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Album : Timescape - Style : Prog metal

Originally issued on Leviathan records - Web site: - Email or E mail

KenZiner is the project created by a young & new Finnish guitarist : Jarno Keskinen . David T. Chastain, the famous guitar hero from Cincinnati & owner of Leviathan records remarked this young guitarist ( who can play too bass & keyboards as well as guitars !). He told him to continue working & when time has come, David proposed Jarno to produce his first album : «Timescape ». To get the best band with him, Jarno worked on the album with Dennis Lesh (Chastain, Trouble, ...) on drums & Stephen Fredrick on vocals. « Timescape » was recorded in 3 different studios. David was the producer but he also wrote all lyrics & melodies. LMP & Lucretia records ( a famous Italian company) offered too a deal with this new promising act ! (note that lMP , the fmous publishing company sign KenZiner - LMP : E mail : -

In 1998, all is done & « Timescape » is out. The result is 100% better than all that can be expected ! KenZiner is really a fantastic band, playing prog metal at a high level of composition & play. & what impresses the more is the incredible talent of Jarno, combined with experience given by his drummer & singer. Influences of this guitarist have been certainly built by listening to the most famous classical composers. In many case, album leaded by guitar hero are just boring, because itís only demonstration. In KenZiner, only the efficiency of the song has its importance. This album is a masterpiece for young composers. It proves that not only gifted a musician can be, he must always work to create a good song & not to prove his technical quality. Jarno had surely listen to David T Chastainís advice. KenZiner equals the best prog metal band worldwide with this first album. The European market & fans will surely find there one of the best prog metal album released. A lot of bands in this style forget that theyíre a metal band, but itís not the case in this one. As soon as itĎs played, itís piece of evidence that youíre listening to a wonderful melodic metal band like Malmsteen, Rainbow or Symphony X or Stratovarious. The performance of the singer has certainly a lot to do with the success of this album. With just one album, KenZiner has reached a level that tons of prog bands will certainly never reach before 3 or 4albums. Just impressive & totally awesome ! One of the best in this kind of style & so highly recommendable.


Album : Materializiní dream - Style : Power metal

After a strange introduction , close to dance music, the music of Cappanera explodes in a steel deluge ! The sound is really excellent & original. Cappanera is a melodic band with a real powerful side which can remain bands like Pantera (« Ďtil the day i die ») ! The voice of the singer is quite aggressive but he stays melodic. With sometimes a lot of groove (« Materializiní dream »), the band shows different faces in its music. Irreproachable musically speaking, Cappanera proves that progressive music is not the only way to play good melodic metal. the band goes into the essential & donít take care about subtleties. But the impression they give while listening to this album is that Cappanera is a very efficient band. Cappanera defines with this album a new way for heavy metal. With a modern approach influenced by thrash metal bands, « Materializiní dream » is very recommendable. After listening to this album, itís more evidence to comprehend why Lucretia records gets some interest in this band.


Album : Eternity ends - Style : Heavy prog

Time Machine impressed a lot when they released their « Galileo. Act 1 » album. The band were showing a high level of originality & at this time, Time Machine was in advance facing other bands. Prog metal wasnít spread at all. Of course, some weaknesses were easily found. But as a matter of fact, the famous publishing company LMP signed them (LMP : E mail : - Now Time Machine has work a lot & Eternity Ends , the new album could probably push them in the highlight of the metal scene. At first, the band has now a new & better singer. Then, their sound is now overall impressive. This time again, « Eternity ends » has to be heard like a concept album. Itís impossible to put in front only one song. Itís maybe because Time Machine masters their style & the musicians know how to keep attention to their audience. Each songs reveals tons of ides. In only one song, the band has enough ideas to make one full album for some poor inspired metal bands. Nevertheless, songs never sound like a collection of riffs. Time Machine has a real sense of composition. In many prog metal bands, keyboards take a large place. In Time Machine, itís guitars that predominate. Donít expect me to compare Time Machine with other bands. This one has found its own personality & its own way of developing its music. The Italian scene is surely one of the best in this style with bands like Time Machine, Empty Tremor, Cappanera, Eldritch & a few other ones. After the Swedish scene, maybe Italy can be the center of melodic metal in Europe.


Album : Metal forces vol4 (also issued on Omega records )

This sampler is released by Lucretia records, an italian label & omega records help them with distribution. On this sampler features several bands. As always some are really excellent & promising. That's certainly why some others seems less good. But it's always hgard to make his own decision with only one track.  The opening one is from Raphsody. It cames from its foirst album releaased in France by CNR records. This abnd evolves in a progressive or better epic heavy metal. A kind of prog Manowar, with strong influences coming from Gamma RAy & Kai Hansen ( hear the vocals line for example)/ Maybe rapshody succeeds in blending the best of these 2 bands. Time Machine is well known for prog metal fans. This italian band released some album sthat get good recognition worldwide. 'Act 2 : Galileo' was probably the most avant garde melodic metal album ever released. This project was really excellent. On this track, the band sounds more classical, maybe it's better to follow them & to comprehend their music. Archangel tracks starts after a very long keys intro . The band plays a loud & melodic heavy metal. more powerful than the previous bands but more classical too, even if there's some unawaiting breaks. Arachnes si a real revelation in this sampler : solid heavy metal with just enough melodies & technical parts. It sounds really refreshing wiht some Malsmteen references . Then follow Avalon with "I'm falling" from their 2d album.  The melodic german scene counts with Avalon one of its best bands. Abighor proposes the most ambitious track on the sampler with its more than 10 minutes length. The feeling developped in this song is amazing. Abighor sounds really different fr mother prog bands. It's less demonstrative & more turned in to band like Rush, Wyzards, ...but in a heavier version. They never try to impress everytime with their technical ability. Abighor is really promising. I hope to hear more from them soon. Node is one of the most brutal bands on this sampler. Composed of guy playing with The Gathering, i heard about one album issued by the band. This track is certainly coming from this album. It's death metal with a few melodies . the work on the production has been well made. So, it sounds pretty good. Anesthesia, the following band evolves in a more classcal direction : solid heavy metal. The band is composed of Ex Gamma Ray drummer & bassist. The band told me a few week sago they send the album for presentation on the site. OS, i think i'll tell you more soon. Anesthesia really not sounds like a clone of Gamma Ray. The band has developed its own personality. It's more aggressive but without losing the heavy metal influences. Singer is excellent & the rythmic section is awesome. Then, Moon of Steel starts its osng with a furious riffs like it used to be in the 80's. The band is really inspired by the 80's like the singer for example with a high pitched vocals line that can remains old Helloween, Virgin Steele, or more recently Sacred Steel. This track is really refreshing. Anger, the last band seems more brutal with a deth metal feeling. With Node, Anger sounds relly different from the others, it's old school death metal, really well made & played & with a good production despite a lack of originality. 

So, this sampler shows 10 bands evolving in different horizons .Some are close to each other. If there's some that are now really growing in th emetal scene, some should soon appeared. 

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