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Label : Rockat records - Style : Heavy rock - Album : Maiden voyage

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Kat Marco is a new guitar goddess ! But she’s not only a good guitarist. Kat is also aa very good singer. Her album has been recorded at the famous Morrisound studio with Jim Morris and Steve "DR. Killdrums" Wacholz (Savatage). There’s only 3 tracks in this Cd originally issued in 1996. All 3 tracks haven entered the top ten & Kat Gets amazing reviews & medias exposure. Now Kat Marco founds her own record company Rockat Records. Kat worked in the musical industry with som eof the most important bands & guys. Her music is Heavy rock, very melodic with good riffs. Sh’e got a really good voice & she knows how to create emotions & to share them with her audience. With a so good production on this album, I highly recommend this mCD to all of those who like Melodic metal music. I think they’ll found in Kat Marco a good way to have pleasure with music.

KEEGAN : Bio - review

The man behind the group KEEGAN is Jeff Keegan. The band started up in Sweden in October 1992 with the recording of Keegan«s first CD, titled "Agony in Despair". That album was released in November 1993. Jeff played all instruments except for the drums, which were handled by Anders Johansson, internationally well known from his work with Yngwie Malmsteen and Blue Murder. That recording became sort of a solo project and also a platform to develop the band for the future. The music had influences from groups like Queensryche and Metallica but still with its own sound and ideas. Jeff now decided to put together a complete band before commencing recording of the next album. After many auditions the band was finally completed during the summer 1994. While completing the band, new songs had been written, and in October 1994 the band started to record the new album "Mind no Mind", in the Roasting House Record Studio in Malmš, Sweden. Recordings and mixing was completed in the end of 1995. The album contains 10 songs with an aggressive and heavy sound with a lot of details and complexity. The band has recently started with live performances as support act for the bands like Helloween and Bruce Dickinson/Skunkworks. Beside this the band is now composing songs for the third recording, which is scheduled to take place during the first half of 97.

It's good to see that heavy speed metal is not dead. Keegan plays it at its best. If Keegan said in the bio that Metallica & Queensryche had influenced them, i'd add Judas Priest &Helloween-Gamma Ray. It's very dynamic. There's good arrangements in music & good melodies. The whole is attracting & refreshing. There's now a revival in heavy metal ( listen to Dominion records 's production, for example) & Keegan is in a good place to see its name growing in that sceene. 


label : Sinbad productions - Style Heavy metal- Album : Lock Down

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This album is the work of a new genius of the guitar ! Entirely home made , the music of the group will remind the best Heavy metal bandsof the moment while it stays very melodic . The drums has been programmed to the perfection and the chant is entirely effective (notably on ( « can’t take control »).Kilpatrick is a singer with a very feminine voice ! But the great revelation comes from the guitar. As strong in rhythmical as solo, Knapp is really exceptional . he possesses a certain talent and an incredible fineness. Some riffs as on « Lock down ») are phenomenal ! Amateurs of melodies and good guitars are going to find with this 4 titles what to satisfy their appetite. Kilpatrick/ Knapp will remind the most melodic Swedish groups or some us groups of 80s. It is sure that with a real band and with a complete ,Kilpatrick/ Knapp would rapidly make speak abotu themt on the metal scene .

KIMSAGRO : Strange band that these one!!! Kimsagro is really experimental in his way of creation. Call it like you want : jazz metal with lots of vaious influences. There's no vocals on this demo tape. But for open mind people it's a really good way to discover a new band. I don't know why it tremains me Primus, perhaps in the gait that hey're evolving. See their home site :


Selfproduction - Style : Hard rock - Album : Lost

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Coming from San Diegao (USA), with formers members of Crossforce, souls in Exile, Point Blank & B Wilde, Krush is not really a new band appearing into the metal scene.  Created in 1996, Krush is a band that played a tfirst some blues rock music & then, they turned into Hard rock later;  Krush is also a band that delivers positive message abotuo religion. In th e80's we should have talked about 'White Metal' in comparison with black metal bands. Having signed an exclusive management deal with one of the best company in their country ( Marcy Emerick & ProMotive Management), Krush is now working on its first full length album. 

Finally a good group of hard rock! Krush evolves/moves in this quite specific kind and one can say that they are true goldsmiths on the matter. For all those which think that this style of music is not any more topicality, throw an ear on this American group and you will be agreeably surprised. The first thing to be announced for this group is the incredible talent of their guitarist! Mixing subtly technical and feeling, this guitarist could extremely well become next the guitar hero! When it is known that in more it is able to write good songs (what is not always the case of the good guitarists soloists), it is guessed that Krush would have if all occurs well to become one of the great names of the US scene Per moments, the group can especially point out Megadeth in its calmest moments because of the voice of their singer. This one has a a little éraillée but always melody voice. Moreover, this car production has a very good sound. It's a pity that there are only 4 titles because the pleasure felt with their listening is really very large. To conclude, I would say that Krush has all the assets necessary to be essential and impose its Hard rock on the international professional scene. This ' lost' could be well the last test which will bring them to the celebrity. It is all that I wish them so much they are brilliant.

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