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Holy mother


1 - Can you tell us more about your band?

1) Holy Mother was formed in 1994. Toxic Rain is our second CD released, and the third CD will be released in February 1999. It will be titled "CRIMINAL AFTERLIFE" . We have just finished recording this CD. It was recorded in Germany, as were all of our CDs . We like to go to Germany to record because our favorite studio and Engineer is at a studio called TONESTUDIO MOHRMANN in Bochum Germany. Because the HEAVY METAL market is not as big in the USA, and we sell much more CDs in Europe, we like to record there to be right in the middle of the biggest and best Heavy Metal scene in the world....Europe.

2- What are your most important influences?

2)Our most important influences are to bands and musicians that we grew up listening to all our Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Dio, Black Sabbath, Queensryiche, Accept, Rainbow, Kansas, Metallica, Alice in Chains, Sound Garden...ect...ect...

3 - Can you present & tell us all about your first album " Toxic Rain"?

3) Toxic Rain was our chance to really release alot of agression. We were able to record this CD with no restictions, and to draw ideas from within ourselves that expressed the feeling of the lyrics of each song with not just the melodies, but with the power of the music. Alot of the lyrics deal with issues of War...and so the music should express this and so should the singing...and so this is what drives this CD. The next CD "CRIMINAL AFTERLIFE" deals with issues like Armageddon, and the end of time, also the possability of Nulear Holocost.....and so this CD is also very powerful and aggressive, but it also is very HEAVY.

4 - You've already a coming album scheduled. Can you tell us more about this one?


5 - I heard you were planning to reissue your first album in a new packaging. Why?

5) Yes we will re-release the TOXIC RAIN CD next month with a new packaging and a bonus track. The reason for this is because we now have a new distribution NOISE RECORDS who will make the CD available in countries that it was not available in before. We figured if we re-release it for these countries, we should do a new cover art.....because we really were not happy with the original cover. So the artist came up with such a COOL new cover, that we thought ...hey ...every one should have the oportunity to own the CD with the new cover. But we must give the people more reason the buy the re-release s, so we are including a bonus a bonus CD compilation of stuff from the other bands that are on our record label. You see... this new cover is a painting of our new MASCOT, his name is TOX, and he is as agressive, and mean as our music is .

6- As Holy mother is composed of musicians with a lot of experience, do you think it's helped you a lot to get quickly a good deal, good recordings conditions, ...

6) Writing and arranging is always easier with experienced musicians, but our record deal is a result of Axel Thubeauville (the president of our label A.B.S records) believing in our songs, and believing in us as musicians ...always. Mike Tirelli and I (Jim Harris) were on Axel's label back in 1988 with BURNING STARR (with Jack Starr), and when we put HOLY MOTHER together, we went to him to release ou records because he always liked us as songwriters and musicians.

7 - When i hear how was singing your singer & when i hear your first album,> it's not exactly the same ( even if the 2 performances are excellent!). First one is more melodic & second one is more aggressive. Is it something that you really wanted to get or is it just an evolution of the singer?

7) The differance between the first Holy Mother and the second is this: The first we were trying to please an American Market that had a Declining Heavy Metal scene. Our management was always telling us "not so heavy or the american record labels wont like this" so we made the first HOLY MOTHER more melodic. The second HOLY MOTHER "TOXIC RAIN" ...we said FUCK the AMERICAN market "lets just make a KICK ASS record for the Real Heavy Metal Fans in Europe" ...and so we fired our management , and now we play the music that we really love , and we write the music that we really love ...WITH NO RESTRICTIONS.

8 Heavy metal is back with lots of new bands & some come back of "oldies> like Judas, Dio, Maiden, ...Do you think there' a lot of difference between new bands like yours & old bands?

8) It seems that there are some bands that are very differant then the older metal band (those who are influenced by the newer generation of metal),... and some band sound like they are still listening to the old MAIDEN, PREIST, and SABBATH...and so I think we have both...which is good....more metal for all.

9 How do you explain this new increase of interest in "classical " heavy metal?

9)The new interest in classic Heavy Metal comes from people like Me and You who are sick of hearing this new wave of music that cn only be descibed as ELECTRONICA-RAP-HARDCORE-ALTERNATIVE. All of a sudden people are callin groups like MARALYN MANSON, and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE metal. This is not METAL!!! This is something else, but not Metal. IRON MAIDEN, ACCEPT, JUDAS PREIST....this is METAL....and so in the tradition of the true metal, the real metal, you now have bands like HOLY MOTHER, HAMMERFALL, PRIMAL FEAR....ect...ect...

10 You've played in some festivals during the summer. Can you tell us more about these dates. Which ones were the best, your feeling, the best bands you've played with, ...

10) We had a really great time at the WACKEN OPEN AIR festival , and we hope to do many more. Right now a tour is in the works for after the release of CRIMINAL AFTERLIFE, but I don't have the dates or venues yet. It is possible that we will do some dates before that, but we have to see how the re-release of TOXIC does. For the time being we are playing around the East coast of the USA.

11 A last word

11)Last words ......The best metalmusic comes from music that is played around lyrics that are about subjects that really consern you, bother you or piss you off, and if it really pisses you off ..expressing those feelings in way you sing , hit a drum , or strike a guitar .......if your MAD..sing and play like your MAD... if your bothered by something, sing and play with AGRESSION, and if your happy about something..................keep it to yourself, because Heavy Metal ain't HAPPY........IT JUST ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

James Harris - Drummer

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