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Contact : Ludo "Evil "Lejeune - 40 Rés. Les Bécots - 62152 Hardelot - FRANCE - Fax : 33 3 21 83 89 65 or phone/fax: (+33)


1 What’s your goal with Melektha ?

My goal? Only have tons of real maniacs who support this kind of experimental music, Melek-Tha music can't be compared to bands who play gothic dark music like Mortiis, Beherit, Burzum, ...No, my music is a real nightmare, with dark oppressant atmosphere without a real beginning of end. A long song with a true power & insane feeling. Melek-Tha is more tribal, ritualistik & apocalyptic!!

2 How do you describe Melektha

Like an occult magma of terror & hate!!

3 What means the word underground for you ?

Underground, at the opposite of commercial attitude & music for reals maniacs. When an album is selling to 1000 or 2000 copies, i think that you stay underground ( ah , ah)

4 The first Cd was released by Adipocere. A second one is scheduled for VMI. Why this change of label ?

Yes, if VMI stays always ok for 1998, it outs 2d Melek-Tha album "De Magia Naturali Daemonica". I change of label because first one, Adipocere do good job but doesn't propose a big advertisement like contract deal said & I wait always the Cd's sale statement & contract, etc...I don't know how many copies have been selling! etc...This isn't serious for a label like Adipocere. 

5 Can you tell about the next Melektha ?

Melek-Tha,"De Magia Naturali Daemonica" is in vein to the first opus. May be more depressive with a deep dark atmosphere. One song "Hein Morra" is dedicated to ancient warriors. This osng is more like a battle! For the rest, last song is a long progression for arrived to pint of no return!! ( Apocalyptical!) Runing time will be 74/78 minutes. Now, 3d album "Post nuclear race" is different , more with industrial noises, tons of strange samples, many drums, parts form movies, the running time is to 84 minutes & concept is on the last nuclear war & new race after the holocaust. The supreme race.

6 How do you « create songs » ?

Really hard to describe, I do background of songs with synths & drum machine, after I put different things like samples, voices , effects, for example in next album, i include guitar sample. Release Melek-Tha album takes 4,6 months, because I do different version of each song before to have final version.

7 You also have your own label, can you present it

Yes, I do Evil Omen records, an extreme label for all kind of extreme music. I out some bands like Mythos, Demoniac, Enthroned, Conqueror, Decayed, Majestic Midnight & others in the future. Evil Omen is my own label & I choose bands, release CD booklet, ... Well , if you like extreme, contact me!!

8 You’re coming from the north of France. What ‘s your opinion about bands coming from this country ?

No opinion, because thereis only some interesting bands who try to find a label, but look studio costs in France for recording an album?!! Price is just horrible!!But I've got some friends who do a good band called Morphisem. 

9 What’s your favorite bands, underground or not, signed or unsigned ?

Oh tons, but here some : Laidbach, Hellsaw, Sadistik Execution, Emepror, Luciferion, Demoniac, Blasphemy, Conqueror, Lord Kaos, Sielwolf, Wumpsant, BDN, Impaled Nazarene, Venom, Possesed, Bathory (only 1st 4 albums, rest is shitty!!), God dethroned & tons more!!


Melektha was created in 1994. The goal was to play music with the use of experimenting material & special sampler. When Adipocere records heard the advance album, they decided to sign them. Music is described at strange & experimental, ritualistic music. It's difficult to present this band. It's in fact a one piece band created by Ludovic Lejeune of Evil Omen records. "Astrum Argentum" is the first album (but a new one is expected soon , released through V.M.I. ) . With this Cd, it's not really music & better surroundings. There's no guitars, no drums in it, just sound & some voices effects. The goal of Melektha is not the search of melodies or we must redefine this word. This CD is better an ambient album, somber, darkness & unhealthy. It's definitly different, like a sound track of a film, without any unity between the tracks. It's a 75 minutes CD very bizarre. Disconcerting & non conformism!!

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