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Contact Mortuary - Chateaux Jean Yves / 9 rue Jean Jacques Rousseau / 54800 Jarny- FRANCE Tel : 33 3 82 33 65 22

Interview :

1 Tell us about your history :

The groupe came to earth in the beginning of 1989. a first demo was made in 1990 & then there was line up changes. A second demo was released in 1992 & then a new line up change too for the third demo. For the first album, the line up has change for a bit (guitars). We succeed in supporting acts like Obituary, Coroner, Sup, Vibrion, Mercyless, Agressor. With the help of the first album, we sign a contract with Thunder production ( see the presentation of this label) . The beginning of the story will be for november 97!

2 Your style is very brutal, what are your influences? 

Our influences are really various but I think that what touch us more is the accelerations 5 seconds after the beginning of the song like Malevolent Creation, Disrupt, Cannibal Corpse. Music of Mortuary is evolving to a more brutal & extreme style , to the primary side of brutality & it's becoming more & more efficient at this level. I think that we're not ready to slower tempos.

3 You recently sign with Thunder productions for your second album. When do you record it & where?

With the help of Thunder prod. we 'll record "Eradicate" in september at the "Moliere" studio at Brussels with Bruno Donini (Loudblast, Sup, ...) We should do the session in 9 days if all is getting right. It seems as we have to get back in studio later to record new tracks for the digipack version, but it's still a project. 

4 For now, what do you think of "Hazards of Creation"? What doyou think about the sound of this album & what are the evolution that has to be made on the first? 

I think that "Hazard" was a transitory step that allows us to sign a contract & to re done with a style that is closer to "The mortified faces", our third demo. With "Hazards", we clusily dare to do a less violent style than before & that not suits to us. Without deny this album, it allows us to motivate us again & to plan an album ("Eradicate") that will be , I think, the most brutal & violent recording that we have ever made. I wouldn't say that "Hazards" was a mistake but better a step to see exactly what we want to do musically talking : pure brutality. 

"Hazards"'s sound is the mix of various little mistakes on mix that we will not make again. We were searching for powerful in the grave for guitars & finally they were a bit swamped & it's true that drums are a bit over mixed. For "Eradicate", the next album, Bruno Donini will allow us to eliminate , I think, this style of mistakes & he will give us a production deserving of his reputation. (Loudblast, Sup, ..) He is a professional & we will learn a lot with him. The sound of the next album will be different from the first. 

5 Tell us about the recording of this first album (recording, session, ..) :

The surrounding was really good & in 7 days of studio we recorded during 5 days & mixed in 2. We've not worked with the click & it's something that embarassed me. We give our confiance to the sound engineer "Magic Manu" D'ANDREA from Triangle prod (rip) & despite all, for a first baby, the result is really not bad. 

6 Now that you're signed on a label, what are your projects?

At first, make an album that can have success for us & for the label. So , we work with the click for more precision, speed & brutality. Then, we plan a tour but for now, we concentrate ourself on the studio that iscoming soon. Then , of course, the more concerts we'll have, the better it'll be.

Stay Brutal & Eradicate Fuckers!

review : Here’s a brutal death metal band. This first album is a self produced CD distributed by Thunder. This band by its brutal aspect can remain Cannibal Corpse or old Morbid Angel. But the main influences seems to be Sepultura, « beneath the remain » or « Schizophrenia » period ( i.e. « dead heroes for nothing » & « Evaporated Landscapes »). Mortuary knows that sometimes a songs need to have slowing down before running again. Vocals are close to Napalm death, Sepultura or Obituary. The drummer has got a great style & makes some experimentations like in « Dead heros... » there’s some good arrangements on guitars for the song « Suffocating thoughts », with guitars on the left side & on the right side. This song shows a more innovator side of Mortuary. May be a new direction for the band ? With a soon coming second album produced byThunder productions , Mortuary will surely assert it style very brutal with for this time a good production that will finally show musicians & songs to their advantage

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