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1 What are your influences? When i hear this album, i was at first unable to describe it. It need more hearing to feel it. Now, I describe it as a mix of AC/DC, Motorhead, the musical band & atmosphere of Rocky horror Picture show, & lots of various things. Is it a good definition for Turbo metal Jazz? What's your definition?

1) My definition comes from the fact that I love all kinds of music and I grew up playing all kinds of music. I love the intensity and aggression in Heavy Metal and although I am not a Satanist, I crave the energy and the meanness of the sound and the feel and power of extreme Heavy Metal. I, as a musician and a drummer love to play Heavy Metal the most because I LIke to play with balls and intensity, and power. It is the style that comes the most natural to me because that is the kind of man I am. It is a true representation of who I am as a songwriter and a musician. Turbo= Speed,energy, Power. Metal= style, attack, sound. Jazz= Feel, vibe and soloist virtue. A bit of the music bleeds into a Jazz vibe even the for the most part, the music is Heavy Metal. The accoustic parts of the album are representative of another aspect of who I am as a musician, as a person, and as a lover of music. I grew up in a state called Connecticut, and this is near New York, in the Northeast of the United States. I lived most of my adult life in Los Angeles California, and now, in the state of Oregon. which is the Pacific Northwest. I became miserable in Los Angeles, because it is such an evil place. People are horrible, they all really suck. (Les Miserables!) Anyhow over the years I have been exposed to all kinds of music. I grew up listening to Black Sabbath, and many others. My father was a Jazz drummer and influenced me into Jazz. I grew up craving power, because I lived in a world where it was feared and respected. But teen agers and anyone not in a position of authority do not have any kind kind of social power except music. We identify ourselves so much by the music we listen to. Therefore I naturally crave power in expression, and this comes to life in my music.

3 Moods & madness was recorded from 92 to 95 Why? Is it a sort of compilation or best album?

3)The reason it took such a long time to record my album was because I had to pay for the whole recording and production myself, and it is very expensive. It costs thousands of dollars to record and produce a C.D. And and I could only afford to pay in small increments over a period of time. Another reason was that like many artists, I am never satified with what I have done. I always believe I can do much better. I am always getting a new idea that I seriousely want to record. This causes setbacks in time.

4 When do you start playing drums? Who is your favorite drummer?

4)I started playing the drums when I was six years old. My father started me. He grew up poor and they were immigrants from Italy, and music is what they did for togetherness and as a way to share time amongst family. I love music and I did not bet into it for egotistical reasons but for the passion of listening to it and creating it.

5 You've already played in France. Tell us how it was? When is your next visit?

5) France was really cool. The French love and appreciate good art.I particularly like the small country towns. Paris is where we played and got a good reception. I sold many of my first C.D.s there.

6 What's your next project? new album? Video? CD rom?

6) I did a video for my first album entitled "Tales Of Eternity".

7 Explain the recording of the album? As I feel that you've got lots of fun in playing music in the band, was it a great party with friends, a real & hard work?

7)The recording of the album was fun and exciting but it was also frustrating, because I had to endure the attitudes and troubles of the other musicians, and the studio people can be a real pain in the ass!!! They want their money and they sure can make their own problems. The studio in an intense atmosphere, and sometimes tempers flair.

8 As a member of the band, Casey Bourguois, is french & as you 've already played in Paris. Do you know some french bands? Which ones? Your opinion about them?

8)The Ghoul- Casey Bourgouis is a Cajun Francois and is a strange fellow . He paints his toenails and fingernails purple and also dyes his hair purple and he loves girls much younger than himself. He is twenty four(24) and runs around with underage girls! He is a very good guitar player He tunes his guitar down to a low key and I contrast it by singing higher. I would like to become more familiar with more French bands. I have been looking at the ones tyou have displayed in your website.

9 Why do you add 3 other tracks in the CD (there was normally 15 tracks, but 3 were added )

9)The three bonus tracks at the end were three songs that I could not help but put on my Album because they were ones that I thought were too good not to be included. "Forever Wild" is about me and how wild and free I love to be. I have alot of misanthropic tendencies. I spend alot of time inthe wilderness.I admire the way nature takes care of itself. Human Beings are some of the most aweful creatures on the earth. "My Eight Secrets" is An accoustic song, and is the swansong of the album. It is about seeking refuge in one's own soul and spirit and in nature. "Predator" is about spirituality through the intense realm of Heavy Metal. It's powerful vibes connotes the anger and fury with which I view the human race. "Mental Orgasm" is about a mental state of ecstasy. I am grateful for your interest. I would love to go back Europe and tour again, I am hoping that if We get signed to a record label we can go to Europe again. Record companies are hard to get through to. You stated that you found my C.D. disconcerting. Was this because of the diversity of styles being represented? It is not always as extreme as much of the music you display in your program but it is intense Heavy Metal, that bleeds into accoustic Rock and Jazz and even straightforward Rock with a melodic and at times Blues feel. I'm glad to be interacting with you . It means alot to me and I hope to maintain contact with you.

Review : Moods & Madness is a very strange album. As it was recorded from 92 to95, there's some differences beween songs & sounds. Monn Tanno describes itself as a turbo metal jazz band. In fact, it's evidence that this band has different influences, such as jazz orsomething groovy. so you' re always surprised by breaks. "Moods & madness" can be disconcerting at first but as soon as you listen to it another times, this music feels very attractive, it's a spellbound metal. Singer (Edmond Montano who is also the drummer) remains me Bon Scott by moments, playing metal as Motorhead (without the sound). Monntanno MondoII is definitly an unclassifiable band. So to make your own judgement it's better to buy the last album & discover this original world of Edmond Montano.
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