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Contact MANIGANCE - 5 place Saint Louis de Gonzague - 64000 Pau - FRANCE

You can also contact their record company Brennus records : Alain Ricard (see also his interview) / 5 rue de Lixy / 89140 Villethierry - France / tel / Fax : 33 3 86 66 51 41 & Web site : http ://

Interview :

1 Manigance is a new band on the french sceene but some of the band had already played in bands , some important & some more underground. What was wrong in these bands?

For the important bands, it was certainly due to the lack of promotion & inspiraion facing the audience's will at that time. For the otheres, some lassitude due to the lack of means & insuffisant infrastructures.

2 « Signe de Vie » is a 6 tracks CD. For a debut CD, sound is really over the average, i'd better say that it's an excellent one. Tell us about the recording of the CD? 

Thanks! The recording was made in a home studio at Pau (south of France) where each musician takes his time to play his parts, without getting irritating or anxious about the clock. So, the recording was very good, very quiet.

3If the first track of th CD is pure heavy metal, Manigance is more a band close to Vandenplas on the other tracks. How do you describe your music? What do you think of this comparison

We don't want to play a particular style. We compose together, respecting the musicianship & take all ideas coming from us. Our songs are the result of various musical influences. To compare us to Vandenplas is very pleasant for us. We're flattered because it's a strong band. But we're not sure that it's the good comparison. 

4 You sing in french. Isn't it a difficult gait? More over, your singer is very good & it's (or was )rare in thfrench melodic metal band. Is this the result of experience, of work with a teacher? What's your analysis about this evolution & this result, in comparison with the 80's?

We sing in french because our audience is french & we want to save our langage. More over, it's very difficult to have a good singing in english when you don not spek this tongue. I think that's one of the reason that causes problems to french bands in the 80's. Manigance's singing is the result of experience & of a personal work of the singer. 

5 What are the goal of your CD? 

This 6 tracks CD is a test, with the meeting of musicians that know eachother for few & that come from various musical style. The next songs will probably be "more worked". "Signe de Vie" is going to launch us in the heavy/power style.

6 The french sceene knows an expansion like in the 80's. But this time, bands have a good sound & a better technical level & a better way of composition. What was the fault made in the 80's? How do you feel that this sceene will evolve & what about the evolving of Manigance?

It's true that french bands seem now to have a better quality of sound & composition that continue to evolve. It's probably due to the experience. Manigance will also go in this way, in creating new songs without remaining trends. That was probablythe problem of french bands in the 80's. They were copying foreign bands. 

7What are the french underground bands, signed or not that you prefer?

Trust & Sortilege for what they give to us. Face to Face for the strong will, Killers for their tenacity. Otherwise, we don't really know power metal french bands.

8 Do you plan to tour? Where? With another band?

We plan a tour now (September 1997) in the south-est of France as support act & for festivals. Then, we're ready to play everywhere in France & in foreigh countries. 

9 Your drummer plays with a lot of subtlety, especially with his cymbals. Cn he explain his way to play?

This is a play that he worked in listening to his 2 favorite drummers : Jeff Porcaro & Dean Castronovo. But the main important thing is to create & join all the surroundings he feels when we compose.

Review : Hereís a new band in metal sceene. Manigance is born in 1995. But Manigance is not a band created by novices. In Manigance, featured ex Killers, Jumper Lace, Dally Dalton, Crazy hammer members. After a demo & gigs as support act in 1996, (at this time the band were often making covers of Dream Theater, Toto, Pretty Maids, Van Halen, ...), they recorded for Brennus records a 6 tracks CD in 1997. With such differents influences, Manigance plays a melodic power metal with some progressive touches, close to Vandenplas. This CD is really a good debut,, due to the quality of musicians. This music is really well done & composed. Heavy metal plays like that is really attractive & exciting. Like Dream Child, Manigance rehabilitates heavy metal & proves that itís not a boring, old fashioned music, especially when itís played like that. If the first track of the CD is really a powerful metal track, the band is really close to Vandenplas in the other tracks with good clean guitars, a fine drummer (great cymbals play) & a really good singer. This time again, Manigance proves that french language is not a barreer. This language is really melodious with lots of musicality. Manigance is a new band to be discovered & probably a major band for the next years.
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