GRIND YOUR SOUL 8 Rue du chevreuil 67 000 STRASBOURG - France


1 So, whatís new for Inhumate ?

Inhumate goes fuckiní allright . our 2d Cd is out yet & we are already working on new tracks. & we soon play with Deicide & Brutal Truth & things donít more until then.

2 After your first selfproduced album, you continue with a second self produced one. Is it a choice or is it due by the fact taht in France no company makes you a serious offer ?

We never tried to find a label. We think the DIY way is teh best. WE donít want to be helped. We do this music for what it is, our soul !We doní fuck all albels but we donít want to give our creations to anyone. We create music & lyrix ; We create th eartwork. Everything on an Inhumateís Cd belongs to us & we canít imagine to give the smallest part of it to someone whi will uise it just to get some money. But if some day a label wants to help us in a 100% honest, sincere way tahn we can say yes. But we wonít go to th elabel, the label will come to us. We think we are strong enough & believe in what we do enough to do this work by ourselves.

3 What sort of differences do you make between your 2 albums ?

the 2d is more rough & th esound is fuckiní better ! We worked a lot on the sound, we wanted something nice & clear & not an understanding noise. The trax were also composed in 1 year, you can hear that. On ĎInternal lifeí, some trax were 4 years old.

4 Tell us more about th erecording, the mix of this album ?

It was not very easy for us especially the drums parts. We did the recording several times to get something really OK. Didier, the guy of the studio, was fuckiní cool with us, never getting angry when we were doing mistakes, helping us aas much as he could. The mix was also long because itís at this tme that you make of your CD a good or a bad stuff.

5 on the first album, you repproach a too much clean sound. What did you change in the 2d one ?

Yes the guitars on the 1st one were too heavy & too clear. David played them 4 times. On the 2d one we had a better place to do the mix. It was in a special room & so we could hear all teh dtails. We also did 2 testing CD to be sure of the sound we will get later.

6 your projects ?

Go on spreading the ULTIMATE MUSICAL BRUTALITY through the world !

7 Tell us how to get your album, at which prices & what about the first one ?

The 2 CDís are availble at my adress : GRIND YOUR SOUL 8 Rue du chevreuil 67 000 STRASBOURG - France phone 33 3 88 21 98 82 -Internal life : 19 us$ or 90FF Postpaid -Ex-pulsion : 13 us $ or 80FF Post paid -both : 24 us$ or 140 FF postpaid.

8 A last word ?

Thanks for your support, thanx for your help & to all who read this, feel free to write, all letters are answered. STAY SICK

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