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1 can you tell us more about the history of the band?

Incantation was formed by Paul Ledney and I at the end of 89 after I left my former band Revenant! Paul was one of the drummers we were trying out for Revenant at the time! I was happy with his style and the other guys were not! The original line was Paul Drums and Vocals, Brett Guitars, Argon Bass and me Guitar. We only recorded one rehearsal demo with this line up! Pretty much the rest of the story should be old news my now!! The line up at the moment is Tom Stevens (from Savage Death, Vile Stench, Nokturnel, Ripping Corpse, Old, Brimstone, Morpheus Descends) Vox/ Guitars, Kyle Drums, Rob (Ex Morphous Descends), and Me Guitars

2 How do you define your style : death metal or death grind? & what difference do yo find between these 2 styles?

I call our music Death Metal but, some like to call it Black Death Metal! We do have Grind and Doom in our music too! But the bottom line is that our music is Death Metal! the only difference in Death metal and Grind that I can think of is Grind is faster and more chaotic then death Metal!!!

3 You're on the same company than Brutal Truth. What do you think of this band? Don't you think it's one of the craziest grind death metal band? What do you think of their last album?

I like Brutal Truth they are good friends of ours. We did a tour with them many years ago! I would have to say that they are very extreme. and their new album is proof of that! They are defiantly one of the better Grind Death Metal bands out there!!!

4 What are your influences?

My biggest influences are band like Autopsy, Slayer, Sarcofago, VoiVod, Possessed, Necrophagia, Morbid Angel, Venom, Necorvore and many more! Band like that really have feeling that make me want to kill!!!!!! I'm happy that you find it hard to indicate our influences. I feel that it's not cool to rip off other band. We just learn from there feeling in there music!

5 How do you explain that you're signed on one of the most famous extreme metal companies worldwide ? Don't you think that you're lucky to get this deal?

I wouldn't say we are lucky! I thing we have worked heard for everything that we ever got from the band! Things are going good with relapse and both us and Relapse are on good working terms!!!

6 To someone that hasn't heard of the band yet, how would you define it & present your album ?

Death Metal, the way it was mente to be played Brutal, Demented, Demonic, Heavy Doomy and Fast!!!!

7 One thing is sure worth your album : the production is phenomenal! Can you tell us more abou thtis recording? How do you explain that there's so much bands having a crap sound?

The good sound on our album had to do with the studio and Engineer Bill Korecky. He knows how to make us sound like our selves! Other people we worked with in the past tried to make us sound the way they wanted and that always suck! All I can say is that if you want a good sounding recording work with someone that truly knows what your band sounds like and what you want to sound like!!!

8 What are your 5 favorite albums?

I don't have just 5 fave albums but 5 of my fave death Metal albums are 1. Possessed 7 churches 2. Dark Angel Darkness Descends 3) Autopsy Shit Fun 4) Morbid Angel Alters of Madness 5) Slayer Hell Awaits

9 What do you think about the death metal scene ? Do you think that after a slow decrease, there's like a rebirth? & How do you explain this new increase of this scene?

I think the Death Metal Scene rules! I just think that it's full of true worshipers of the music now! All the trendys are playing other gayer styles of music now! and that's better because Death Metal is for the few and proud! not the cool and trendy!!!!

10 Female vocals are more & more present on several albums & in more various styles of metal : from progressive to black metal, gothic, ...What do you think about female vocals? Do you have a favorite female singer? Will you have som efemale vocals in the future?

Incantation well not have any Female Vocals! Sad to say, but Female vocals in Metal is becoming a trend and we will have no part of it! I don't hate female vocals but I think that bands use them because they need something to highlight their music because with out the Female vocals there music sucks!!!!! It's a way to cover up music that is just to fucking gay! Metal is not nice music it's extreme music! My favorite Female vocalist is Anneke Van Giersberge

11 A last word?

Thank for the support! We hope to see all the true fans of unholy Death Metal soon on our European tour!!!! Hail the goat and Prepare for the Impending Diabolical Conquest!!!!!!!!!!!

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