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1 The cover of your new album is quite different from what you used to do before. Can you tell us moreabout the meaning of this one?

1 Well it’s a crop fiel with IN on it so draw your onw conclusions

2 The production of this album makes it sound more natural. It seems that you don't use effects, programming machine, ...Do you search for a more simple sound & why?

2 We do use effects but mainly in vocals, we experimented with echo’s & delays & similar fuck off shit. We ‘re not into faking our sound. Or to use drum cpomuters like some Osmose bands like to do.

3 You prefer vynil album than CD. That's why there's more song in the LP version. Why do you prefer old cracking vynil to CD?

3 Well, we added 2 bonues tracks o that people would buy vinyl, if people buy vinyl, it will mean Osmoe keeps presing them. It’s not just thesound of it. Vinyl looks better because it’s bigger & this means you can do different lay out & all that.

4 'Rapture' sounds more like an homage to the thrash metal gods of the 80's like Sodom, Kreator, ...Do you regret this period? 5 Where are the punk elements in your music?

4 Regret ? ? I think you have chosen wrong word, check your dictionary for fuck’s sake. Rapture is no homage, there’s a couple of thrashy tracks but they’re no tribute or homage, the fact is that we are influenced since the beginning by Sodom & all those classic thrash bands so, of course, we sometimes write in the same vein.

5 You tell me, i would like to know too.

6 On the World domination CD, you released a new track 'Killer of trolls'. I was thinking that the album would have sounded like this track. It's not really the case, why?

6 Do you mean musicwise or soundwise. If you mean music, i think you can see similarities between Troll & Rapture. I wrote Troll just after the recordings of Latex Cult & we recorded it in October 96. Sothere’s like 18 months between that & Rapture & soundwise we of course weren’t after that productions, nothing wrong with it but we wanted more powerful productions than that track has.

7 What does "Nuclear metal" mean?

7 A fist in your face in a megaton size.

8 What would be the best thing to happen to the band?

8 World tour with Venom & Slayer...please.

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