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Blue Grape Merchandising (Black Sabbath, Coal Chamber, Cradle Of Filth, Deicide, Earth Crisis, Fear Factory, Kiss, Life Of Agony, Machine Head, Marshall Amplification, Murphy's Law, Nailbomb, Obituary, Ozzy, Pitchshifter, Rammstein, Sepultura, Sisters Of Mercy, Soulfly, Spineshank, Strife, The Flys, The Promise Ring, Type O Negative, Vision Of Disorder, ...)

"The Indie Contact Bible" :  It's an enormous list of URLs and addresses  where Indie artists can send their music for review or air play consideration. There are many links to North American sites, but there is also a strong International representation, which will make the ICB appealing to Indie artists throughout the world.
Visit :

Naked Jain records :

Les Enfants du Metal : -



Konkhra :

AORsters Online Magazine -

Kim Callahan Music page:

Akhenaton/Sangdragon : - -

Pyrrhus :


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AORsters Online Magazi

Metal site :

Hellion fan website :

Under The Corpse fanzine :

Kalisia (metal band) :

Liege Lord (Metal Blade Records):

Neat Records :

Greedo (Metal band) :

Underground Zine Scene :

Holy Mother (metal band)

5 Years Sentence :

Truckers ( rock band) :


Blue Thunder (metal band) :

Demoniac :



Steel Conjuring :

Martire/Hell records / Hellwebs (bands label & web design company)

Whiplash (zine)

Bsinbreed :

Ulcerate Fester (metal band) :

Aberration :

Temperance :

Beedies (prog band) :

Short Wave :

West Side Dave :

Autumn Productions / Le Miroir d'Encre / Metal Machine Music / Downfall :

BRS (grindcore)

Breakthru Metal Music : - -

Himnos Rituales de Guerra -

Colombian Radioshow:

The Website Gateway To Patrick Rondat :

- mirror site - mirror site

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Porno Coma :

Temperance: Temperance

Metal Rules : Metal Rules

Connecticut Area Bands :

Stonehenge :

Le Chant du Cachalot : Adrien Bazin - Le Chant du Cachalot

Silk & Steel - AOR mag :

Cling Records : Http://

Ink Blot magazine :

Ink Blot magazine :

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The SerpenteensUnalive And Yet Undead - THE SERPENTEENS

Skyclad :

Uli Jon Roth -page :

Kerruption : http://www.angelfire/.com/oh/WrongDoer/index.html

Retribution : Http://


Mass Metal Webzine :

Emaciation/ Gikk website :

Rule Of Thumb (metalband) :

Boneyard (metal band) -

GoatWAR :

Dark Ages Distribution/The Crusader Fanzi e:

Underground Sound Webzine :

Kim Callahan Musicpage:

Ultimate FREE resource for musicians and music professionals :

Metal Page by Julian Acuna :

Mistress - http.//

Spirit of 66 (metal club) : e-mail

Full Metal Jacket crew (record company)- -

Creative Connectivity BannerMaker

HM Pirate 'zine-

Drinking Skull ( band)-

Undercode ( band)-

Radio Base Agro :

L'édition metallique du Web :

RENEGADE - Extreme Music OnLine Magazine URL -

Slag ( metal band) :

Breakthru Metal Music :

Soulreaper :

Visual Vinyl : They supply all metal/rock/death/indie cd's and vinyl to music fans worldwide Web at

DREG Records - New & Improved Progressive Rock

Stompzine :

Psychotic Episode :

Rossomahaar :


Nitromethane" :

Metal Page :

METAL NET : Fanzine-

THE STRANGEST LIFE PRODUCTIONS: small distribution list that carries mainly underground metal CDs, TAPEs and ZINEs. :

EVEMASTER ( metal band)

Abusement Park : (metal band)*ment*park

Raison d'Etre :

M4 Radio : Supporting Original Local Music And Musicians On the Net Anytime, All Original Unsigned Music & Send you r package to M4 Radio PO BOX 4098 Sanford Fla. 32772

THE BLASPHEMER : PO BOX 882 // BLACKSBURG, VA 24063-0882 // USA - Website:

Molten Metal USA :

Hellikon :

Rock sites : &

Dark Rivers :

Destiny's End Home Page

Ultimate Metal Guide :

Cursed Productions - Metal Curse zine :

SaniTariuM :

Tombstone zine :

Glamon-line magazine dedicated to glam/sleaze/trash/goth/hr bands 
Nightshade Magazine :

ROCK IN ACCESS We msuic from Italia

Andrew Berry (webmaster, Metal Links) 5500 links to metal pages -

THE 1/2 CREEPER : Russian river records :

New Web zine with polls , tests , games, ...:

J.A.M. (Just Another Music) Magazine.

Siegen Records :

hEARd Magazine &

Indy bands site wiht some true metal act ! : - Web master of The Zodiac Chronicle The official Penitent homepage The Zodiac Chronicle Webzine The Devil Doll fansite

Genocide Magazine -

Shane's metal web site :

JAGUAR Home site : A Web site devoted to the cult english band JAguar, built by an ex roadie of teh band :

Children of Caine : a new web zine

CONQUEST HOME PAGE : Soon on the site!!...http://www.musicgro

NIGHTSHADE: , A new distro for black metal bands...

DE PROFUNDIS WEBZINE : A new E zine from France is out now !

ARTIFACT - The Internet Metal zine : Jason Goh Teck Yong, Web Page :

The heavy metal page contains lot of news about lots of bands wellknown or unknown

Underground Metal Zine & Underground Metal Distribution list lot of bands & more

The BNR Metal Pages : it catalogs over 450 metal bands, past and present.

Chaotik webzine is a one of the biggest zine on the web

Holy records : A french label who signed bands like Misanthrope, Orphaned land, ... It's also a ditributor for several bands (known or unknown)

The VARAGERA page have sound clips of unknow bands

Alchemy Metal Net is a free webpages for unsigned metal bands, music industry contact databases, links to radio stations, concert calendars, zines, bands, other metal sites and more. Dedicated to preserving the future of Heavy Metal

The metallist is devoted to underground metal bands

Real Rock Index Page: It's got great links to hard rock, heavy metal, and the best unsigned bands out there.

MINVIEW : a Metal & Rock Magazine from Belgium. Theprinted issues are spread freely all over the BENELUX area on 30.000 copies each month!

Bands on the Run- Unsigned Bands Uncovered

Zenonix`s homepage on underground metal is made by a metal freak. This guy is very cool

The Metal links : more than 2300 links to metal pages

TBC Server - Metal : another list with underground bands

These Sites are maintained by the Bands and their official fan clubs and are frequently updated with news album releases and competitions.

Psycho Motel Official Site : with ex Iron Maiden lead guitarist Adrian Smith

Bruce Dickinson Official Site : News, tour, fan information, ...

Iron Maiden Official Site

Malaysian metal madness : A E zine very cool!!!

The mega bands page - Miika Kuusinen : links of labels, zines, bands etc everything that has to do with metal.

Find all you want to know about the Metal belgian sceene by Nicolas at

Discovery Zine is a new zine on the web which want to support the underground metal movement from all aover the world The Shovelhead Grind Page. dedicated to rock movement, including rock bands, fan clubs and rock festivals. Probably during next weeks a new web site (, 'cause actual web site is too little for everything....! a new metal bands list

UNDERTURE : A new list!!!

Heavy Music (page of the Metal Hammer Hellas [Greece] magazine. This page is dealing in all styles of metal music, from the extreme to the AOR. It also allows bands to get in direct contact with the mighty Metal Hammer, the oldest and biggest magazine of its kind in Hellas (Greece), selling 20,000 copies per month. and have their work featured through the pages of the magazine. Several recording companies contact Georgios to inform them, when he get quality music from unsigned bands, or from bands that are willing to license an own (self-financed) release to them. Mail him at :

THE METAL ZONE :at, a great site, still devoted to metal made by Vasili

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