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Contact : Listenable records - BP 559 - 62 311 Boulogne / Mer - FRANCE - Phone/fax 33 321 92 47 46

USA contact : Listenable records - 554 Warburton ave. - Yonkers - NY 10 701 - USA - fax (1) 914 965 18 28

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This is another french record company based in north of France. Listenable records had already released Devilyn, Ancient ( first album), Mercyful Fate tribute ( with Dark Tranquillity, Emperor, ....), ....


Album : Maximum destruction - Style : Old school thrash metal

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Remember Destructor ! in 1985, when the thrash metal wave was at its apogee with bands like Metallica, Slayer, Exodus, Megadeth, Anthrax, there was some new bands appearing like Forbidden, Testament & Destructor. The band released its first album « Maximum Destruction » on 85. But then, we never heard about them even if they get a deal with a major ! The reason is the death (murdered !) of the bass player. 14 years later, a French company decided to reissued this cult album ( with a new cover, some unreleased & live tracks, with a new mix & mastering). Both company & band, because Destructor is back, expect a huge success for this reissue because a new album is also expected . Musically speaking, Destructor was really intense in 85. Now it sounds older but with the recent increase of the old metal scene, this album sounds really refreshing with its characteristic riffing parts, these aggressive screams following guitars melodies. The album starts with a mid tempos track but as soon as the hymn « Detructor » began, itís the explosion of heavy riffs played at a speed tempos. If Destructor has to be compared to a band, Iíd say Exodus for the rage & the honesty the band delivers in each songs. Itís a deluge of speed songs played perfectly. Despite itís 14 years old recording, it sounds really refreshing & itís like a fresh breath in a so closed heavy metal scene. To make it really indispensable, Listenable & Destructor offer us 4 unreleased tracks ( that were destined for their second album) & 2 live versions of « Destructor » & « Maximum destruction » ! Destructor will please all metal fans that grew with the thrash metal wave of early 80. Itíll be like a second rebirth for them.


style : melodic death metal- Cd : Steel bath suicide

The swedish scene is probably the most important one in the extreme metal style. Each time you hear something from a new band, you find it terribly good ( like Mental Crypt, Blackmail, Dark Tranquillity, ....). Soilwork is a new swedish bands that has just released a first album for the french company Listenable records ( Ancient, Mercyful Fate tribute, Devileech, ...). Is this band as surprising & as good as the other ones had been? yes! & probably more! Soilwork is influenced by 90's metal bands such as Carcass ( a lot! listen to the voice & some riffs) , At the gates ( for the sound & melodic aspect), Strapping young lad . But the band has also listened to a lot of 80's bands like Judas Priest; Accept or MSG. Soilwork 's musis is the blend of all of this. So, it sounds really powerful & brutal but without losing a certain way of musicality & melody. More, this albul has been recorded at the famous Fredman studio, then, ther's absolutly no matter with the production of this album : it's excellent! Soilwork can be classified between Carcass & Dark Tranquillity. Carcass for their ability to create amazing & original riffs & melodies, Dark Tranquillity because of the tempos of songs. 'Steel Bath suicide' can also be compared to an extreme version of Judas Priest without a melodic singer of course. Solis are really influenced by Heavy metal. It's really hard to find such skilled musicians in extreme bands ( hear for example the track 'in a close encounter' where the band reveals all its potential). So, despite some visible influences, Soilwork sounds unique & their album features as one of the most exciting debut album released in 1998. 
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