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Killers first album Les fils de la HaineKillers ' second album Danger de vieKillers '4th album :RésistancesKillers' 5th album Les cités interditesKillers'6th album : ContrecourantKillers' 7th album : Ennemis en Public ( live album)

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No web site but see the presentation of their record company Brennus records.


1) Killers is a cult band & a reference in the french scene, often presented as the oldest french bands. Does this presentation bring you some anger or do you feel some pleasure to hear this ?

It's really not a problem & it flattered us better. All depends on what behind these words. We succeed in being there through the time, making advantage all points that could have been weaknesses. We have always be the master of our destiny without being largerly dependant on someone. So, time makes us as the oldest band of a scene that become weaker & weaker because of failure. To only refer to the past would be more a problem for us. As , it's not the case, no problem for you & us : welcome to the world of the dinausor & death to the spotty!

2)What do you think about your carrer ( best & worst times) & all Killers' album ? 

On one hand, the worst times were when we had to change our line up. Not because of the split but because of the time it takes to have a new complete line up. On the other hand, the fact to have always overcome this bad times is really a great & intense pleasure. When i look at our carrer, i have no regret because we always do our best . It's sure that now & with our experience, some things could have been better but that's life. What would be terrible, would be to deny our past , i can't stand people that deny their past. It's a proof of their stupidity. YOu must accept what you did or you'll die without having done anything. Each albums of Killers reflects what was the band at this time. My aim is to do the best image of the band, the closest to reality. But, it's not easy to do, you must give yourself all what you need as well in the composition than for the recording. 

3) Can you present the next album ( it'll be release in the mid 98) ?

Good transition ! It's exactly whqt i said to you before. It's been 4 years that we invested in recording material. Then, we're totally independant facing the business structures. We do what we wwant, when we want & as we want. We compose like this & we also have an quite precise idea of the way it could be at last. To make something special, this 8th album will be quite important : 16 original songs for about 75 minutes. Its name will be " FORT INTERIEUR" & I love it. As always, there's various tempos & i can tell you that we make a special effort to take care about all steps in its realization. As this time is a time where there's lot of deception, I know that we 'll affirm, ever than never our mature side with this album that's finally a bomb. 

4) Killers has known a lot of line up changes. How do you explain this? Why did the band burst out in 1985? 

It's right, there's 2 types of changes. In 1985, the other members has brought their material, telling me by a word (that I still have) that they stop the band. So, I continue the band alone. It represents qui well the climate of hypocrisy that was there. I have passed 2 weeks alone in the studio at Paris for the making of the mix of 'Danger de Vie" . When i came back home, i immediatly felled that the situation was not good & healthy. As always in a split, everybody has got a part of responsability. Anyway, it couldn't continue like that. Everybody has got his faults & it's never when you 're occupied by those of the others that yours will disappear. I do my best to believe in that & I think that it has done a lot to lead us where we are now. Other changes in line up have not been numerous if you look our 12 years of musical life. The main split was due to the fact that one of the band stops all his musical activities. It's easy to comprehend, because in France, the situation is very hard & you really need to be leaded by your passion to continue your carrer. 

5) Now, each Killers' album has got the big sound & production. How do you explain problems that you meet for your first albums & what would be the advice that you'd give to a young band? What are the risks in studio?

It's not alwyas because of the studio. You must know that it begins with the quality of your songs. You don't have this quality at first & it really need time to learn it. Risk is when you're not sure about yourself, to do too much things, to take too much time to go to the essential adding & adding unecessary parts. Then, it ends with a confusion that creates a distance between the music & the audience. More over, you must know that those who will listen to your album are not necessary looking for the best musical performance. A young band must know that it will make some mistakes & that's normal. You absolutly must take care that these mistakes will not affect the life of the band. SO, you have to not put all that you can do & keep some for later. Financially speaking, for example, you must take care of the fact that playing in a band is different than lotery , don't secure your material. the first element must be a blended pleasure & passion. This will be heard in the final product.  

6) Media have not always been friends with you : you wer criticized at your beginning, in hte mid 80's they totally ignore you & since mid 90's, you've been taken into account. What is your analysis about this fact?

These situations don't only depend on us. So, it's hard for me to have an an opinion. Otherwise, our attitude is to do our best to merit this consideration through the quality of our music. We're not falling into paranoïa too , if we 'd conisider ourselves as victims of these situation. On the otehr hadn, i must tell that it's better for us to be respected & have consideration, like now. We gradly appreciate it because it'snot due to an advertisement deal.  

7) What sort of material do you use ?

For guitars, i have an american Jackson King V & a Gibson Flying V, Ronan has got an Ibanez Petrucci & a Lag. For amps, we two have Mesa Boogie. I use a preamp ROCKTRON VOODOO VALVE , especially with Electro Voice baffles. Ronan use a Rocktron Piranha pre amp with a GT quadraverb with Marshall & Electrovoice baffles. Alain plays on Trace Elliot amp & Patrick on Tama drums.

8) Patrice Le Calvez semms to let in the band his touch on Killers' melodies. DO you have ever think of taking him back in the band?

His particular touch is better his voice sound on the two first albums. For melodies & lyrics, i always have written them & i 'm still agree with myself to stay in Killers! Seriously, i think that Patrice's voice is too much classical. It's really a pity that he stays in this particular register because he 's really able to have other tones that would be better. We started th band in making covers & his polyvalence was really astonishing. 

9) What's your opinion about the increase of the interest on french bands of the 80's & the re releases of albums? 

It's better a good thing. I really hope that it'll go higher than the step of re release. Then, it'd be a respect of those who still works a lot avery days. I hope that media will not spend all this time for those that only take their instruments back for only one false gig of return. We must see band by band. I 'm very pleased on my own of the return of ADX on the highlight. Everybody must do his best to make organisation gigs numerous . It's really what we need to overcome the step of sporadic tremor...

10) " Contre-Courant" is a more brutal album in your discography. how do you explain that?

First explanation concerns lyrics that are for the main parts more aggressive. Musically speaking, we wanted to be more direct, & then to be close to what we sound on stage. It'll certainly be a constant thing for the future. It's useless to make albums with 36 000 parts that couldn't be played on stage.

11) You still sing in french with lyrics that seems quite specific, talking of the daylife. Is it Killers' trade mark?

It's sure that it's a part of our identity. It's a real pleasure to express his feeling in a musical sphere . That's why i don't see me leaving this . More, french language don't suffer futilities & foolishness. So, it's always a way to still question myself that is really invigorate. 

12) May be alast word or is it something that you'd like to add ?

A lot of things but even if it's not original, it will be thanks & encouragements to listen to our new album. It's without doubt our best one for KILLERS. You'll see when you listen to it that it's really not a bad joke...

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