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>1 What's the story behind your band?

Rhett> We started in 1990 as Jeremy Peto-Voice and Word/Bass, Dwayne Boardman-Guitars/Effects, and myself Rhett Davis- Battery and Scriptures. We
attained the services of Gary Griffith-Guitars/Synthes/Acoustics in 1995. We've recorded a demo in 1991 called "Rabid Decay", a 7" entitled "Travesty" 1993, A mini cd called "Among Majestic Ruin" 1994 and the newest opus "Solinari" 1998.

>2 What are your current influences?

Rhett> Candlemass, The Fields of the Nephilim, Dead can Dance, Pink Floyd, The Sisters of Mercy, and (old) Entombed.

>3 How do you define your style?

Doom Metal. We dont really try to put a label on our music but it happens. I think Doom Metal is the best explaination simply because our themes are slow
and somber. Any definition other than shit would be preferable to me!

>4 You're signed on Relapse. Can you explain how much this company is a help for bands like yours?

Rhett> They are on a one on one basis with their acts. I like them simply because they treat us like a good friend other than a corporate asset. Also Relapse have grown quite a name for themselves with extreme music and their acts though different from one another can stand on their own as unique and talented!

>5 Tell us more about the recording of your last album?

Rhett> We found a talented producer by the name of Mattais Schneberger, A.K.A. "Schneebe". He has worked with the likes of St. Vitus and The Obsessed, so he has a knowledge of "Heavy" music! He let us work with our music in a relaxed atmosphere and was able to give us help when needed. All in all it was the best recording experience we've ever had. We will use him in the future for sure!

>6 What does your lyrics deal with?

Rhett> From beginning to end a journey through life. Trials and tribulations so to speak. The up's and down's if you will. I wanted to be very personal with the subject matter with this album. My lyrics are poetry with mythical metaphors. In a sense, the whole "feel" of the music mimics the lyrics. It's a state of mind, "Solinari" A Testimony. The hymnal to enlightenment and woe!

>7 What are your projects for 1999?

Rhett> We will release an EP called "Cloaked in Ages, Crowned in Earth" this summer. It will contain three other tracks from the "Solinari" session (Saved for this release!) and a live performance at "The CBGB" in New York City march 1999'. We will tour the states with Witchery and Exhumed this summer. It's still up in the air whether we will tour Europe, we'd like to but that still remains to be seen.

>8 Your guitar sound reminds me of old Entombed. Is this a coincidence?

Rhett> No coincidence, we are rather fond of "Left hand Path"!
>9 Any last words?
Rhett> Thank you for this interview Laurent, hope to be in Europe soon. All Hail Candlemass! Cheers!

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