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self production - Style : Alternative metal - Album : Beauté

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Juice has been created in Bakersfield from the ashes of Sexart, in which a guy called Jonathan Davis, formerly known now with its multi platinium band KoRn. Jonathan was replaced by Brian Armer. This last one was selected because of his incredible voice Then, Sexart splitted up & later, bassist, guitarist & singer od Sexart formed Juice. After a demo in 1997, Juice released a 5 tracks CD called « Beauté ».

« Beauté» is a mini album of great class ! Juice is great ! very great ! Mixing devastating and powerful guitars with fineness melodies and an exceptional chant, Juice possesses all necessary arguments for convince fans of metal , hardcore or even of more atmospheric music or altenative one ! Brian Armer is a singer that evolves between subtleties and brutality. He is able rare feats, he makes pass in its voice all sorts of emotions. In more, the quality of arrangements that shows the band all along these 5 titles allows to appreciate the open-mind of Juice. Technically irreproachable, Juice possesses this small some thing that differentiates it from the mass of ordinary or more or less inspired band that appears nowadays. It is impossible to tell from each band looklike Juice. The group possesses its own personality, its own sound. Nevertheless, one could have tell that Juice gathers the elemnts that have made the success of group as KoRn, Nirvana, Faith no More, Suicidal Tendencies , .. But one has never the impression that Juice has copied these bands. To conclude, Juice would probably become a very important band in 1998-99. Prepare you to receive them !

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