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>1 - KenZiner has released with "Timescape" one of the best debut album of the past years. But can you tell us more about you & your beginning since the release of this first album?

1:Thanks, well I got my first electric guitar when I was 11 years old and later I created songs when I was about 15 year old, and since then I have made songs, I have also been in some band projects playing drums or guitar, but mostly I was more interested to create my own music. In 1994 I sent a demo tape to Leviathan Records and I got a very positive answer, and after that I have sent there demos, and in 1997 I got call from David T. Chastain that they would like to make an album and that is how it started.

>2 - Evolving in the progressive metal scene demands a high technical level & a solid musicianship. Can you tell us more about how you practise your guitar, what sort of exercises do you daily make ?

2:when I started guitar playing I practiced it a lot I didn't count the hours because I was so interested to play guitar, but I would say many hours a day, I remember one time when I started playing about 9pm and I finished about 5am in the morning. Right now I don't practice so much and most of time I just play and create song ideas, it is now more spontaneous.

>3 - For a progressive metal band, KenZiner sounds really different from the others one. The principal element is not to show that you've got an incredible technical level, over the average, but better to compose the most original songs & to put a special effort on arrangements. Do you agree with me?

3:Yes I'm glad to hear that, I think music has to have a Drama & Comedy like in the movies you don't want to watch movie where happens nothing. Example Future Signs is kind of kick in the face beginning and in the other hand there is peaceful intro in Dreamer and In The Silence is a ballad, so I want to make music where is different variations & feel in every song.

>4 - What's your definition of progressive metal ? what are your favorite bands in this movement, underground or not?

4:a word progressive how I understand it, is something that the music renewing all the time so it is bit difficult style if you want to remain in the frames that general audience would also like to listen to the progressive music. Rhapsody, Stratovarius are great, generally I don't listen very much to other bands.

>5 - what are your lyrics talking about?

5:David made all the lyrics and it tells about soul mates travelling in time through the Timescape.

>6 - What are your influences?

6:most of them has came from Classical music and different Heavy Metal bands Iron Maiden & W.A.S.P. cool combination. Live After Death was cool!

>7 - David T. Chastain has discovered you & helped you a lot for this album. What sort of advice did David give you?

7:He as gave me a lot of self confidence and I'm very happy that David gave me this opportunity to make albums and I'll make music as long as I live and when there is possiblity, this is what I have always wanted to do.

>8 - What was David's contribution for this album?

8:He was a producer and he wrote all the lyrics to Timescape.

> 9 - LMP has signed you & some european countries such as Lucretia records for Italy now distributes you. What's the situation for France? Do you have finally a record deal there?

*We are told by Limb Music that it should be distributed in France soon. Yes I have heard that is going to be released in France through CNR Records which is great!

>10 - I see 2 different covers of your album. Why?

10:actually there is 3 different covers in Japan US and Europe in Japan it is kind of mix between Europe and US cover in Europe I think they wanted to show KenZiner more like a band, and in US it is more like guitarist cover, there is picture of Drums inside also with different band pictures.

>11 - Have you some projects of tour for promoting this album?

11:in case of tour I think it is a decision of a record company and the tour agency to which bands there is possibility to tour.

>12 & so, can you tell us more about when, where, you'll tour?

12:I think after the next album there is possibility for tour and now when we have 5 members in band we have better chances to play live. Of course it depends in many factors like what response the next album gets, but I hope so.

>13 - Have you already some ideas for the next album? Will it be in the same vein as this first one?

13:it is better, of course this is the usual comment, but it is better album with more classical sequences + with few more faster songs + the title song is very interesting with lot of changes, all of the next album material is ready.

>14 A last word?

14:thank you for this interview and I hope you like Timescape album and that we have sometime a change to play live in France until then. All the best! Jarno Keskinen <KENZINER> ***

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