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Anders Jacobson & Silverpojken answered me separately for Nasum's interview. So, here's their separate answers!

> 1 - Can you tell us more about your band?

S : More? What exactly do you you want to know?

A : We've been around for 5 and a half years now, so we are not a new band. We have 11 releases out so far, including 3 split 7":s, 1 7", 1 MCD, 1 demo, 4 compilations and the new CD. We have recorded 132 original tracks and that's quite a lot, isn't it?

> 2- What are your most important influences?

S: Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Anti-Cimex, Shitlickers, Carcass etc....

A : A bunch of cool grindcore bands, a handful of excellent hardcorebands of all sorts and some metalbands! I don't feel like doing the old namedropping thing today.

> 3 - Can you present & tell us all about your album " Inhale / Exhale "?

S : The album was recorded in Soundlab Studios (run by myself and a friend), it took like thirty days or something... we had a hard time with the vocals since both of us suffered from throat injuries and illness... However, it came out fine I think... some songs we recorded didn't make it (they just sucked) and the 38 that did are great I think... the album has been out for a while now and people seem to like it... I just hope they really do.

A : It has 38 songs in about 47 minutes and it was recorded during a 2 month period 97/98. Needless to say it's our best material up to date. The response/reviews have been outstanding, so we're very happy with the result of the effort we put in making this album. It will soon be released as an LP with an bonus 7" containing four covers we recorded at the same time as the album.

> 4 - How do you define your style? Is really a band like Napalm Death (old period) the closest one to your music?

S : I would say so, yes. Perhaps you can draw parallels to Carcass aswell.. I dunno.

A : Concerning structure and the basic sound old Napalm Death is probably the most accurate band to compair us with. I define Nasums style as somewhat modern grindcore (in the meaning that we try to develope the musicstyle and blend in some other types of musicstyles aswell) with a pretty brutal metal sound and a hardcore attitude. We don't see ourselves as a death/grind band or even a metal/grind band - we are hardcore.

> 5 - Do you have already schedule some tours to promote this album?

S : There's been talk about an extensive European tour as a support act for a bigger Relapse band... nothing certain yet.

A : We might end up on some dates with Brutal Truth in Europe next spring, but nothing is set as we speak, but that would be a really cool thing.

> 6 - Swedish bands are famous for their black metal bands or prog metal ones. Do you think that Nasum gives the start to the birth & increase of a new extreme scene?

S : I haven't thought about that actually... but I have a hard time imagining grindcore becoming trendy.

A : We could at least hope so. The current metal scene is, allthough it's good quality, a bit boring and I think we all want something new. But I hardly think that grindcore will popular again. In some way I don't wish for it.

> 7 - Can you tell us more about your lyrics? What are they talking about?

S : Political and social injustices.. blah blah blah... read them, I think they're pretty selfexplanatory...

A : Straight political lyrics, clearly negative about today's society and the people in it. I personally write alot about the people who say thing, but never do anything or the people that don't care at all. Pretty much something like that.

> 8 When thrash metal appeared, it was the most extreme style. Then, came death metal, grindcore, black metal, ... What 's for you the most extreme music now?

S : Well played grindcore is still the most extreme music form... it's just punk taken to its limits!

A : The kind of Japanese noise that Relapse release on their sidelabel Release. Don't really know if we should call it music at all, it's more pure noise, but it certainly is the most extreme things you can hear on a record these days.

> 9 What's your opiion about bands blending metal & techno?

S : I donät have any opinion there see....

A: I have never heard a band like that, but if it's done well, I think it'll will work. Why shouldn't it?

> 10 Do you use some samples during the recording of your album ( & especially for the drums) & why?

S : No we don't. Never have and probably never will.

A: The bassdrum is "trigged" (don't know if that's the English word for it) which basically mean that we've made all the bassdrum beats more even. We haven't used computers or something to edit, overdub or fake something on the record.

> 11 A last word?

S : Thanks for the interview... nice hearing from you... take care! Get in touch for tourdates etc...:

A : Thanks for the interview. We have some old releases available if someone is interested. Go to our website for an up-to-date merchandiselist ( or send me a letter if you haven't got access to the net: Anders Jakobson, Lövstagatan 36, S-703 56 Örebro, Sweden. Please include an IRC if you want a reply.

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