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Alain - Ronan - Patrick - Bruno

Fort intérieur - New album!!!!!

No web site but see the presentation of their record company Brennus records.



1)Hello Bruno. Then, the new album of Killers is finally available. Can you present it?

" FORT INTERIEUR " came out at the beginning of May on the label Brennus Records. We prepared it and polished during the year 97. We took our time to record it, because as you know it, we assembled it in our own studio. We are thus completely free on the level planning, we do not need more to run & run like the insane ones during 15 days or three weeks of at a stretch to record, as that sometimes occurred for other albums. This album comprises 16 pieces, for one total duration of 71 minutes listening. So that each one finds its account there, and especially because it is our practice, we alternated the tempos. There are pieces speed, others heavier, tempos medium, and two ballades as we like them.

2) Compared to your last achievements, this album has one " I do not know what " moreover. It has a certain force, I would say even a certain serenity. Do you agree with me and then how do you explain it and how does it feel to you?

It is the age, my old man! More seriously, I think that this album is the most complete and succeeded one ever realized by Killers. Is this due to a greater experiment, to the time that passes by, I do not know too much. I feel a great pride for this album that I like really much.

3)Patrick with the drums seems to have taken a lot of pleasure playing on the album. It is like hewas literally burst on this album. How do you explain that? Is this the production and the sound of the album which emphasizes him more?

For this album, we wanted to privilege to the maximum one returned " feeling ". We did not seek to have the large sound which kills, that it is on the level drums or guitars. There are not many effects, nor on the instruments, even less on the voice. It is sure that one is slackened much more when one does not have constraints of timing, and the final one feels some. Patrick, as much as the others, played as it felt it, without being caught the head. It is sure that if you are stressed less, that gets along!

4) while keeping the Killers touch, one feels a clear evolution on certain titles. Did the band enrich the sphere of its influences, or is-it-due to a main effort of composition and diversification?

First of all, with the arrival of Ronan to the guitar in April 96, it is undeniable that a new air blast appeared in the band... a little fresh flesh! He unconsciously brought his influences to the level solos. And then, it should not be forgotten that the preceding album had come out in November 1995, that thus made a two years & half old cut . I voluntarily put the live one aside, because an album live is always instantaneous, you cannot go into reverse. In two years and half, it is normal to evolve/move, that it is on the level music or words. You have only to listen to the albums of the " old " groups which came out these last months, they remain faithful to themselves, while adding a fresher note to their compos, and that does not indicate at all.

5) Once again, a title out of Basque makes its appearance. Can you explain us this title, his significance, and why the band did it again?

This cover is a song of a Basque group which is called GUK (pronounce GOUK). They make a traditional music, especially acoustic. This song always particularly touched me. It is a piece in homage to a young Basque militant, Didier Lafitte, who was killed on March 1, 1984 in Bayonne, during a arrest-western, by cops. Title ARRANTZALE means out of Basque "PECHEUR" ( Sailor), & Didier was a fisherman. Our musical version is quite different from the original, but the paid homage and the support are without faults.

6) Whereas Vulcain announces that it throws sponge, one feels in Killers an incredible vitality. How do you explain these differences between your 2 groups (which, I point out it, are the 2 last of the Eighties in exercise)?

I actually learned that Vulcain wished to stop after the output of their album. I suppose that they have their reasons to cease the group after all these years, and we should respect their decision. It is obviously always sad to learn a similar news, especially for the public which follows them since their beginnings. However, I do not think that there are so many differences between Vulcain and us. Of course, we do not make the same music exactly, but we are 2 « old bands » like you even say it, with about identical ages. Contrary to a band which has only few years of experiment, we knew not badly events since the Eighties or 85. The things move obviously. With regard to Killers, for the moment, we continue our catch of path. One can of course never predict future, but I sincerely hope that Killers still has long years in front of him, even if I must be the only survivor!!! And it should be hoped that for their last concerts, people will move the bottom to go to see Vulcain, to thank them as they deserve it for all these years of music.

7) will we be likely to see Killers on stage in the North of France, ? If yes/no, why?

For the moment, the concerts envisaged are in our area. However, we are ready to play in all the corners. Unfortunately, we cannot organize concerts by ourselves (I specify it, because we did it in the past, and it really brings some problems for us!). We do not envisage a round, because that is not possible from the financial point of view, that implies too many things. On the other hand, we are opened with any proposal, that the possible organizers do not hesitate to contact us, moreover, we never played in North.

8) Once again, the lyrics of this album are very committed and also close to the spirit of certain lyrics of your beginnings. Can you present those that hold you more with heart?

You know, it is a true privilege to be able to express itself thus. The writing is a true discharge system, and I would have enough evil to me to pass some. However, my texts and the music of Killers form a whole, it is not possible to dissociate them. I quite simply try to speak about things which hold me with heart, to express feelings while refusing to fall into futility or the silliness. As for knowing which one I like more, it is like if you asked a father which child is his preferred one, the answer is really delicate! I like all my texts, insofar as they represent each one one precise moment.

9) I know that Killers invested in its own studio, but that instead of keeping exclusiveness in it, you place it at the disposal of your friends, like Arsenic. Is this a career of producer that you engage? Which are then the next recordings which will come out of the studio, if you can speak about it, of course?

Your question falls well, because Arsenic is currently in studio here, for their second album. They have a good memory of their first passage here, and wanted to renew the experiment with Bardos. I do not like too the term of producer, a little pretentious with my taste! The last month, I recorded a group of rock'n'roll of the area of Tarbes for a C.D. 5 titles. All is a function of the request of the potential group which would like to come here, but why not?

10) If a death metal and a black metal band require you to record them at home, would you accept? Do you appreciate these styles ?

You know, all is question of feeling. It is sure that I could not record guys who are truths heads of shit...! When you must spend 9 hours per day in studio with somebody, it is necessary well to get along, if not, it is the hell! Then, I am not blocked towards such or such musical style. It is certain that I listen to more heavy than death metal, but the significant one is that the music is well made, it is all. As I said to you previously, I recorded a group of rock'n'roll in a Bertignac style ( ex Telephone, a famous rock band in France). I believe that the only style that I would refuse would be the techno or other stews of the same style! Music is a whole: if songs are very good, but that the guys are too idiots, it is certain that I will not stick at all, they do not even need to contact me. It is out of question of recording groups with an only lucrative aim, it is necessary that I like their music.

11) As always, I leave you the final word ...

First of all, a big thanks to you for this interview. Then, thank you for all those which support us and which make us go from the front one, they motivate us and encourage us. & for those which do not know us yet, listen to " FORT INTERIEUR ", & then send me back news...

the band

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