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1 - can you present us Muren ?
 Muren has been created in march 86 & knew several line-up changes. Now there's Philippe Sanfilippoas singer, Laurent Daban & Lionel Vizerie on guitars, Fabien Galeson bass &  Arnauld Pieodn on drums.

2 - Your style can be compared with Helloween. Is it on eof you rmajor influence or do you get several other  ones ?
When we started , we played what we liked; then the people make some comparisons with bands that get a lot of sucess by that time. Now, we cannot deny that Helloween influenced us & but we never try to copy them. We get more influences as mainly bands beacuse there's not ton sof bands creating their own style.

3 - Tell us more about the recording of the album ?
At first, we needed to be all in holydays. Then, we spent 2 weeks in studio  for the recording & to start the mix. & we finished it with our week end; So, this process takes 3 months because the first mix wasn't good enough for us; For both side, human & musical, this was a good date for us & a good experience for the next times.

4 - How did you get this deal with Brennus ? Comment avez vous été amené à signer chez Brennus?
At the end of 96, we decided to boost our carrer; We recorded a 4 tracks CD to get more shows & to find a label.  Brennus answered us & it was a positive feedback because of our style. So, instead of witing for Sony or Geffen, we started with Brennus.

5 - Muren is known in the underground scene for almost 10 years . 10 years of what ? misery ?
We cannot tell it like that. All depends on what you're loking for. For shows, it's not easy but it's not really worst. To get recognition, it's harder & for being fucked up by shit labels : thanks to EMA & KMP ... So, even if sometimes, we're not alwys on the same agreement about life in aa band, we spend good times together & we hope it never ends !

6 - So, this album is an accomplishment or the beginning of a new one for Muren ?
What do you win if we get the good answer ? An accomplishmentent  would mean we achieve to reach the highest point . Si on répond bien à ta question, qu'est-ce qu'on gagne?For Muren's era....f it can be the beginning , fans would let us know !!

 7 - In France ,melodic heavymetal bands had disappeared. How do you explain it ? & waht are the reasosn of this revival ?
we don't think it's something that only belong to teh heavy metal scene. When a style have success, everybody copies everybody & at last, you get tons of a same band; So, you get out to see what's new. Even the rap music knowing that. How many bands are alike ! For the revival, there's 2 explanations : nostalgic period & odl cracked vynils; so, people need to hear again this kind of music.

8 -What do you think  of all these 80's album reissued ?
Some bands were reputed & so, it'll brin ga lot of sells. Now, some people wil lperhaps ahve the will to discover new bands, so we hope that the otehr french bands in activity will get a few part of this interest. So, we'll see later if these reissue have been a good or a bad thing for bands like us. 

9 -Do you plan some concerts for promoting the album ?
Some project : there's plenty of it ! We'll do som eshows et we hope more!

10 - Tell us about the bonus track :
We were in studio the night France won the world cup of Football (soccer). We go to the parties liek everybody. when whe get back, Gaël, the sound engineer started by sampling a guitar riff of Laurent then he added some "waves" & we found it funny. that's why this track  is on the CD.

11 - On the intro of "Get lost", ther's like a referense to Maiden. Is it an homage or a coincidence?
Ah!!!Nobody ever tells about it. Honestly, it's  an hazard, even if Maiden is a band that influenced us. But a lot of guitar player do some  tapping ou  o "THT" withtou being a copy of Van Halen. No, it's not a n homage to Maiden but surely a little thanks to their diretion. .

12 - A last word ?
May french bands be more supported by the fans & medias because as the other metal bands, we're able to write good music !

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