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1 The Heritage plays hard rock. What are your main influences?

our influences vary tremendously from soul to blues to big band one of my favorite groups and also one of my brother's as well was led zepplin also we both liked jimi hendrix

2 You've got a female singer. Is it an advantage or something that may cause problems with non open minds peole

Sharon Jordan is the best singer period. She was lead singer for the well known indie group "Groundstar" when your doing this type of music you can't screw around with panzie singers who can't sing on key or perform live with tremendous power and loud! I dont care if somebody has a problem with her being a girl I dont even think about it when it comes to music Ive got to have the best and she is the best!

3 Your cover is quite bizarre. Can you explain it?

it started as a joke because we were talking about all those cut and paste album covers like led zepplin II and also Eric Clapton had Cream with disraely gears album and Axis Bold As Love by Jimi Hendrix with all that mystic imagery with they're faces in the middle so we just made it up like that you know?

4 I described your music as a hard rock near from what Def Leppard & Scorpions was doing a few years ago. Do you agree with me?

I still like Def Leppard and The Scorpions but I dont think I could tell you one of their songs.I do like their sound though. We certainly didn't start out to sound like them, but we tried to have a timeless production style and that's how it came out sounding.

5 You make a cover on this album. why do you choose this tittle (Your boots are made for walking). Do you make others covers? Wich ones?

If you listen to the music closely you will see the chord progression is completely different from the original as a matter of fact it was inspired by Van Halens(with David Lee Roth) cover of "Your No Good".I Think that was on Van Halen II Yes, our next album has a cover of "Want somebody to love" by Jefferson Airplane. It sounds kind of like Jimi Page and Robert Plant went skinhead punk like Sid Vicious or the sex pistols

6 What are your main projects?

We are just now starting to record our third C.D. "Living...Standing... Burning..." was the first C.D. and we are also preparing a live tour for when our second C.D. comes out maybe we'll go to France.

7 You were #1 in several radios. Do some labels contact you?

Yes labels have contacted us but over the last three years they have been supporting mainly alternative bands trying to ignore the sounds of the Regan-Bush era. (Music of the 80's) it seems they just want it to go away. You see here in the U.S. politics and music are sadly mixed up together. But we just keep rock and rolling like we like to screw them!

8 What do you know about the european & french sceene? Do you get some reviews from these countries? Was it good?

I don't know much but it seems like american hard rock bands are more welcome in europe than they are here. Thanks again, Jerry Leal "The Heritage

Review : The Heritage sounds like a mix between Scorpions & Def Leppard ( in the eighties). If you think that this style is old fashioned, The Heritage brings new ideas in it. Music is really entertaining full of excellent melody lines. The singer is a female one. Her voice is quite good with enough powerful to remain us that we're listening to a hard rock band. The last song of this CD is surely the masterpiece of tis album. It sounds different from the others. it's quite a progressive track with a slow start with keyboards & piano with a real powerful rise. If The Heritage continue in this style of song, it will soon meet lots of success. There's also a cover of Nancy Sinatra "These boots are made for walking" close to the original.
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