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1 Mental Crypt is quite a young band in the metal sceene, but you seem to work hard to be better & better, years after years. What are your goal with Mental Crypt, to make a professional carreer or to be respected as one of the best underground band & make a more confidential carrer?

Well, our main goal is to make some records and make enough money to make a decent living by the music. First though we want to be able to tour a lot, because live playing is our greatest kick. We are definitely not going to "sell out" on our style anyway.

2 You're a power thrash band. What are the bands that have influenced you?

Many, many, but here are a few of them: Slayer, Black Sabbath, Pantera, Coroner, Sepultura Kiss, King Diamond... I could go on forever, but we don't want to waste all your space. We are all listening to a great variety of music from classic to death, and anything you listen to influences you in some way.

3 Your demo tape, has really one of the best sound i've ever heard for a demo. It better sounds like a mCD than a demo. Tell us precisely about the recording & mix session & material that you used. How do you explain this incredible sound & how do you explain that sometimes, with the same conditions, bands can have a poor sound?

We have been playing for some years, and experience from different studios have taught us at least how the sounds NOT shall be, we also work a lot on our sound when we are rehearsing. Some bands makes mistakes when it comes to guitar sound, and the result often becomes a mess. Of course we owe Peter Tägtgren a great thanks, because he immediately knew what sound we were looking for. He knows the music style, has good equipment, and also has great knowledge how to produce this kind of music. The demo was recorded on 24 tracks, all digital, which also helps in getting a clear sound. The tape was finished in only three days, but by means of Peter's efficiency the time was enough for a good demo.

4 The Swedish sceene is famous worldwide. What do you think of it? What is your position in this sceene?

Well, that's quite amzing really, all these great bands making success around the world, when you look at the market for metal in Sweden... It's almost impossible to get played on radio, gigs are very rare, and most of the people listening to metal are musicians themselves. Maybe it's the frustration that makes us good at being aggressive... Hopefully we will be able to squeeze ourselves into it too.

5 Your guitar's sound is loud but also keeps the powerful & clear side of thrash metal. What sort of material do you use?

Jason uses an Ibanez, and Fritte a Washburn as main guitars. The recording was made on a Mesa Rectifier through a Marshall 4x12. When playing live we are using Marshall amps, but the sound is still "Mental".

6 In your demo tape, there's all lyrics in your booklect. What are they talking about?

Mainly about the things in the world that makes us angry, like wars, religion, mass murders, racism and of course our own misery.

7 After, this demo & the tittle for the Black Mark's compilation CD called "Out in the box", you must have good contact with record companies. Which ones? So have you planned a full length album release?

We are signing for Black Mark, and that really is the only serious offer we've had. Of course, we haven't been sending out that many tapes to record companies, but concentrated on magazines and making a reputation first. We have got some offers to be on compilations, but since we got this chance with Black Mark, we focused on that instead. We are very early in the deal with Black Mark so we still don't know when the first album will be out.

8 How do you create songs in Mental Crypt?

Our bass player "Blappan" usually comes up with the general ideas, and then we all work out the details together. Kjell works out the drum parts, and so on.

9 What are your opinion about Black metal, hardcore? Do you think that it's only trend & it 'll return in underground in the next coming years?

That's really hard to say, the hardcore seems to be fading right now and black metal's been really hot. In the long run however, only those who are really good will be able to stay on top. We have some favourites in both categories, but there's also a lot of crap just riding the trend.

10 What about stages? Have you ever play as support act of great bands? Which ones?

To be honest have we not been very active in chasing gigs, mainly because of the lack of clubs that lets the more brutal bands through. Since we haven't made any records (yet) playing supports have been ruled out. When some bigger band comes to sweden, only the established bands gets the chance. But of course we have been playing some gigs, mostly on local festivals and such. Some of the bands we've been playing with are: Godgory, Gehenna (Swedish), Soulquake System and Vomitory. Don't know if you have heard of them, but they are friends of us and have all released records the last year.

11 To convince those you haven't heard about you, what would you say?

Check out our web site, and let the music talk for it self!! Words are weak when it comes to describing music, but those who like thrash in a modern way with death influences will not be disappointed!

We will keep in touch as soon as we know more! Keep cool

Mental Crypt Fritte / Jason / Hugo / Blappan / Kjell

Review : With its last demo, called "Sects of doom", Mental Crypt will surely mark its epoch in the underground sceene. This tape is destined to be a collector one. The band evolves in a power thrash, that is really inspired & original. Created by irreproachable musicians, Mental Crypt succeeds in mixing & in joining together various influences. So, i could resume in describing the band as the meeting of Bay area thrash with the swedish sound. But it'd be not enough, 'cos Mental Crypt is more than these referencees. At first, the sound is perfect (the tape was recorded at the Abyss studio with the frontman of Hypocrisy) & may be better than several CD's!! If you recognize the swedish sound because of its loud guitar sound, it doesn't say that the whole sound is loud. In fact, it's a very clear & powerful one, very aggressive. Then, if Mental Crypt seems to be influenced by Bay area thrash like old Testament or Machine Head, you can also find some elements used by bands like Sepultura, Pantera or even Carcass (Necrotiscm period), Kreator or Coroner. In fact, Mental Crypt's music joins all these referencees & the result is truly original & surely powerful. But melodies are not forgotten, they come with the help of the singer (surely one of the best one in his style) & guitars. For more, the guitars parts have been worked a lot. The 2 guitars players complete themselves excellently, & not only in rythmic, because solis are really impressive. It's a rare quality in thrash band. As a proof of their talent, the band is in talk with one of the well known independant label. So, don't wait to order this tape, it'd be a real mistake!!  

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