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Metal Age productions is a record company but also one of the most important distribution company of Slovakia. They also have their own magazine that released some sampler CD's (Grimoire of the exalted Deeds). For now, they essentially signed Slovakian bands. 

To participate in the sampler, all bands can reserved 5 minutes for only 100 $. But payment can also consist in Cd's payment


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- Grimoire of the Exalted deeds


Style : melodic black metal - Album : Voices of the obscure world

The beginning of Mystic Death is on 1996 when Masacroot a death thrash band decided to change its music ; Influenced by Abigor or Dimmu borgir, Mystic Death trys to approach this style. They released their first album « voices of the obscure world » & then, Metal Age productions signed them & released the album. Mystic Death evolves in a quite classical black metal style but the difference is the use of melodies essentially brought by guitars parts. Some keyborads parts also brings some dark surroundings. With a death/thrash past, Mystic Death has built solid basis that allowed them to not falling into « noise » music. Thatís certainly why some riffs are so well made. More, the beginning of « Kingdom of the Immortal » remains more a brutal death metal band than a black one for example. & then, the songs burst in an ultra fast parts where guitar melodies dominates the whole. By now, itís obvious that Mystic Death is the most promising black metal band from Slovakia & with the help of Metal Age, itís sure that weíll soon hear more & more from them


Style : melodic death metal - Album : The ultimate passion

Wayd has been created in 1994 by the fusion of 2 bands, Dysentery & Marion. As their previous bands were conventional ones, Waydís goal was to burst out boundaries from the metal they play. In 1995, they released a demo tape « Shape of your mind » & in 1997 itís time for them to record their debut album. They added to their music som ekeyboards pars & female vocals. Since the released of this album, Wayd has made som elitle line up changes with the add of a singer ( it was bass guitarist & guitarplayer that were singing before) & of a saxophone player ! What a very interesting band that this Wayd. If youíve listened a lot to bands like Cynic, Atheist & all this particular technical death metal scene, Wayd can interest you. Facing the previous bands, Wayd is not a demonstrating band. Itís better a kind of fusion death metal.Thereís unusual break parts like the excellent blues /jazz break parts or the slap bass solo into « New light ». With Wayd, you can never predict what will happen in one song. If the basis are real melodic death metal, all songs are enriched with various elements coming from all musical scene you can imagine ( except techno) With a real efficience & a technical level that is better from the average, Wayd gives to metal a new dimension . The slovakian scene continues to raise !


Style : atmospheric metal - Album : sitting by the fire

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Hereís a young slovakian bands created in 1996. The band were at first named Bestialit & played brutal grind death metal before getting the name of Lunatic Gods. They relesed as Bestialit a split C with Dehydrated for Metal age productions in 1994. More than 1200 copies were sold ! The line up changes leads the band to change their name Ďcos the sytle of music changes too ! Then , Polyphemus records signed them in 1996 & Lunatic Gods released « Inhuman & insensible ». It was the first time a slovakian band were releasing an album on foreigh countries. More than 3000 copies were sold. Their label proposed them a 2 album sdeals but th eband refused & singed with Metal Age produtions for their 2d album. With more than 5000 copies of theier music sold in the past, Lunatic Gods proved that in the underground , it was a band to follow. Now, the band is so far away form the Death grind metal they used to play in Bestialit. However, itís not easy to describe thier new style. Itís a kind of melodic atmospheric but aggressive metal. Itís maybe the strangest band in slovakia & one of the most innovative one with Wayd. Lunatic Gods cannot be compared to any bands as they created their own style & music. Using some choir, some keyboards as well as loud guitars, their music goes in various direction close to numerous metal style. Sometimes really melodic (« Smile »), sometiems really aggressive (« sitting in the fire »), the different musical approach of Lunatic bands sets it as an unclassifiable band filled with atonishing qualities.


Style : VARIOUS - Album : Sampler VOL2

This sampler is issued by Metal Age productions. Thereís now 2 issues of this sampler & the 3 & 4th ones are already scheduled. Each 5 minutes costs 100 $ & payment is possible by Cdís. The 2d volume started with the excellent Without Grief , but thereís also bands like Fifth Reason ( Heathendoom music, one of the most impressive power metal bands from north of Europe !), Sarepta & their excellent power thrash, Lunatic Gods & some bands coming from various company such as Leviathan records, DSFA, Serious entertainement, ....


Label : Avantgarde music & Wounded love reocrds - Style : Various - Sampler

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This compilation is really more destined to black metal fans than for other ones. The main bands are coming from the 2 companies Avant Garde music & Wounded Love records except for a few bands. Some are unreleased yet, some are coming from their past albums. It starts with a good Katatonia tracks, a kind of melodic doom very captivating. Then, follow bands like Keep of Kalessin, Raventhrone, Godkiller, Taake, October tide (featuring Katatonia Ďs members) with an excellent doom death song. , Ancient Wisdom with an incredible & well done cover of Iron Maidenís Powerslave issued in the tribute to maiden released by Dwell records. This cover is « singed with a black metal voice but itís really interesting to hear. Then, follow Dolorian, Unholy, as Divine Grace, Algaion, Solefald & Carpathian Forest. With a good booklet which ocntains tons of infos, this sampler is a good way to discover the black metal scene & 2 working companies. This sampler is also available through Metal Age productions

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