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Albums of the month July August 1998: MERCURY RISING

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1 'Building Rome' has just been released. Can you present this album?

1. We can definitely present this album and the live performance gives off a more "raw" sound which gives it a heavier edge.

2 In comparison with 'Upon deaf Ears', there's some changes, can you explain these changes?

2. We have 2 new guitar players in the band and when you add new members their influences will change the sound but I think that it is still Mercury Rising. We wanted to present more textures where each member "accents" or "plays" off the other. I like listening to an album and hearing something different each time.

3 Is there any conceptual story behind your lyrics? & what are your lyrics talking about ?

3. It is basically a positive message in negative times.

4 Is there any tour already scheduled? Can you talk us more about this?

4. We had a small US tour set up but that was recently cancelled. Noise is trying to put us on tour in the fall but we have not received confirmation yet.

5 In USA, it's Dominion records that released the album. In europe it's Noise records. What sort of difference do you make between these 2 market & between these 2 companies & their work?

5. Dominion and Noise have both done alot for Mercury Rising. Considering that we are in the states I really don't think that there is a difference between the 2 labels.

6 I think that with this album, Mercury Rising has definitly find its own way & created its own sound. With the time now, what do yo think about your first album?

6. The first album was a compilation of songs over a 5 year period with the first 2 guitar players. The songs off of Building Rome is "fresh" off the presses and we hope everyone enjoys the outcome!

7 Like Vandenplas ( do you know them? ), your 2d album sounds more technical, songs are more complex & each musician seems to deliver his best on each parts. Can yo explain why? Is it a way to be classified in the progressive movement as your first album were more sounding like a heavy metal one?

7. I have only heard a few songs from them but I LOVE WHAT I HEAR!!!!! We concentrated more on how everyone's parts "accented" each other on Building Rome where I think UDE had more of an individual feel. Eachband member had their moments to shine. We have always been gearing ourselves towards prog metal and I think that the next album will be heavier but with the prog feel!

8 Do you hear the new Judas Priest & Iron Maiden? What do you think of these albums & what do you think of their new singer?

8. I have both CDs' and I think that they ROCK!!! I will be seeing Iron Maiden at the end of the month. I love both of the new singers but I have to admit it took some time to get used to Iron Maiden's new singer. After a few listens I was impressed.

9What are your best 5 heavy metal albums ?

9. Boy is this hard to decide!!!!!!!!!!! My personal favorites are: Dream Theatre - Images and Words; Fates Warning - Inside Out (what emotion!), Judas Priest - Screaming for Vengeance, Yngwie Malmsteen - Marching Out, and any Ozzy album!

10 How many times did it take to record 'Building Rome'? & DO you meet some problems during the recording?

10. Building Rome was done in about 3 weeks. We had a really tight schedule but thankfully we pulled it off.

11 Say what you want!

11. We hope everyone enjoys Building Rome and Upon Deaf Ears!! We went through 9 guitar players between albums to find the right members...alot of blood, sweat and tears. Now the lineup is together and the next album will be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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