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Contact : guillaume Chabaud / Res.Gearges Fabre / 150 Imp.Chaldée / 34070 Montpelier - FRANCE

1 Your sphere of influences is quite large & various. How do you do to make your songs as coherent as it is on your CD?

I think it's because we listen to different styles & you can feel it in your music.

2 At first, you were playing Death metal. Now, you play a melodic thrash metal. Why & how did you change like that?

I've wanted to change the style 'cos i wanted to sing with a more expressive voice. Then, there was a new member in the band : the drummer. 

3 Your first CD was self produced & recorded in only one week. But sound is excellent. How do you explain that some bands spent sometimes more time in studio for a result very bad. How do you explain your incredible sound.

It depends on who is behind the mix. We were on 24 tracks & in my point of view, i think that what 's important is to spend a lot of time for the mix. When musicians go on studio, they must exactly know what they want about their sound.

4 Are you the last band with Spasmophilius to play a melodic thrash metal. DO you think that heavy metal is old fashioned as every one says?

The last we don't think but it's true that we 're not so many to play this style nowadays 'cos heavy metal is coming back under different forms.

5 In spite of Heavy metal influences, your singer is close to thrash metal. Why don't you choose a lyrical voice for Necropsy's music?

I sing as I feel.

6 When the next album is foreseen?

If you send us 5000 $ we're going on studio tomorrow. We're hoping for a producer for the next album.

7 What's the place of Necropsy in french underground sceene?

We don't know but we're doing our best not to stayin the underground sceene.

Review: This album called Necropsy is a very good surprise. there's nothing negative to say about it. The sound is excellent, even if the band has got few time to record it. Like they say, Necropsy plays a melodic heavy thrash metal. They are close to Spasmophilius. Their metal is powerful but with melodies, that allows to remains the songs. Musicians use of their technical potential to strenghten songs. The band's influences are Malmsteen, Death & Metallica & Megadeth. They succed in playing heavy metal with thrash influences. For a first CD, this is an impressive one. Necropsy proves that heavy metal is always an attractive music when it's played by good & inspired musicians
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