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HANKER : Hanker is a Heavy Metal band from Quebec city, Canada & created in 1985. Hanker evolves in the same way as Maiden, Helloween, ...After a debut demo sold at more than 2000copies, the band made a video clip & release their debut album "In Our World" in 1994. It allows them to play as support act of Lee Aaron, Soothsayer, ...Art of Music, a german label signs the band in 1996 & re releases the first album. The upcoming one is called The Dead Ringer, also released by Art of Music label.  Before I received news from this band, check out their home page at : & you'll see all things that you must know about them & more like tabs of Hanker, Gamma Ray, .... or send a mail to


Label : Headstrong records - Style : Heavy metal - Album : Nucleakarma

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Created in 1993, Hare Ďs goal was to play the most hypnotic, extreme music. The kind of metal which doesnít sound classical . Between 1994-95, the band played as often as possible & as far as possible. They toured in France, in Germany, ....In 1996, they released their selftittled debut album « Proud to be loud » & to promote it they toured in Switzerland ( about 30 dates) & played with bands like Sepultura, Rammstein, dog Eat Dog, Samael, ...this intensive promotion forced Music For nations to release worldwide this first album. Crowbar even took them to tour in Europe. « nuclearkarma » is the name of thier second album & Proud to be loud has been changed for Hare. In France, itís Lolita Music that releases this album ( like all Headstrongís catalog) & for Switzerland, itís EMI. . Itís difficult to give a label to Hare. Is it heavy metal ? It sounds like this but itís really different from what is used to be heard in this style. Is it thrash ? Not really even if guitars are really loud & if sometimes vocals are really powerful. The particularity of Hare is probably their singer. He gets a real charisma & he gets a very unique voice, between melodies & aggressivity. Music is really heavy & never speed. Hare can remain a more melodic version of bands like Crowbar or a thrash metal version of Alice in Chains. Their music is often described as « hypno-metal ». Theres absolutly this hypnotic side in Hare Ďs music. Between heaviness & emphasis ; the band distils a musical richness which leads it to a majestic beauty. Iís impossible to stay the same or to stay insensible while listening to this album .


Label : New renaissance records - Style : Heavy metal - Album : Up from the depths

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Hereís the first release of New Renaissance label in seven years. This album is a sampler or better a grettest hits from Hellion, the band leaded by the enigmatic & charismatic Ann Boleyn. Hellion was created around 1982 under the name of DB, short for Ded Babies. But it rapidly turned into Hellion. Withtou any record, Hellion was offered a tour , but it failed as the booking agent thought that Ann & her band were playing Rush or Fleetwood mac songs instead of Ozzy, Rush or Black Sabbath Ďs ones ! Then, they finally recorded their own songs for Mystic records, a punk label. One of this track features on the sampler & it gives its name to this new album : « Up from the depths » . After selling a lot of demotapes at their shows, Music For Nations signed them & released a « The mini LP » that features also on the new album. In 1984, Hellion toured & played at « the Marquee », the famous english club. Then, Ronnie James Dio decided to produce the band. So, Hellion played with acts like Dio but also Whitesnake & many other oens. But no deal was contracted by this time. Thatís why Ann found herself alone as all guys quitted the band to create another band with a male singer . Their band was called Burn. So, Ann found new parners ( one ex-Dokken & one ex-Lyon). She also created her own record company : New renaissance records & released an album called « Screams in the noght » which get MTV airplay. But finally in 1987, Burn Ďs members came back with Ann to record « Postcards from the asylum », a 4 spngs EP ( also on the sampler). This album was #3 in England behind Metallica & Magnum ! Then , Enigma records decided to sign Hellion. But due to label problems, « The Black Book » havenít been released by Enigma & the band had to make a legal batlte with Enigma. This caused the end of the band ; But do the increasingly demand for 80ís metal band, Hellion & Ann are back with this new sampler, individually numbered for the first 3000 copies ! Ann is now working on new material for a coming LP to be out in 1999

For those that havenít ever heard about Hellion, this band featured as one of the most promising act of the 80ís guided by the most clever woman of th emetal family. Ann is one of the rare to have impress RJ Dio. Idonít await this poor female vocals as it used ot be done in the 90ís. Ann has got a raw voice, hot but melodic with an indisputable personality. Songs are pure heavy metal influenced by bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Dio , ...Except for their first song « Up from the depths » that can sound a little less heavier, all of this tracks are really intense but melodic & still really well made & play. Ann & Hellion proved that withou keyboards or strange instruments, a band is able to create various surroundings with only a guitar , a bass, a drum & a voice like for «The Evil one ». Backing vocals are typical of this period. As a gft in this album features an excellent cover of Judas Priesís exciter. Itís sure that with a so much talented woman behind a band that get a solid musician ship, Hellion gets all means to convince a lot of metal fans. The new album is now strongly awaited after this excellent appetizer .

 Hell on Earth :

Released by Neptune records, Hell on Earth is presented as an hybrid mix of industrial & metal. It's ure that this band will be controversed because they seem to take a lot of pleasure to make people take offencse with their Cd. Their lyrics, music & image is really extreme. Musically talking, it's pure industrial. There's tons of arrangemetns, samples. One thing is sure : if you don't like industrial music, this Cd is not for you. But if you want to discover this style, it's really a good way. In comparison with M Pheral,   a french industrial band, Hell on Earth go higher on that way. It's really extreme, unhealthy. Surroundings are gloom & dark. In a way, this kind of CD can make listeners frightened! Nevertheless, Hell on EArth must have passed a lot of time to get this result. The Cd has been recorded at the Morrissound studio by Tom Morris himself. Then, the sound is quite impressive . Voices have been modified & can sometimes remain the album of Today is today released a few months ago by Relapse records. & there's an impressive wall of guitars. What is strange with this CD is that the songs are really attractive & hypnotic. , each song has got a particularity that turns to be genius & indispensable. More, if some songs are pretty aggressive & extreme, somes are more alternative & different & so far from metal music. Then, Hellon Earth become an unclassifiable band, that have excellent arrangements ideas & a sense of transcribe with their music distressing surroundings.

To conclude, i'd say that this band's worth some interest, even if it's quite different from what's generally released in metal. I really hope that their lyrics are only provocation 'cos sometimes it can be dangerous to have purpose & imaginery like that. It has to be taken at a second dergree or even at a 10th degree. Otherwise, it's really a subversive album. 


Selfproduction - Style : progressive/melodic heavy metal - Demo : In the garden

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Hereís the return of Henceforth, the best ( ?) unsigned bresilian band ! After a first demo (the last day), that met a large success, the band has been quite changed. The singer is no more Daniel Matos & the new one is called B.J. But for the rest of the band itís unchanged with Hugo Mariutti on guitars, Andre Nikakis on bass, Cristiano Altieri on keys & Fabio Elsas on drums. If on th efirst demo, Henceforth sounds very progressive in a vein closed to bands like Rush or better Shadow Gallery, the new tracks are heavier & Henceforth is now better a metal band than a pure progressive band. But it doesnít mean that melodies have been forgeotten. All those that listen to progressive metal music will find in Henceforth the equal of the best acts worldwide. With their new singer, comparison that have been made with Angra seems to be far away. Henceforth has now developped its own personality . Leaded by brilliant & inspired musicians, Henceforth has givel itself a huge production & sound for this demo. It sounds as good as some albums i know. But one thing remains stranger : why is this band still unsigned. I cannot comprehend. Such a technical mastery, combined with a perfect sound & excellent songs still unsigned ? Anyway, this is a demo to get by all means before their inexorable raise into the worldwide scene. Henceforth is undoubtless the coming sensation in progressive music !


Label : ABS records / Crazy Life Music - Style : Heavy metal - Album : Toxic Rains

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These Americans has just released the ultimate album of heavy metal music ! What a pleasure to hear a such work of art ! This album would have to enter the pantheon of one of the best Heavy metal piece that has ever been released! As soon as the first song began, the band takes its flight with a «Wars » destined to become a piece of anthology ! The chant makes especially think of the great Ronnie James Dio .Tthe singer of Holy Mother really seems to have been inspired by him. In any case, vocal melodies are very good and there is no fault in the interpretation. What an evolution since his experience with Jack Starr! Its voice has been metamorphosed, more aggressive, higher tone with a larger range ! Both powerful, rapid but as able of subtleties, the group plays without any delays tracks that are as more forceful as the previous ones. «My destination» is really a captivating song with a really memorable chorus. «The river» flirts with the melodic speed metal style. The bassist and the drummer play together to wonder. (What a huge sound they have ! ). The cover of Judas Priest «Youíve got another thing coming» is played at the perfection . Very close to the original version, itís sure that the band is really easily when they have to play some classics songs like this one. The intro of « Melting Pot » will even remain us Helloween with its melodies of guitars. Brief, this album is totally indispensable to fans of Heavy metal! And to those that think that this style of music has no longer its place on the metal scene , listen carefully to some excepts of this album & you will see what a good metal band is. Holy Mothers with this album, is going to become an indispensable band on the world metal scene. 11 tracks for 41 minutes of legend !


Band web site at

The dutch scene has been one of the most talented in death metal in the 90's with bands like Pestilence or Gorefest. Horizon is maybe one of the new ones that has the means to become as good &well known as the first ones. The Horizon story starts with the meeting of two guitarists interested in symphonic and melodic deathmetal. Horizon was borned. The line up is soon completed & the band compose songs, in its style of symphonic metal with two keyboardplayers for an even more atmospheric sound. Then, Horizon creates atmosphere as well as melody. It's often heavy & weighty surroundings that are develloped. Guitars often plays different rythmics parts, this give more & more emphasis to songs.  It can sometimes remains bands like Candlemass ( fo the lyrical aspect of guitars). But it's not as doom as candlemass. Musically speaking, Horizon plays a kind of heavy metal with atmospheric doom parts. Without a death metal voice & keyboards parts, Horizon would have been more into heavy metal. The band also uses two type of vocals (as the french band Spasmophilius). Teh first one , as i said before is affiliated with death metal movement. It's not a scremaed voice, Horizon works a lot to make this kind of vocals understandable. The 2d type of vocals is clearer. in comparison with spasmophilius, this voice is not as high & not as lyrical. It'd be more used like in Scarve. It's darker. They have also support bands like Gorefest. For now, the band has worked on new songs & some concerts are planned (see their home page). They also have negciations with a german record company for a demo or a CD. Horizon also works on the making of a CD rom. But, itd be certainly a mistake to wait the end of this project to discover this promising dutch bands. 

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