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1 Mickael, when we hear a cd like "defense mechanisms", we feel as if you was influenced by jazz rock bands. Is it really something that influence you?

Absolutely. I used to listen to a lot of jazz - rock fusion : coliseum ii, Mahavishnu, al dimeola, jeff beck, etc.

2 For now, what do you think of your young carreer?

I'm happy with what i've accomplished, but there's so much more i want to Say musically. I will continue to compose music and release many more Albums. It would be nice to tour europe as well!!

3 What do you think of guitar player like malmsteen, vai or satriani & do you find that they bring something new in instrumental music?

They're all great players. More power to all of them for keeping guitar Oriented music alive!! Yngwie was just amazing when he first came out and Still puts out quality albums, but unfortunately he hasn't progressed much Since his early days. I feel satch's early stuff was his best as well. He Really has identity in his tone and feel. Vai is a great player and Performer, but i never enjoyed his music much. His melodies aren't strong Enough.

4Your friend ( & neighboor) david t chastain, told us that his favorite band would have this line up : Scott Travis on drums, Steve Harris (on > bass), Kevin Moore on keyboards, Jean Luc Ponty at violin, & Corey Brown as singer. What do you think about this supposed band? What would be your choice?

It sounds good to me! I would have Rob Halford or the guy from Masqueradesinging though.

5What are your favorite guitar player & why? What are those that you don't like & why?

Michael Schenker & Uli Roth are my all time favorites because they play with great tone and technique, lots of feeling, and are unique, and great composers as well. I judge guitarists by their compositional skills as well As lead playing, etc. Steve Morse is a brilliant composer!!! I can't stand most of the modern guitarists on american radio today, as they sound like they've been playing for 2 weeks!!

6 How many time did you practise guitar?

Idon't practice a whole lot of technique any more -I mainly compose music on keyboards and guitar. It's what i hear in my mind that counts, and the instrument is actually sometimes a hindrance.

7 What would be your advice for a young guitar player that would like to begin a carreer?

Focus on a clear direction, be persistent, and don't follow trends!!

8 What are your main influences?

The guitarists mentioned above, as well as Kerry Livgren, Frank Marino, Neal Schon, Akira Takasaki, and a few others i've probably left out. Sorry Guys. My favorite bands of all time are Rush and Kansas.

9 For you, what is really a "guitar hero"? What does it mean for you? Is it the talentuous one, the most original one, the faster of the world?

Originality and again compositional skills are of much more importance than dexterity.

10 What are your next projects?

I've finished another instrumental album, am working on an acoustic album, and music for two of my other bands, Arch Rival and Surgeon.

11 You tour in 1991 with David T. Chastain . Tell us about this tour & what does it bring to you?

I called it the "tendonitis tour", as it was a real shredfest, and a great experience playing with David Chastain and David Harbour on bass as well. We Really pushed each other's limits every night.

12 Do you think that in the future you'll make an album with a singer? Why don't you have done it yet?

I have released 3 arch rival albums and 1 surgeon album all with vocals.

13 How many time did it take to record your albums? Do you think that an instrumental cd take less time to be recorded & that a singer would probably slow you in the recording session?

Yes - vocals can be very hard and time consuming to record and mix

14 Guitarist often says that they can brings as emotion than a singer with their instrument. Do you agree with that? How do you explain the feeling that you made with your guitar to someone that don't really know or appreciate instrumental music?

Guitar is a very expressive instrument as we can bend strings which can't be done on most instruments , but i'd probably have to admit that the human voice can be the most emotional and expressive instrument ever, if it's used properly (and the most revolting if it's not!!!)

15It's very hard to present & give a name to your music. Is it really metal music? How do you define your music?

It depends on which project, but my instrumental music does consistently retain a metal feel throughout its diversity of jazz, funk, classical, and progressive influences.

16 may be a last word?

Thanks for listening!!!!

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