Contact :  http://come.to/displeased - displeas@xs4all.nl
Band : HOUWITSER,Theo van Eekelen,Valkseweg 225,3771 s.e.,Barneveld,The Netherlands - houwitser@hotmail.com

>1 What's the story of your band
1 Before I was asked for Houwitser,Aad and Michel were already busy with the band for some time because they wanted to play this kind of music.Aad and me
became good friends after a show of Sinister and Judgement Day(my other band)some years ago so they asked me to play bass guitar and I did.Concerning Mike,he was not involved in another band after his split with Sinister so we asked him for Houwitser.

>2 You've already released several album, but are you still influenced by some bands? which ones?
2.We didn't release several album."Death...but not buried"is our first disc.We are not really influenced by other bands.We all are total death metal freaks so that's why we play this shit.We listen to bands like:Deeds of Flesh,Vomitory,Mortician,Aborted,Gorgasm,Sepsism,Diabolic and a lot more bands like these.Also a lot eighties death/thrash/speed metal bands.

>3 As there's ex Sinister members, weren't you afraid that people consider Houwitser like a new Sinister?
3.For ourselfs we know that Houwitser is not a new Sinister.Other people must know for their self what they think of it.We don't care.

>4 What are your lyrics talking about?
4.Several things.For example:"Monkey in Control" is about hypocrite people like Jerry Springer,"Fistfull of Vixen" and "Sixtyninehere" is about some
nice porn,"Terror Legion" is dedicated to the death metal music.Also some splatter/gore lyrics:"Sliced and Diced","Shredded to Pieces".About the strength of nature in"Raveshing Chaos" and some other sick lyrics.

>5 Tell us more about the recording of this album?
5.We recorded our disc in the Q.S.A. studio from Vincent Dijkers.Everything went very easy and there were no big problems.We recorded the c.d. in about 2 weeks.What can I say more?

>6 What is the evolution between Sinister & Houwitser ?
6.I really don't know what you mean with this question.Maybe which guys from Houwitser were or are in Sinister?Well, Aad is still in Sinister,Mike and Michel were.I still play in Judgement Day.

>7 Are you totally satisfied of the sound you get for this album?  Can you explain why you didn't make guitars as heavier as it' used to do now,
7.Hell yeah,we are totaly satisfied with the sound.It's not sounding digital,we don't want that shit.This is the sound we wanted.And why we didn't make the guitar heavier?Hey man,the guitar sound is heavy as fuck.Are you deaf?

>8 What are your projects for 1999?
8.I don't know.I will play shows with Houwitser,go on the road with Sinister a lot(I am their roadie),Do some work for "Master of Brutality zine" and I'm
busy with to work on the new Judgement Day songs which we want to record this year.So fucking busy!!

>9 Your logo is really difficult to read. Why? Don't you think it can be a problem for people to buy your album?
9.I think that it is a very original logo for a death metal band,yes difficult to read but when you know that it is the Houwitser logo,you will never forget it.

>10 A last word?
10.Oke Laurent,thanks for the interview and your interest in Houwitser.We have some fucking great merchandise for sale:c.d's,T-shirts,long sleeves.Contact me at the following address:HOUWITSER,Theo van Eekelen,Valkseweg 225,3771 s.e.,Barneveld,The Netherlands

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