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ILLWILL : Bio - review

Label : Diamond records- style : power metal- album : Evilution - Band web site at :

"Our past in...King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Momento Mori and Whipped Cream is NOT important to mention here...!!!" IllWill Powermetal from Sweden. Not just another new act, but skilful composers, and experienced musicians who finally unleash their raw power in this new formation. Andy la Rocque was started off in his music career in 1985 when he started to record with King Diamond, in the band of the same name. The thought of recording with this band, being a follow up of the legendary Mercyful Fate, immediately sounded appealing to Andy la Rocque. Overnight he became a permanent member of the band, and has remained so ever since, at large contributing with unique compositions and arrangements over the 7 albums recorded. Completing a 2 months tour of Europe in early 1990, the band went on writing songs. This time around Andy included drummer Snowy Shaw in the song writing, and also composed yet another amazing instrumental piece. While involved in a couple of projects during mid 90«s, Andy la Rocque also teamed up with Sharlee D«Angelo whom recently returned from a US tour, and together they decided on frontman Jonas Dahlström, to complete the line-up for "Illwill". The band rehearsed their newly composed songs in Sweden, and have recently recorded their first full length album.

This new release from Diamond records - the 2d one after Gutrix-( that also began under the name of Dzynamite records) is absolutly genius! 'Evilution' is more than a fantastic album. It's indispensable for every metal freaks worldwide. Illwill is composed of skilled mucisians that you surely know; Andy La rocque on guitars ( ex King Diamond ), Snowy Shaw on Drums ( ex King diamond, Memento Mori & in Mercyful Fate), Sharlee D'angelo on bass ( formerly in Mercyful Fate), yonas af Dahlstrom on vocals ( desert Plains). So, you see that it's a meeting of famous guys . There's no reason to doubt about their musical level & composition abilities. But illwill is also a very good surprise. It's not a clone of Mercyful Fate or King Diamond, even in some solis sounds like it was in first King Diamond records ( Eternal sleep).

Illwill's music is more modern & truly extreme. It's raw , wild, powerful & also in some proportions melodic. The production of tos album is overall impressive; A wall of guitars crush your head while a rumbling drums is bursting out. Andy La Rocque shows here the extent of his talent. Andy is more than a excellent guitar hero. He's also a fine composer & some of his rythm parts could easily compete with those played by Pantera. Snowy Shaw, on his own, remains us that he is an incredible drummer. His double bass drums on some songs are fantastic like on 'Whether with or without', a track also composed by Snowy himself that proves that he's not only a fine drummer but also a brilliant composer. Musically talking, Illwill blends thepowerful of bands like Pantera, Fight with some melodies that could have appeared in some Judas Priest album. The singer is quite exceptional. He's able to give various tones to his voice. Then, sometimes it let you think that rob Halford is one of his most important influences ( Six Sec six)& then you discover in another song, that he is also able to have some violent vocals, like Udo Dirkscheider of Accept or UDO or to take a more melodic voice near from Bruce Dickinson. Yonas is not a clone of these singer but his abilities are so exceptionnal that he can give to each song a vocal tone & particularity.

This results to an album full of richness. It's violent, aggressive, sometimes melodic & never boring. It's typically the kind of album that can unite again all metal fans. All the best points in metal can be found there. illwill is at the cross of brutality & sublety. It's indispenble, totally awesome & more than highlty recommendable. I think it's a mistake to unaware this masterpiece.

IMAGIKA : History & review & Interview for the first album - Worship (2d album) -

Web site :

E mail :

Label E mail :

E mail : ( promotion agency of Imagika) - http ://

Imagika comes from San Francisco, USA. Created in 1993 , the band was united by commmon influences such as Priest , Mercyful Fate & Slayer. Energy, Intensity & power are three words that can describe the band. In 1996, they rleased their first self tittled CD for Headless Corpse records. & in 1997 , this Cd has been licensed to ABS records in Germany that allows to have a german & japan releases in this year. Now, the band works on its new CD & is still looking for distributors, licensing, management, ....

Imagika is the symbol of the rebirth of Bay Area Thrash metal! The band has not only take the elements that gave the success of this style but it also succeeds in blending it various influences coming essentially from heavy metal bands like Judas Priest, ...The result is an original blend of dynamic & powerful metal completed with excellent solis. This album gives audience a lot of pleasure. More over, the singer is really good, in the same time melodic & aggressive, the perfect cross between Rob Halford , Steve Sousa & Chuck Billy. This allows to propose various vocal lines that bring different surroundings to songs like in "Murder 1".  Musically speaking, the main part of "Imagika" will remain bands like Metallica (first period) , Priest, Forbidden, Slayer, Exodus , Testament, ...So, such a dynamic music blended with excellent vocals line give an indispensable album. It's an incredible piece of maturity & perfection. On some songs, like "Caged & Shacled", "Chance to survive" , musicans shows that it's still possible to innove in thrash metal. The last songs of the album shows a different face of this band, it's like a power ballad which spirit can remain a song like "Beyond the realms of death" of Judas Priest or "The Unforgiven" of Metallica ( surely because of the voice). "imagika" is definitly a very recommendable CD, composed by skilled musicians that have got a solid musicianship & a great sense of composition. This album will surely reconcile metal fans with Bay Area thrash metal & make it discover to the young ones that came to earth with death metal. Don't forget to listen to it carefully because of the 2 hidden tracks.

Label :Headless corpse records - Radiation records ( sub division of Nuclear Blast) - style : melodic thrash metal - Album : Worship

Imagika is back after a surprising debut album that were an incredible masterpiece of Bay Area melodic thrash metal. As a matter of success, ABS records released in 1997 their first Cd in Europe & the band signed an international management & publishing deal with the Flying Dolphin agency in 1998. The deal with Headless Corpse records continues with this new album & for Europe itís Radiation records, the subdivision of Nucelar Blast that distributes it. Since their beginning, Imagika played with bands like Vicious Rumors, Forbidden Machine Head, ...With a good internet, radio & press exposure & advertisement in the biggest mags worldwide, the future of Imagika is surely one of the best to come. « Worship » gets amazing reviews everywhere . Itís now time to see them live in Europe as the band will play as support act of the 1999 Grave Digger tour. Facing their first album, Imagika makes some changes in its music. The album starts with a relly melodic song wiht guitar garmonies that really remains more Helloween than Metallica. But the more this song is played the more heavier it sounds . Thereís more melodies & harmonies but itís still terribly powerful & efficient. Imagika incarnates pure & majestic power metal . Iifluenced as well by Judas Priest ( hear some vocals screams , solis & riffs like in « The sky is falling ») , Iron Maiden ( some guitar harmonies) than by Metallica & Forbidden or Overkill. Imagika creates 47 minutes of incredible & talented metal music. Out of trend, timeless , this band is really one of the best. Youíre never felt bored by listening to the 2 masterpieces created by Imagika. « Worship » is indispensable for all metal fans & with their first album, the proof of the excellent health of thrash metal is made, provided itís played by convinced & clever musicians.


Label : Full moon productions


Project created by members of Thy primordial & Mythotyn, Indungeon has been created in 96. Ater some rehearsals, they recorded a 5 tracks demo tape including a cover version of Bathory 's 'Die In fire'. When Full Moon prods received this tape, they wanted to sign the band. As they accepted, it was no more question of a demo & just of an album. 2 songs also featured in compilation CD . In 97 is released 'Machinegunnery of doom' , their first Cd

Can we consider that Indungeon is a black metal band? Not really even if vocals can be compared to this style. Indungeon proposes a music that takes its influences from the 80's metal band, especially the thrash metal & early death metal scene. Like Bewitched but in a more thrash version, Indungeon creates a fantastic melodic thrash metal album with som eblack metal vocals. Anyway, these kind of vocals can also remain the one used in old Kreator & teh band also seems to be influenced by this band. in comparison with the classical thrash metal fom the 80's, Indungeon adds melodic elemtns : guitar duets, melodies, that can sometimes remains Iron Maiden! The bass player is excellent & brings a lot to the quality of this album. Soe rythmic guitars parts also remains Metallica (when this band was the best thrash metal band in the metal scene) with some riffs that look like to 'Creeping death'. 

'Machinegunnery of doom' is an excellent surprise from Full Moon productions. More than war metal as they said in the bio, Indungeon means total head banging. In fact a very refreshing album & a return to the roots!


Recorded in 1994 - 1995 & released in 1996 by Defiled records, this mCD is also available through Titan records mailorder. The band comes from Comlobia. One man project, Dagon, Inquisition proposes a extreme black metal, influenced by death metal in a certain ways.  The voice is harsh but sometimes loud like in "Incense of rest". If some parts are truly black metal , it seems that Inquisition takes his most influences from death metal. On "Encounter in the deep shadows", Dagon blend his black metal voice with a more gothic one & it gives a good effect on the song. The sound is typically the one that belong to the black metal bands of the new wave : extremely high without bass. So, the sound is very particular . As it's a mCD containing only 4 tracks for about 20 minutes it's very hard to have a definitive opinion about this band. But if you're keen on the kind of extreme black metal that was in the undergroudn scene there's 3 years ago, this band is surely the one you need. 


Label : Loud mouth records- Style : Hip hop metal - album : within

web : - E mail :

"Tired of the same old sound that' won't be the case after listening to Insolence?" they said! Insolence is sure to wake you up with its music! & be sure that it's not an arrogant band! It's true that it's impossible to stay insensible with this band. Created in 1995, Insolence is quite different from tons of bands. First, they get 2 vocalists. Then, the band developed one of the most heaviest rap/metal music ever created! After a first album called 'Vicious circles' ( still available through Loud Mouth records), 'Within' is now available. But the band is not out of projects, 'cos the third album is already scheduled! More, Insolence has already played with the best bands in United States, like Suicidal Tendencies, Machine Head, Downset, Pro-Pain, Coal Chamber, Napalm Death, ... & each time they impressed a lot!

Insolence evolves in a very particular style : the hip-hop metal! Indeed, from the first piece, it is a piece of evidence that Insolence is not a group as others ones! This piece begins with a Rap-styled song, without any guitars! Then, one minute later, it is the explosion! Guitars come as aggressive as possible.It sounds very heavy! Then a break occurs and it turns again into a more hip-hop atmosphere ! But the voice resides more aggressive, more 'metal' in its soul! Thereby, it is practical to tell that Insolence resembles to a band like Rage Against the Machine as for the piece '1 x zero' But, I think that this comparison is too much reducing! Insolence is so far more than a copy of 'Rage against the machine ! Some pieces of this album will surely remain us rather a group as Suicidal Tendencies or better InfectiousGrooves! Well on, most of the chant is like in Rap music but guitars sounds more often as in the Hardcore style and the drummer put some rhythms with a lot of groove! But sometimes there's some calm moments that sound more rap,but a few time later, Insolence shows a very aggressive face . The rythmic section is excellent and what the bassist plays in this style of music is essential! The main riffs are quite simple ('Runaway' thatreally sounds close to Suicidal) but always efficient! The title 'Insolence' sounds differently 'cos it is essentially a piece of rap as one hears rather on radios ( simple & looped drums part ,practically no guitar excepted for the chorus, Rap styled sing in a more "melodic" way, ...)! Nevertheless, the lyrics of this title ( as the album) are far more incisive than elsewhere! It is similar for the title 'Weapon of Rage' that is heavier and slower than the totality of the album. This song seems more disturbing, more worrisome! To conclude, Insolence is an original group that has found its own music by their influences (Suicidal/Rage against the machine) . the result is more than convincing . Insolence places therefore as one of the major bands in this so particular style of music! I have to confess that I am not a fan of rap music and nevertheless Insolence has kicked me the ass! The powerful side developed by the band, its melodies, its resourcefulness are so much qualities that make Insolence a so attaching & interesting band! Some who think to have some prejudices towards this style should pass besides.& they would discover thus an excellent group!


self production - Style Heavy metal- album : Spitting in the mirror

Hereís a band that wonít meet problem to get a large success. With such a good music & talented musicians, Intramoenia has got all means to assert itself in thsi so difficult heavy metal scene. Donít expect a german or UK clone , Intramoenia gets its influence more from USA than from Europe. Based on solid chorus, good backing vocals & search for originality, this band created very good entertaining songs. But while listening to them, thereís quite a strange feeling. If songs are really entertaining, thereís like a sad side in their music. Their singer is really brilliant, & the tone of his voice remains sometimes Ian Gillan & then Bruce Dickinson but be careful Ďcos vocals line are really not copy of those these 2 singers used to do. With an efficient production, Intramoenia Ďs really able to satisfy fans of melodic metal. I just hope they find a good distribution to help them.


They came from USA. Lyrics & music are based on personnal experimentations. As they say in their bio, the band prefers substance instead of style. They try to be very honest & genuine in their lyrics, in their music & in their attitude facing the fans. They have a CD coming out in Europe very soon and will be touring very soon. The band's aim is to play a "power rock genre". You'll know more on their site .

IN THE COLONNADES : Bio - review

There's no doubt that In The Colonnades have long been one of Swedens's most controversial bands. Not to mention one of the heaviest and best. Since the formation of the band and the launch of their self-tilted debut, containing the thundering masterpiece "Kill The Sun", ITC has built a reputation as truly unique manifestation of northern power.On their latest attack; "Rest And Recreation" ITC has joined forces with power producer Tomas Skogsberg (Entombed, Dismember etc) and the result is... Well, sometimes words just ain't enough.Empires, fashions and TV-sitcoms may come and go, but one thing remains perpetual: In The Colonnades.

A very different bands in Dzynammite productions. (like Lisa give Head, in fact). It's less melodic than the others bands. Sound is very loud. It sounds like a death-hardcore band. It's brutal . But the advantage with In the colonnades is that it's a band with a goo dsound & a band which creates songs with a good structure. It's never a collection of riffs played at a ultra speed tempo. It's better slow or mid ones, especially to strenghen the power of the music. Guitars are also more simple & so are louder too.  


Label : Osmose productions - style : Nuclear metal - album : Rapture

Label E mail or

Born in 1990, Impaled Nazarene is probably the oldest extreme metal band from Finland. Slowly by slowly, album after album, Impaled Nazarene built its style. At this time they released 4 albums, three 7"EP & 1 mini CD. 'Rapture' is their 5th album. Recorded at Tico tico studio in Sweden, this album is also available in vynil format ( like often in the case of osmose producitons, which is one of the latest company that proposes vynil version of their album). I highly recommend this LP version because of the 2 bonus tracks including a cover ersion of sodom song 'Burst command til war'. For 'Rapture', Impaled Nazarene has really worked a lot to propose the best following of their 'latex cult' album. With this band, it's like a tribute to the mid 80's thrash metal bands ( that strongly remains me old Kreator, Sodom & Destruction) , including other influences such as black metal ( for main voices), death metal & even punk. Their sound & production are typically issued from the 80's . Despite their extreme aggressivity & speed, the band is also able to create slower riffs. The precision of the rythmic section is overall impressive  & the whole album reaches a rare powerful . This album confirms the good health & the inspiration level of the band.


Label : Relapse records - style : Brutal Death metal - album : Diabolical contest

Label : Web site : - E mail :

Band Web site :

E mail : or or or or incantation666@hotmail.comor

Incantation, like napalm Death, Brutal truth is oen of the best brutal band ever existing. More, it's also a cult one, an institution ! no compromise & maximum rutality can be teh 2 words that define Incantation at its best. Created in 89, the band built slowly but surely itsname & reputation through several albums. Each one is better than the lastest ones.  Their 2 7" EP were both reissued by Relapse in 90 & 91. In 92, they recorded their first brutal ode : Onward to Golgotha & then toured with Entombed , Brutal Truth, Pungent Steech, Autopsy, Vital Remains, Unleashed, cannibal Corpse to name a few! then, they issued a 2d Cd called 'Mortal Throne of Nazarene but the band after this recording has to be re built entirely! To promote this album, they toured with Grave, Immolation, Enslaved & Absu, ...Then , they get a deal with Repulse & issued 'The forsaken mourning of Angelic anguish' a mini CD, that would be later reissued by relapse, including live tracks! Then, a cult live album was released : 'Tribute to the goat'. in 97/98, it's time for them to prepare & released their 3d album ( still with Relapse). 'Diabolical Conquest' is born & it overcomes all that the band released therefore!

it's sure that with this album, Incantation has created something infernal ! Mortuary, the french band hasd issued something really brutal & excellent for the beginning of this year & with this album, Incantation proves that the US brutal death metal scene is not dead at all. The 2 bands are really amazing & totally awesome! Incantation shows in 8 songs how must spund a death metal albums. They still alternate furious & incredible ultra speed parts ( played by a real drummer & not a rythm machine!) with slow& low parts. these last ones are really heavy & weighty, close to what Cathedral or my Dying Bride are able to create. This contrast strenghten the force of their songs. This kind of album is devastating. The louder sound of their guitar is impressive. If this kind of music can be described like old school brutal death, Incantation renews this style with some guitars harmonies ( in the lower parts) & some innovative structures ( 'unto infinite twilight/majesty of infernal damnation'). More, there's nothing to say about the production. For those who like extreme metal, Incantation is more than recommendable. 

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