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1 What are your influences? 4 What are your favorite underground US metal bands?Do you know some European & french ones?

The band is influenced by a lot of classic metal bands like Priest,Maiden and Mercyful Fate etc. We also couldn't help being influenced by the Bay Area thrash scene of the late 80's. We presently like a lot of European bands like Grave Digger,Blind Guardian,Gamma Ray etc. We also respect Nevermore and Iced Earth as great bands.

2. Why do you choose to play thrash metal? It's not the style on the trend. Do you think that there's still something to prove with it?

Playing thrash just seems natural to us. We never really discussed a direction, we play the kind of music that we want to hear since most of the bands that are similar to us have changed for the worse.

3. How do you explain that the masters of Bay Area thrash metal have all disappeared? Do you think that some have gone wrong changing their style?

Definitely, they changed because they were more worried about being current and keeping up with what was selling. The fans turned their backs on them and now these same bands are trying to win them back. There is only one Machine Head so why try to sound like them.

4 What are your favorite underground US metal bands?Do you know some European & french ones?

I really don't keep up with the metal scene in the USA since there is not much I like here any more. Europe definitely has the leg up so far.

5 What 's your opinioin about the underground scene?

The scene is still strong with all the Net and underground zines, so critics prediction of the death of metal are way off base.The power/thrash scene in the USA is basically dead and gone though, that's why we focused on Europe where the scene is much stronger.

6 Tell us how to find your Cd? Where are you distributed? Do you still search for record compnies (for license) or distributors? Where?

We licensed our last CD to a new German label called ABS/Crazy Life Music that should have the CD available in most of Europe, but I've had people complain about it's availability. Maybe the label isn't doing a good job on distribution.

7 What do you need to burst out in the international scene?

We are presently finishing our new CD "WORSHIP" and have a new management and label deal in the works for 98. The new CD has a lot of elements of the first CD,but is a little heavier and has a much better production. Plus the songwriting is more mature since we've been together a little longer.

8 What are your projects : release, tour; ...?

.Hopefully by spring/summer 98,but that depends on the label and management. As far as touring we'll definitely be there in 98!!

9 What are your lyrics talking about?

Dave and Henry write the lyrics and try to keep things real and current.We've never been into a lot of fantasy shit,so your going to get subjects dealing with religion,greed,vengeance,death etc.

10 TEll us something that will definitly convince to get your CD?

If your a fan of real metal or thrash you'll probably like the CD.You can't deny it's power and conviction so check it out.

11 What are for you the best qualities on "Imagika"? Is there any mistakes? 

. I think the best thing about the CD is the energy .just powerful and direct songwriting,what metal should be. As far as mistakes go there are plenty but they don't effect the overall experience.It's a CD to be enjoyed not dissected.

12 Tell us about the recording conditions?

We recorded over a span of a few months,but that was when we had money together to work on it. If you calculated the actual time it took to record, I would say about 2 weeks mixing included. The CD was put together really fast!

13 Metallica was the most famous representative bay area thrash metal band. What do you think of their carrer & what's your opinion about the last records (Load & re load)? Would you like to meet the same evolution?

I personally feel the last two Metallica records SUCK!!! They should probably change their name to Lynard- Tallica or Metalternica. We have no intention of ever going down that path. Our new CD "WORSHIP" has a lot of different textures, but it's HEAVY FUCKIN'METAL! The way it should be.

14 May be a last word?

Thanx to all metal fans that have expressed a interest in Imagika. We truly appreciated it! Check out our new CD in 98 and we'll see you on tour. Cheers, Steven D. Rice

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