plus it really fucks up a good orgie."

Joe-"We don't like condoms."

8 Your songs are really well arranged with tons of effects. Is it hard to make a song & to record it

8. BillY-"No."

? 9 you're really a controversial bands. Did you meet some problems with media, radio, people?

9. Joe-"Yeah, but a package of feces always shuts 'em up...we won't name names."

10 A last word?

10. Joe-"I heard your Eiffel Tower was cool but wait 'till you see mine."

BillY-"If there are any sick fucks out there email your mailing address to us at: line2hell@aol.comand we'll send you some Hell On Earth "mail from the damned"."

Shelby-"Smoke some crack!"

Haunting you from a far. 6X6X6X,

Hell On Earth

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