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It's not simple for Machine to have to describe its band, as it's always a way more or well hidden to categorize it. Create in 1993, the band completed its line up to propose a blend of heavy guitar riffs of contemporary alternative metal with the simplicity of the early's80's hardcore sound. 1996 has seen the release of "White Knuckled Embryo", the debut Cd of the band.

I was quite surprised listening to this album : it's definitly the kind of Cd that suits when you want to have fun . It's powerful, terribly powerful, quite simple, very well played & definitly attractive. As they said, their music is quite simple ( even if on some tracks, you need a good level to play songs) but they enriched it with amazing heavy riffs. It's typically the kind of riffs that made the success of bands like Exodus, Death Angel, Testament, Anthrax or Megadeth...The hardcore touch comes from the sing & the style of sound, especially the drums & the snare drums. On some songs, like "Seven" "Blood red" or "Scared straight", Machine evolves in a direction that is near from power thrash metal bands . riffs are amazing of powerful & energy. 

I highly recommend this Cd to the fans of U.S. thrash metal & to those who find that Machine Head, Biohazard & Korn are the best band that appeared in the 90's. They will find with Machine a surprising band, with the potential to compete these ones.


This album was released in 1995 by Defiled records. But you can still get it through Titan Records distributor. After, a debut that let think that Maleficarum is a doom band-black metal band mixing death metal voices & female ones, the following is quite different. Maleficarum plays truly deth metal at its best. It has been a long time that i hadn't heard a so good album in that style. Maleficarum is inspired by the old death metal school. So, it's very speed, loud & brutal. This band comes from Italy & guitarist was also playing in the band Excidium that releases a 7"ep for Adipocere records. Even, if it's death metal at its brutal aspect, the band takes care to bring in each songs some elements that made variety , like a clean guitar break in "Season of black". There is also a lots of break in rythm, alternating loud tempos with speed ones. They don't forget to include solis in songs. They're often made on slow tempos. The drummer is excellent & has got an impressive plays with his double bass. Maleficarum shows that death metal is also a music that is enriched by technical qualities. That's why they don't hesitate to slower tempos & makes some "experimentations" like in "Time I am". They prove that musicality & brutality can be mixed together.

It's quite hard to give names of bands that influenced Maleficarum. May be old Death, Morbid Angel & stuff like that. But it's sure that this band is more than a copy . They find their own style & sound.


Label : Lion Music records - Style Heavy metal- album : Obsession

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This guitar player comes from Finland. He described himself as a « classically influenced guitar dominated metal ». Lars Eric Mattson is no more a beginner in the metal sceene. He played from 83 to 85 in Joe Cool band & in 86-87 in Eternity which released one single. but, due to line up problem, he creates his solo project. Discovered in 85 by Mike Varney, he is proposed to play with an ex David Bowie on drums. As itís too commercial for him he refused. So he released a self produced EP « canít go on without you ». 6 months later, Black Dragon records sign him!!Then, he released in 89 « Eternity » & « no surrender ». At this time, Lars Eric Mattson is more a band than a solo project because itís not instrumental albums. In 91 « Electric voodoo » is released. This is an instrumental album that Lars realized lonely. In 1992, Lars formed the band Vision & recorded the album ĎLars Eric Mattsoní visioní released by Roadrunenr for Europe. Then, this band splitted up & Lars played with a cover band , playing some blues o Hendrix songs. In 1995, he met a singer & formed Astral Groove, which was blued based, but this project didnít end into an album. So, in 1996, Lars give to Vision another chance & released ĎTill the end of timeí. As Vision makes a break, Lars which is never out of ideas, recorded a new solo album, called Obsession & that has just been released ! To conclude Lars Eric Mattson is not one of those guitarist who always play as fast as possible & where music is only a pretext to make solo. He takes care of the structure of the songs & of its coherence.

Lars Eric Matsson is back finally with an album. And this ' Obsession' proves to be an album of very first choice! Never before, Lars had appeared also inspired. Moreover, it was surrounded musicians of great talent to accompany it, and especially of an exceptional singer who would easily find his place within Rainbow (' long way home'), of Malmsteen or another symphonic group of metal! But it does not neglect for all , other grounds as on the very melody ' Time & again' which is one of the best titles of this album and which sounds as the Talisman group. Immediately, the quality of the production shows the group with its advantage. With the powerful time but having known to keep this smoothness which sied with this guitarist of talent, ' Obsession' is captivating from the beginning to the end. ' Caught in the web', the first piece takes to you & then it never slacks its pressure. The 12 pieces of this album are connected to perfection. Well on, one will find references traditional to this music. But the technical luggage of Lars is with the height of his claims. The melodies are right and do not sink in the insipidness (cf. ' Just a leo'). That it is in distortion or its light, Lars always astonishes by the accuracy by his play. His play highlights his music & he knows to let his place to the profit of his music. This album is to be classified between the last Rainbow and Malmsteen in your discography. Then to conclude, throw an ear on this album, it will surprise you, it is sure! It is one of the traditional futures in the kind!

MEATWAGON: Created in January 1994 Meatwagon 's aim was to write, record and perform heavy music. Their first selftittled demo was appreciated a lot by many listeners. Then, one member of the band joined Jeff waters (From Annihilator) . this allows to progress a lot & have more media exposition. Then, another Meatwagon members joined again Annihilator on tour. Links between these two members became more & more closely. So, after 3 months of works, Meatwagon recorded its first album "Left with nothing" in their personnal studio. 


A good polish band even if the music is less original than Psychotron. "The very first heavy release" is their last demo.

MEMORY GARDEN : This band comes from Sweden & will not stay longer in the underground sceene ! !As a proff of their talent, bands like Mercyful Fate, Solitude Aeternus, Morgana Lefay wanted them as support act for their european tour. Unfortunately, Memory Garden cannot accept. Thatís really a pity for them. But they now prepare with their new guitarist some shows for Sweden & some european countries like Germany. They also have good reviews in lots of important mags like rock Hard in Germany for example. The Memory Gardenís debut are now sold out. Ití was 2 EPís (a 7íí called « blessed are the dead » & an special Xmas Ep ). But now, Heathendoom music ( See labels page & Darklands) has signed the band. Their discography is a mCD called « Forever » issued in 1995 & a full length album called « Tides » in 1996. For now, the band prepares shows & the recording of a new mCD with some « Tides » tracks & re recording of some tracks coming from their 7ííEP. Unfortunately, thereís no new album before early 1998. But if you relly want to hear something fantastic, buy « Tides » itís really one of the best album of 1996....

« Forever », the debut mCD for Heathedomm is really a surprise. The band sounds like an early album of Candlemass. Itís a doom metal with great works from guitarists in the harmonies. The singer is excellent in his lyrical style& really near from Messiah Marcolin. But Memory Garden is not a copy of Candlemass, the band trys to bring other influences. Then, itís better to say that the band continues what Candlemass has began. The tittle track « Warlord » shows all the possibilities of Memory Garden. This 4 track CD is really well done & is a good departure for the band. For a first production, Heathendoom music sign an impressive & promising band ! !

With « Tides », the first album, a new step is made for the band. Once more, the production of this album is phenomenal. Itís even a more original sound. Memory Garden seems to find their own style & the new evolution for its music. If thereís always some Canlemassís influences, it turns more personal. Iíll say that itís now more a slow heavy metal than doom metal. The band is at the cross of Candlemass, Veni Domine & Memento Mori. Even if songs are slow, itís never a boring music because the musicians make a fantastic arragements work. So, thereís lot of details & technical parts in songs, like the drums on « Dreams Horizons » for example. Once more therís good arrangemlents on this album , on the left side, the right side, ...The mix is very good. Thereís two guitars in the band who plays different things in the same time. It shows the work of the band. All the structure of songs are more worked Then, thereís in a same track a clean guitar parts, a bass solo parts, ... like in the song « Ryme of the elder ». Memory Gardenís music is really majestic. The singer is still excellent & put more emphasis on songs. To end the album, thereís a piano ballad who confirms the talentuous musicians & composers that they are. « Tides » is a very recommendable album for metal fans.

MENTAL CRYPT : Here's a Metal band formed in Sweden early -93 by three guys. They started out working on lots of material, & so was released a first demo tape "Black Hole" in 1994. Late -94 the band was reinforced with new vocalist and the 2d demo, "Aimless" was released in the spring -95. Then, after few gigs & the will to take things more serious than before, Mental Crypt get in studio "Abyss" run by Peter Tägtgren, also known as frontman in Hypocrisy. This resulted in the last demo "Sects of doom" issued in 96. This demo received good response from everywhere. So, Black Mark, the famous label, allows them to record one song for the compilation CD. Check out their web site at !!

Review : With its last demo, called "Sects of doom", Mental Crypt will surely mark its epoch in the underground sceene. This tape is destined to be a collector one. The band evolves in a power thrash, that is really inspired & original. Created by irreproachable musicians, Mental Crypt succeeds in mixing & in joining together various influences. So, i could resume in describing the band as the meeting of Bay area thrash with the swedish sound. But it'd be not enough, 'cos Mental Crypt is more than these referencees. At first, the sound is perfect (the tape was recorded at the Abyss studio with the frontman of Hypocrisy) & may be better than several CD's!! If you recognize the swedish sound because of its loud guitar sound, it doesn't say that the whole sound is loud. In fact, it's a very clear & powerful one, very aggressive. Then, if Mental Crypt seems to be influenced by Bay area thrash like old Testament or Machine Head, you can also find some elements used by bands like Sepultura, Pantera or even Carcass (Necrotiscm period), Kreator or Coroner. In fact, Mental Crypt's music joins all these referencees & the result is truly original & surely powerful. But melodies are not forgotten, they come with the help of the singer (surely one of the best one in his style) & guitars. For more, the guitars parts have been worked a lot. The 2 guitars players complete themselves excellently, & not only in rythmic, because solis are really impressive. It's a rare quality in thrash band. As a proof of their talent, the band is in talk with one of the well known independant label. So, don't wait to order this tape, it'd be a real mistake!!  


label : The end records - Style Atmospheric dark doom metal- Album :Black Art

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Created in 1993, the band released its first demo in 94 « funeral service », followed the same year by « Mirrorland ». This last recording was released by a record company called Metal gen records at 5000 copies . Then, the band recorded « Vale » , released in 96 by The end records. This album was sold out in Moskow in less than 3 months & hit the russian metal chart as #1 ! In 1997, the band entered the studio again to record a new album called « Black Art » , released in 1998. Be careful, this album is also available in digipack with a clip of one track « Pagan Fredom ».

In 53 minutes, Mental Home achieves to convince us that theyíre simply one of the best russian bands in activity. The end records is an US company that proved in th epast that they were signing original bands & Mental Home is maybe the symbol of this company. « Black Art » shows exceptionnal melodies that bring various emotions where guitars are expression of sensitiveness. « The plague Omen » is certainly of the most captivating song of this albumm. It contains some riffs & melodies that stay in mind for a long time. Including a keyboard player, this 4 piece band proves during this album how much talented they are & ho wmuch inspired they were during the process of creation of these songs. With a very good production & sound, Mental Home overcome a lot of atmospheric dark death band that have forgotten they were also a metal band. Mental Home has not make this mistake. Guitars take a high place & it brings a huge emphasis on songs, emphasis that is helped by very good keyboards parts & a complementary rythmn section. « vale » showed us an interesting band to follow, « Black Art » is a proof of their incredible talent & the sure way to assert themselves in this so particular atmospheric metal scene.


History : Mephistopheles come from Germany. This band is also the new sign of Adipocere Records , the famous & underground french label. So, it's sure that Mephistopheles is a quite different band than the other german ones. Mephistopheles evolves in the black metal sceene. The band was created in 1994. Thier first name was Odin. After rehearsal & several recording never released, the band decided to get more stage experience with the help of a rythm machine as drummer. But they soon complete the line up. Then, they recorded in ten days "Landscape Symphonies" at the Hell's gate studio . After, they hear from them, Adipocere sign them & finally thy released the album in the summer of 1997.

Review : After a short intro, Mephistopheles starts with a fast song where immediatly come out the melodies of guitars. It's sure that as they said in their bio, they own a good technical level, over the average like in "The overture of the night". However, the band has made an incredible work concerning the composition & structure of songs. It sounds definitly original & innovative. On some songs like "Cosmos" a female singer compete with the black metal voice. It enrichs songs a lot. The blend of voices are really well done & originally made. If the label of symphonic black metal is often used nowadays, Mephistopheles is more a porgressive black metal act, because the band knows how to blend aggressive parts with subtile ones. & it never look likes a collection of riffs. There's plenty of melodies that enter memory easily. They come from guitars parts but also from vocals line like on "Cosmos" or "My throne of wisdom". More over, the 2 guitarist complete themselves at their best & sometimes they can remain through their harmonies what we use to hear from heavy metal bands ("Darkclouds"). They also uses all the possibilities offered by their guitars : clean parts blended with distorted guitars,...Mephistopheles is definitly a band created by real musicians : hear the instrumental "Destiny calls", a song close to what a band like Paradise Lost could write. For a first album, it's a really good one. The band find their own style, blend of surroundings & progressive parts . At the end of this album, "Infinite dreams" also shows that Mephistopheles will also progress & they show all the influences that are not come only from black metal . So, it's a band to follow.....


Label : Dominion records - style : Heavy metal

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Mercury Rising is a five piece band based on Baltimore (USA). The band was created in 1991. The main difficulty was to strenghthen the line up (line up was completed on ly in 1992). The band 's philosophy is no boundaries, no limits, no excuses. they give them the means to became a professional & major band for the coming years. Mercury Rising has released yet a demo & one track on an international comilation CD. Mercury Rising describes itself as a unique blend of power, new age & progressive influences. They craft an intense form of artistic metal filled with melodic integrity. "Upon deaf ears" is their first album released through Dominion records in 1994 .  As a proof of their incredible talent, Noise distributes in Europe this first album later.

Upon deaf ears - Building Rome -

"Upon deaf ears" : After a short intro, that can let think that Mercury Rising is another prog metal band coming frooom USA, the following tracks proves that Mercury Rising is more an heavy-speed metal band, influenced by the major european bands such as Judas Priest, Helloween, Gamma Ray, ...Of course, their metal is enriched by more technical parts, as in the main prog metal bands, but the main album is easier to be listened to. It's sure that a good heavy speed metal album also demands a serious technical level & Mercury Rising has got it.

Mercury rising sounds like the best metal bands & for a first album , the band reveals an amazing potential & qualities that only belong to experimented & brilliant musicians. Such a degree of maturity & quality for a young band in impresive. The cohesion between musicians is excellent. They all play at a rare level of competence. The 5 guys all work in the same direction. Of course (but in the 80's it was rarely the case), the singer is excellent. In this style of metal, it's one of the most important thing for a band ( & it surely explain the lack of interest for the 80's metal bands). He's got a powerful & clear voice that can sometimes remains a blend of Lizzy borden & Queensryche.

Songs evolve in a multi dimensional way. They're all different from each other & there's no failure on them. All arrangements are subtle & always bring something more to songs. Guitarists are excellent & have nothing to learn from the best ones in this style. They complement each other & sound very powerful ( i.e. "light to grow") This time again, production is excellent (i'd say like always with Dominion records' releases), powerful & clear at the same time, very dynamic & original. Facing such qualities, it's very hard to describe bands & music. I really think that the best way to appreciate it is to get it as soon as possible.

To resume, Mercury rising has got an incredible personality for such a young band. they have got indeniable qualities & originality. It's evidence to say that this band is able to compete with the best metal bands worldwide. they also can bring together again fans of heavy metal & prog metal. With "Upon deaf ears", Mercury rising proposes a very refreshing & inventive album & renews heavy metal. The band is now working on their second album, still with Dominion records & still distributed in Europe by Noise records.

album : Building Rome

Mercury Rising is a five piece band based on Baltimore (USA). The band was created in 1991. The main difficulty was to strenghthen the line up (line up was completed on ly in 1992). The band 's philosophy is no boundaries, no limits, no excuses. they give them the means to became a professional & major band for the coming years. Mercury Rising has released yet a demo & one track on an international compilation CD. Mercury Rising describes itself as a unique blend of power, new age & progressive influences. They craft an intense form of artistic metal filled with melodic integrity. "Upon deaf ears" is their first album released through Dominion records in 1994 . As a proof of their incredible talent, Noise distributes in Europe this first album later.

Now the band is back with a second production ; 'Building Rome', still released in Europe thoriugh Noise prods & in USA by Dominion records. This time, in comparison with their first & excellent album, Mercury Rising has really evolved. Its metal was more classical in 94 that it is now. They really worked a lot to renew their style & find its own personality. This ends with certainly one of the best heavy metal - prog influenced album of the 1998 year. All of those who discovered the band through their first album were convinced Mercury rising was incredible but it's really the less to say when you hear 'Building Rome'. The musical complexity linked to the richness of their inspiration proves that Mercury Rising is now the deserving successor of Queensryche & the subtleties of songs is the perfect counterpoint to the powerful riffs created by the 2 skilled guitarists Mike Evans & Judd Rizzo. It's really impossible to put in the high lights one or another track of this album. The vocals work is really brilliant. Even if the 'Lizzy borden' similarity can still be found, Clarence Osborne has worked a lot to enrich its abilities. He features now as one of the best & most original singer of the USA.  The only word to add about this new album of Mercury Rising is that it's absolutly indispensable for all heavy metal fans . & prog metal fans will find all they want to hear too. 


Self production - Style : death metal - Demo : Merde

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What a strange name for a band. I donít know if this word has a meaning in english but in frnace , heís got one that i let you search for ! Merde come from USA & plays a kind of death metal with amodern approach & a high level of technicity. At first, itís the sound that impresses a lot. It remains the good death metal band of the 90ís with this so particular drums sound , especially for the double bass parts. Then, Merde shows that theyíre not poor musicians. Itís maybe one of the most complexive Death metal ever created. I think it equals largerly some bands like Morbid Angel . Merde blends as well brutaliyt, aggressivity with a technical search for its msuic. So, itís really not easy to hear this music & it demandsa good concentration. Some guitar parts are realy amazing, itís a fantastic work made by guitars. & itís really completed with the excellent rythm section which shows a good cohesion. Some parts can remain the band Death by the melodies found. Merde is definitly an impressiv eband & I now strongly await their debut album, Ďcos they wonít be unsigned for a while. This is an indispensable demo for Death metal freaks.


Self production - Style : black metal - Album : Mandal - Gate of the calling

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Messe Noir is certainly well known due to their participation in the legendary « World Domination » issued by Osmose productions, especially the issue 3 for Messe Noir. The band also appears in other compilations Cd like Mike Huntís one & The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds/ « Mandal - The gate of the calling » is theri first album « professionally done » as the band like to say. Often described as War metal, itís sure that Messe Noir never takes care about subtleties & melodies. Itís pure & violent black metal in a old school vein. Like a return to the roots of Black metal with bands like Darkthrone & some other ones. But behind this intense brutality , Messe Noir is individually composed of correct musicians & it can be heard in this album. Playing very brutal music & playing well is something that are not often together in extreme black emtal bands . But itís something that Messe Noir do. With a very dark layout where a Pentagra inside remains us Venom, the Gods of Balck metal , Messe Noir is going with this album to seduce a lot of pure violent & evil black metal fans


Millenia began in 1993. "Homegrown" is their first demo tape. After this first step, the band decided to re organize itself : the line up has changed since 1996. The band is often described as a hybrid of Death, Hardcore, Progressive, and Gothic metal with "old school metal" influences. Then, they made a new tape just called "96" & continue to gigs as often as possible. Then, after a break, they worked on a first CD album. 


this band came from south california in the USA. After, line up is completed, Mother mercy begins to play as often as possible. This allows them to strenghten their technical possibilities. Then, they win a musical competition which brings them to record their debut CD called "love at first bite", following a demotape called "bad boyz in black". After listening to samples, i think Mother mercy sounds like a cross between heavy metal & heavy rock. They're near from bands like Motley crue, Ratt but with a heavier touch. May be more in a few weeks...

MONNTANNO MONDO II : This band has already made an album . The second one is out last year & is called "Moods & Madness". Ed Montano plays heavy metal. Even if the band is unsigned, they managed to tour in Europe ( & then in France) & in Asia through their own funding & their own records promotion. Have a look to their home page . Moods & Madness is a very strange album. As it was recorded from 92 to95, there's some differences beween songs & sounds. Monn Tanno describes itself as a turbo metal jazz band. In fact, it's evidence that this band has different influences, such as jazz orsomething groovy. so you' re always surprised by breaks. "Moods & madness" can be disconcerting at first but as soon as you listen to it another times, this music feels very attractive, it's a spellbound metal. Singer (Edmond Montano who is also the drummer) remains me Bon Scott by moments, playing metal as Motorhead (without the sound). Monntanno MondoII is definitly an unclassifiable band. So to make your own judgement it's better to buy the last album & discover this original world of Edmond Montano. (See the interview)


Selfproduction - Style : thrash core - Mini Album : In a hole

E mail : - http ://

Created in 1994, Mothercare issued very quickly its first demo « FTW ». 2 years later they released « Mass Hypnosis », their 2d demo & appeared in several compilations. In 1997, the band released a selfproduced miniCd « In a hole » in the way to get more recognition & to find a del with a record company. The band is influenced by Pantera, Sepultura, Machine Head, Fear Factory , Korn or RATM. Their music is quite easy to describe as Mothercare really trys to looklike their influences. But on some parts, the band really makes something new by the add of influences coming from RATM, Korn & Pantera. Thatís why some parts are really classical thrash parts but suddenly, it sounds more modern & a break part can then relaunch the song. If a record comany gives them its confiance & means to get a good production, Mothercare can maybe create a surprise in the thrash core scene.


Here's a new band signed on Velvet Music international. Mundanus imperium with thier first mCD "Ode to Nightssky", assert itself right away as one of the most promising black metal band. At first, in comparison with several black metal bands, Mundanus Imperium has got a very good sound. More over, the band has got a good technical level, particularly the drummer. He is an excellent drummer (very fine play on cymbals & great syncopated play) & it's really rare in black metal. It's probably due to songs, 'cos it's mid tempos ' one & it allows him to bring lot of various elements in his play. He brings another dimension to music. He's got a play that enriches songs a lot. There's also omnipresent keyboards parts that bring the whole melodies in music like for The Eye , another black metal band on VMI. The 3d song & last one of the CD sounds quite different & shows that Mundanus Imperium has got various influences.  It sounds more gothic, more melancholic. But 3 tracks are really short to feel all that the band wants to express. This mCD is defintly a good surprise & a full length album is expected. 


Influenced by Led Zeppelin and Alice in Chains, the band has creatd its own sound by incorporating Bluesy Vocals. They' ve two singles out. The first ine "In therapy" allowed them to support bands like status quo, Glenn hugues, styketto. "Gone Tomorrow" is the second single of this formation. Lead-vocalist Robert Soeterboek is one of Holland's most wanted singers for Studio-projects such as Arjen "Anthony" Lucassen's Aeryon, an fantastic concept (or opera) album called "final Experiment (tittle 4 & 15) which sold over 10.000 copies in The Netherlands and Japan( & in France). But the others musicians are not really unknown : Bassplayer Toine van der Linden played before with Robbie Valentine, Picture, Wild Ride a.o. Drummer Juan-Pablo Muñoz also plays regularly with piano virtuoso Jan Vayne and other celebrities. Guitar player Rick Bouwman has been playing in several Dutch metal acts like Martyr and Syrenade while Ronno Kawhawha can be considered as one of Hollands latest guitar "heroes".


Label : Full moon productions- style : Black metal- Album: In the stream of Inferno

This album has been originally released in 1996. So, it'd be amistake to believe that Mysticum is trying to take advantage of the increase of Black metal scene. More, the band proposes a quite good music facing the main production in this style. Mysticum develops various surroundings within their songs. Main tempos are quite speed but the band is also able to break the rythm to play a slower part ('winter mass' & its oppressive rythm). This gives a more darken color to songs. Mysticum music feels very unhealthy & it's strongly enriched by their arrangements ( 'Let the kingdom come'). Some parts are quite anguish ( 'where the raven flies') . The production is up to the average & this is relly a good point because a lot of productions in black metal scene are often poorly produced & it always ruins the quality of songs & music. 2 years later, this album still sounds well & never gives the feeling of being overcome. Some keys enriched msuci on some parts. So, 'In the stream of Inferno' contains all elements coming from Black metal & that has allowed this huge success. 


label : Axe Killer records - Style Heavy metal - Album : Stormchild

Mad Max is a german band that appears in the 80's. After a first album where the band built its basis, they changed their line up : a new singer, more imaginative & with a better charisma enters the band. Then, they released 'Stormchild' in 1985. This album is now re issued by Axe Killer & it's probably the best way to discover this band that has never met the success they should have had. REcorded by Kalle Trapp & Karo studio,the sound was really good. The band evolves between loud & fast heavy metal ( 'stormchild' for example ) & more melodic songs. There's only one ballad ( Voices in teh noght) , so the main songs remains powerful. With a powerful & brilliant singer, Mad Max plays good songs in a really melodic vein. Those who like bands like Snailbooster ( now Syrens Call), Dokken or Sortilege ( their last album ) wiil surely be convinced by Mad Max. The whole songs are perfectly played & composed with alternance of 'aggressive' songs (Run for the night), melodic one ( Lonely is the hunter) that make a really diversified album. The main quality found in german bands can also be found in Mad Max. It's relly surprising to see that Mad Max has not bursted out in th emetal scene in the 80's. Maybe it's due to the fact that hte whole german bands were playing speed or thrash metal. With the increase of the melodic & prog metal scene, Mad Max can be a good album to hear despite it's a 13 years old album.


Label : Osmose productions - style : Black metal - album : Nightwing

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1990 signs the creation of anti christianist band Marduk. The aim is to propose the most blaphemous & unholy music ever created! After a demo tape called 'Fuck me Jesus', No fashion records wanted to sign them & to release a 7" EP. The band prefered to wait & to release a full length album in 92 : 'Dark endless'.  The next year, Marduk signs with osmose for a 2d album called 'Those of the unlight'. then, they toured with Immortal & create their first masterpiece called 'Opus nocturne'. The success of this album & of th etour they made with Enslaved make them re issued 'fuck me Jesus' in a Cd format. The band gained more & more audience & is now described as a cult black metal band. 1996 will see the release of their well reputed album 'Heaven shall burn ...when we are gathered'. the result is probably one of the best one received by a lack meatl band. The success of this album leads them to schedule th erelease of a live album 'Live in Germania', that proves that Marduk is not studio band but also a killer live act! then, th eband works a lot to offer a good following to 'Heaven shall burn...'

'Nightwing' is so released in 1998. this album is divided in 2 parts. It's maybe the most accomplished work they made for an album. It's their most ambitious album too! The first chapter shows a classical face of Marduk. It's kinda symphonic brutal black metal. they succeed in developping more & more aggressivity in their music. It's really extreme! Only guitars parts bring a few melodies. The 2d chapter shows a more innovative face of Marduk. There's some slower songs. It sounds heavier too! it sometimes makes me think about Venom hymns like 'In league with Satan'. This kind of songs strengthens a darkest side in Marduk's universe. If Markuk proved with their first albums that they were skilled & performant musicians, they now assert their muscial ability & show they 're fine composers too! Nightwing was really the ultimate black metal album that the band must release. It's a new step for them that will bring them to tehe posterity!


Label : Metal Blade - style : Heavy metal - CD : dead again

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Mercyful Fate is no more an underground band of course. But it's certainly one of those that is the more often described as the bioggest influence for several young band evolving in really different styles : from power metal to black metal. 'Dead Again' is the new album of Mercyful Fate. One more album? Not really ! Look at the cover. It'll certainly remember the most important album released by Mercyful Fate during its first period : 'Don't break the oath'. This wink is not innoncent. This is the best way the band prove that the true & inspired Mercyful Fate, the one we knows in the 80's , is back! Since 'in the shadows' the band has never been so convincing. It's like a rebirth! They all reach with this album a level of inspiration that make them feature among th etop metla bands still in activity. More, King diamond totally masters his voice now & we even discover some new tones. The coming of Mike Wead ( ex Hexenhaus, producer of Fifth Reason, ...) has certainly brought a lot in the msuci of the band. Hank Shermann finds incredible riffs. His side project Gutrix showed another face of the guitarist. It was like a 'back to the roots' of metal . it has perhaps helped Hank to find new ideas & to go on a higher step of creation. The The tittle track, with its 13'40 minutes long is simply the best resume to what Mercyful Fate is able now. So, it's definitly the best album of Mercyful Fate released through Metal Blade. See them now on tour! Mercyful Fate is now really back!


Label : Alkaid records - Style : Black metal - Album : Beyond Somber passages

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Mystical Fullmoon is a new black metal band . Their album is released through a new record company from Italy called Alkaid ! Mystical Fullmoon is an interesting band despite some mistakes due certainly to the lack of means & to inexperience. Enriched by excelelnt guitar riffs, inspired by heavy metal, songs are really interesting ones. Bassist makes a lot of work & he really trys to do more than playing a few notes ! With good keyboards parts, the band explores various surroundings, sometimes really somber & close to what a band like Evol plays. But Mystical Fullmoon can be really aggressive too. So, with some good melodies & good ideas, the 25 linutes of this album are quite interesting & for a new band, itís sure that Mystical Fullmoon can make huge progress & thus this band can probably feature as one of the most interesting band for the coming years. So, if they still work a lot, weíll probably hear more from them !


Label : Metal age productions- Style : melodic black metal - Album : Voices of the obscure world

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The beginning of Mystic Death is on 1996 when Masacroot a death thrash band decided to change its music ; Influenced by Abigor or Dimmu borgir, Mystic Death trys to approach this style. They released their first album « voices of the obscure world » & then, Metal Age productions signed them & released the album. Mystic Death evolves in a quite classical black metal style but the difference is the use of melodies essentially brought by guitars parts. Some keyborads parts also brings some dark surroundings. With a death/thrash past, Mystic Death has built solid basis that allowed them to not falling into « noise » music. Thatís certainly why some riffs are so well made. More, the beginning of « Kingdom of the Immortal » remains more a brutal death metal band than a black one for example. & then, the songs burst in an ultra fast parts where guitar melodies dominates the whole. By now, itís obvious that Mystic Death is the most promising black metal band from Slovakia & with the help of Metal Age, itís sure that weíll soon hear more & more from them

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