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INHUMATE contact : Frédéric ANTON / 8 rue du chevreuil / 67000 Strasbourg - FRANCE

Tel 33 (0)3 88 21 98 82 Fax 33 (0)3 88 45 17 38

What's your main influences?

in the beginning, Inhumate was influenced by the old school of death metal, bands like Pestilence, Death , Obituary, ... But with the arrival of Valentin on drums, we began to put some grind parts in our tracks. Now, in 1997, the main influences are Cannibal Corpse (especially "Tomb of the mutilated" album), Napalm death ( the 2 first albums), Brutal truth (all) & all kind of brutal raw sick stuffs. But besides this, we try to keep our own way of composing.

Your drummer is very regular even in the ultra speed tempos. How many time did it take to make songs?

When Christophe & Yannick joined us in 1995, they had about 10 tracks to learn. So we worked very hard. After this, we recorded the "grind your soul" demo. & last year, we spent the whole summer working on the CD. The demo was not too bad but we wante something better so we rehearsaled with a metronome. I think that if you want something nearly perfect, without being an exeptionnal musician, you got to work with a rythm machine. About the composition itself, a track can be done in one or 2 hour & another one in one month. It depends of many things, how we all feel, how many time & for howmong we see us, ...

Tell us how it was during the recording of the album :

the studio time was OK. We were a bit nervous 'cos we 're not a studio band. But our sound engineer, Didier "J'hallucine" helped us a lot & made things going OK. For the CD, as the demo, we recorded first the drums, then bass, then guitars & at the end, the vocals. The worst time was when David had to do the backing vocals, he was so fuckin' ill, we all thought he was going to die there under our eyes. But he wanted to finish his ob!

Your sound is really good & give more value in your songs, which is not the case for several bands in your style. Was it something you take care in the studio?

Yes, of course. We wanted a powerful sound. I'm glad you like it, we don't like it anymore. We find the guitar sound too smooth, too clean for what wa wanna do. Of course, it's a worked sound but may be too much. We also don't like the snare sounding. But we're also in the studio to learn. We all did our best & that's what we could do in 1996. We hope that on the next recording the sound gonna be better, more aggressive.

Your singer uses differents registers in this way to sing. Why?

'Cos, we got some simple tracks made with simple riffs. If you put always the same voice on this, you 'll soon get something boring. So with this way, it puts some reliefs on the tracks. In our kind of music, you don't find thousands of intonations so it's a way to put some colors in the music.

What do you expect with this CD? What are your main projects?

The only goal of this CD is to make us a bit known. We don't look for a label. We are the REAL unsigned underground. We play this lusic just for incredible pleasure to play on sceene, to do some fuckin' gigs & get the stage transe!! For our future plans, I can't say you anything except the fact that as soon as it 'll be possible for us, we'll try to record another CD.

Review : "Internal life" contains 18 tracks of brutal grind death metal. This album is a great work. Recorded on a 24 tracks studio, it allows the band to have good conditions to make something good. So, the sound is very good. In this brutal style, it's often inaudible. That's not the case for Inhumate. The guitar sounds is very large. The singer enrich songs by the uses of differents tonalities. Sometimes, it's ultra grave, sometimes, it's near from Black metal voices. This makes songs non linear & allows to diversify songs from eaxh others. The drumming parts are incredible. & it's not a rythm machine!! He plays very very fast & also succeeds in adding technical parts in various breaks. Inhumate doesn't counfound brutality with noise. In fact, Inhumate is very recommendable for those who like brutal bands with clear production.
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