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Kaly productoins is a new french record company. they started at first as a mailorder service ( you can still ask for their huge & cheap mailorder list. their first release was Asgard, tehn, Darken & Dementia's new album ( after the departure of Thunder productions)

Releases :



Style Metal- Album : Answer

Contact Management : thugues@hotmail.com - Band : Dementia-Interview 1 & 2

Dementia is back after a first album 'In core of the dark ages', that was one of the firsts , if this is not the first production of Thunder. Today, the music of the group has well evolved. If at their beginnings, Dementia played a technical death-thrash with keys in the lineage of a band like Nocturnus, it is all otherwise today. The line-up has been considerably modified. Dementia is now composed of 6 members : a singer fully fledged, 2 guitars, a bassist, a drummer and always a keyboards player. Dementia has enormously worked to offer us a sumptuous album, so much original that it becomes like unclassifiable. And nevertheless, one finds here and there thrash parts, heavy or death ones ( very little and rather concerning the voice), black parts (with some hyper speed parts, hateful chant). Brief, Dementia succeeds to use and to develop in its songs all styles of metal. The result could have been indigestible. But it it is not indeed. Dementia is to classify among progressive bands that are the most gifted ones ( but in a more extreme style)! Nothing than the first song worths the purchase of this album. It is necessary to notice that this album is presented under the form of a concept where all songs are linked between. In all , this album is 63 minutes long. The diversity of surroundings that are proposed and developed, the quality of interpretation but also the tremendous production of this album (signed by Alain Masson and Bruno Donini) and this magnificent cover make this album'Answer' as an imperishable piece , an incredible & unique masterpiece. Indeed, this album asks some efforts to appropriate it, & to master all fineness, all richnesses, but each times you listen to it, you discover new elements that bring you to discover an other dimension to this music, then, this album becomes a magical, indispensable, incontournable one. Dementia is required in 1998 as the French group the most inspired of the moment. This album is masterly from its beginning to its end !


Style : Atmospheric Death metal - Album : Arcane XIII - Interview

'Arcane XIII' will surely make Darken reach another step in their evolution Helped with a very good production, that stays for a while quite underground too, Darken prefers originality instead of classicism . Facing their last demotape, the band still makes huge progress. What makes the difference is undoubtless the tons of arrangements Darken created in each songs. In their demo tape, the 2 guitarists never plays the same. The first one was playing the rythm while the 2d one was playing some melodies or arpeggios. Now, both of them plays sometimes the same parts thus, it sounds more united than before. Facing their demo tape, the band sounds more powerful, maybe itís only due to the production, but itís sure that guitars sounds better & are heavier. The singer has still got his extreme approach by growling like a damned & including in some more atmospheric parts a voice in a gothic style. Thier best song is undoubtly »falling » with its mysterious backing vocals & harmonies. For those who appreciate some avant garde death metal with some excellent dark climate, Darken is surely one of the best bands of this style. Darken can be compared to a death metal version of Paradise Lost & Moonspell. First one for its originality & powerful side, 2d one for the qualities of arrangements & surroundings developped inside music.

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