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Label : Chainsaw records - Style Heavy metal - Album : Last beginning

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4 piece band, Legacy has been creating in 1993. After that a few songs were composed, the band performed as a local talent facing more than 300 persons. It ws also their first live appearance. Then, they practise & practise as often as possible in the goal to schedule the recording of a debut album. To achieve it, the band organised alone a concert in a warehouse. There, the band attracted more than 400 people & the benefits allowed them to enter the studio to record finally their first album ! Recording began in the end of 1997, with the help of Norwood Baker ( see Chainsaw records ) ! 11 tracks were recorded & the album has finally been released on the 01/04/98

Legacy is a very promising group and this first album is the evident proof ! Self taught musicians, the impression that they leave is really impressive. Legacy is a real Heavy metal band but that is equally capable to propose beside furious song some subtler ones. The mix is particularly interesting. Thus, a song as «Thunder» is entirely dynamic and then Legacy make us think of a great Megadeth-like . Parts of guitars are chiselled in a concern of precision and efficiency that is really surprising to find with so young musicians. On the other hand, the group aligns also some songs that are close to ballads or calmer as the excellent «there is one» that could be very easily a new «Nothing else matters». The guitar is aerial, the chant is really fineness. Even so, as soon as the guitar is back, Legacy shows a rare power. The chant , relatively plaintive , make us think a lot of Dave Mustaine. About the production of this album it appears entirely effective. The sound of the drums and more particularly of the snare drums is excellent and brings a good contrasts with the bass which is very present. The talent of composition showed by the band, its great technical quality let us think that Legacy is one of the seriousness outsiders of the melodic metal scene. It wonít be surprising to find in a few years Legacy among the most reputed Heavy metal bands of USA .


This norvegian band exists since 1993 by two persons : Daemon & Morfeus. Even if this band is young, they 've already made two demos, the first one in 1995 & the second one in 1996. Then, Nocturnal Art Production sign the band. So they release a first album called "Moon in the scorpio" in december 1996. They call their music Black ambient metal.

Review : "Moon in the Scorpio" is a good black metal production. Cover & art work are very well done & featured their will to spread thier visions of the moon, the planets & of all enigmas unknown to mankind. Their black metal is inspired . The symphonics parts shows music to an advantage & put some disturbing & scheming atmospheres of dark romanticism but full of anger as a symbol of the dark side of both man & nature that they try to symbolise.


Label : Solid State records/Tooth & Nail - Style : Power thrash - Album : Reborn

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Living Sacrifice is a band that play against those whoíre persuaded that Metal is Dead ! Coming from Little rock , Kansas, the band is really openminded & never hesitates to use all things to enforce their music. With basis & sounds that can be affiliated with pure metal, they also used som eíhypnotic iundustrial loopsí as well as the heaviest aspects of Hardcore !After a demo, released in 1990, the band was part of the interst of REX , a indie company. So, in 1991, Living Sacrifice released a selftittled album & then a second album in 1992 called Ďnon existentí & a third album called Ďinhabití in 1994. With already 4 national tours, the band seriously plan now an european one ! & their 4th album can led them to us very soon !

What a masterpiece! This album is masterly from beginning to end! A rapid intro very slow and melody leaves suddenly place to a fury thrash better effect! One feels the influences of group like Slayer but also Machine Head, Sepultura and consorts! The group releases a phenomenal power. But with the difference of much of thrash groups, Living Sacrifice is a made up group musicians experienced and endowed technically. Once again, the production sumptuous and is reinforced by many arrangements which make this album one of the major albums of the current thrash metal. It is especially the song which refers more to Hardcore because the remainder is connected more with power thrash of high flight. The work of the guitars is superb, at the same time technical and brutal. Certain songs as ' Awakening' could just as easily be recorded by a group as Coroner. Because Living Sacrifice can also slow down the tempo sometimes and thus vary the pleasures. So one is never bored because the songs do not resemble each other all and all are not in the same way built. Lastly, this group makes sense of the station-wagon worthy of Kreator (' No longer')! Each song is magnifiquement structured to be most effective possible. With each song, the group arranges surprises, which they come from a station-wagon, of a sound effect of the production or others gimmicks! This album has all that it is necessary to become a reference, a model of the modern power thrash. It would be quite stupid to pass to with dimensions from this one! At the hour when the great names of the power thrash seem to mark time, Living Sacrifice is right now ready to succeed!

LISA GIVES HEAD : Bio - review

Lisa Gives Head's new album is "A Closer Look At The Ground" . This is trash metal at the best, mixed with the anger and frenzy of hardcore punk. LGH are based in Malmö, Sweden even though two of the band members have their origin in the deep forests of Finland. Their destructive way of living are focused in the lyrics, but the aggression seems almost cultivated through the intelligent way the band combine word and music. Listening to "A Closer Look At The Ground" feels like being run over by a steamroller, this is trademark of the "new" Lisa Gives Head. ". The birth of Lisa Gives Head back in 1989. The band members came from legendary punk bands Puke and Black Uniforms. In the beginning this was reflected in the music by their desire to play as fast as possible. They toured Scandinavia twice with the American hardcore band Accused, they supported bands like Pitchshifter and they played at Sweden's top open-air event, the Hultsfred Festival. Rapidly, their name means excellent llive act. By 1994, they release their debut album "Give The Iron". At this time the band had slowed down the tempo a tiny, tiny bit compared to their earlier hardcore style. "A Closer Look At The Ground" was recorded at Sunlight Studio by Tomas Skogsberg (with bands like Entombed, Refused and Dismember & ùainly others).

It's true that this band is a killer aggressive one. It's a kind of power metal -hardcore. They're really in that trend & have the power to burst out in the metal sceene & to take the place of the major acts of this sceene, even if its difficult ot have a definitly opinion on only one track. a good blend between aggressivity & powerful with some melodies. 


Label : Full moon productions - style : Black folk metal- Album: Forgotten songs

Lord wind trys to develop a new brench in black metal. This one man band doesn't sound like anyone. No ultra speed tempos, no crushing guitars parts every where, no harsh voices at all. The main inspiration of Lord Wind is folk music. So, guitars are really melodic, drums are often more percussions & voices are often spoken instead of sung. There is also a lot of keyboards, which allows to strenghthen music. The result is quite original. It sounds more like hymn songs. It's epic & remains some war songs. Each one is its own story of medieval battles & then it results to a conceptual album. So 'Forgotten songs' is more a surroundings album & it takes a lot of time to appreciate all subtleties of this style. It's totally different & unclassifiable & original. But it's also devoted to open minded people!


Self production - Style : Heavy metal - Album : Come to/Lost at Last

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Born in 1992, Lost at Last, a heavy metal band, recorded a demo which one track featured on a local sampler. In 1993, the band wrote new songs & released one EP called « Bath » that will be release on the own label of the band called AFP & in 1994. The band also participated to a Kiss tribute making a cover of « Watchiníyou ». This tribute was sold at most than 3000 copies. . In 1995, after some changes in line up, 2 songs were recorded & featured on another local sampler. Then, after discovering all possibilities offered through internet, Lost at Last released its own video that became a small hit on a local independant channel. In 1996, new songs are recorded . One single will exclusively released on Internet ( & before David Bowie came up with this idea !). Anotehr video is made. This ends in 1997 in a C rom called « The incomplete beginners guide to Lost at Last ». Later they became the first band playing live on Internet. In 1998, after having made alot, Lost at Last is ready to issue its first full length album called « Come to/Losta t Last ».

Lost at Last is really not an ordinary heavy metal band. Itís piece of evidence as soon as the first song began ! Itís really easy to find som epop or groove parts in their metal. ( like the « na na na » in the song called « Minit ») Last at Last uses some experimentations to enrich its music. Thatís why their Heavy metal is never boring & always surprising. The guitar sound is really heavy & precise ! Some vocals are r eally excellent like on « Heavy metal king ». It seems that Lost at Last took the best of bands like Metallica & The Beatles !The main pops elements came from the vocals line, becuse musically speaking itís always very heavy ! With some osngs like « Complicated », Lost at Last explodes new horizons for Heavy metal using some effects & trying to develop an original side. Evolving in a sophisticate surroundings, Lost at Last is maybe one of the bands able to give another breathe to Heavy metal music. Some guitar parts are really innovative (« Cool ») & some stays in a pure heavy metal way (« Flower » This riff could have featured on the black album of Metallica !). All of this , made of Lost at Last one of the most excinting heavy metal band coming from Norway ! Lost at Last proposes an original blend of heavy metal, pop with some industrial touches (« Iím your head »). More, on this album is also availbel 2videos , first one is « Early 70ís american leisure wear » & 2d one is « Teenage summertime suicide ». Still without a distribuiton deal & or a company in Europe, i really think that this situation cannot stay the same ! Lost At last has got means to persuade a lot of metal fans & i invite all distributors & record companies to get in touch with this band. &² donít be afraid of the production sound ! Itís really excellent & very heavy


Label : Metal age productions - Style : atmospheric metal - Album : sitting by the fire

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Hereís a young slovakian bands created in 1996. The band were at first named Bestialit & played brutal grind death metal before getting the name of Lunatic Gods. They relesed as Bestialit a split C with Dehydrated for Metal age productions in 1994. More than 1200 copies were sold ! The line up changes leads the band to change their name Ďcos the sytle of music changes too ! Then , Polyphemus records signed them in 1996 & Lunatic Gods released « Inhuman & insensible ». It was the first time a slovakian band were releasing an album on foreigh countries. More than 3000 copies were sold. Their label proposed them a 2 album sdeals but th eband refused & singed with Metal Age produtions for their 2d album. With more than 5000 copies of theier music sold in the past, Lunatic Gods proved that in the underground , it was a band to follow. Now, the band is so far away form the Death grind metal they used to play in Bestialit. However, itís not easy to describe thier new style. Itís a kind of melodic atmospheric but aggressive metal. Itís maybe the strangest band in slovakia & one of the most innovative one with Wayd. Lunatic Gods cannot be compared to any bands as they created their own style & music. Using some choir, some keyboards as well as loud guitars, their music goes in various direction close to numerous metal style. Sometimes really melodic (« Smile »), sometiems really aggressive (« sitting in the fire »), the different musical approach of Lunatic bands sets it as an unclassifiable band filled with atonishing qualities.

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