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>1 can you tell us more about the history of the band?

Nile was formed in 1993 by Karl Sanders on Guitar, myself on drums and Chief Spires on bass/vocals. We recorded a self titled demo in 1994 and "Festivals of Atonement" in 1995. "Festivals...." kind of got our foot in the underground scene. It was at this point that we decided to bring in a second guitarist (who is now but a fleeting memory). We then recorded the "Ramses Bringer of War" demo which got us the deal with Visceral Productions which as you may know has closed down. Well the nameless guitarist quit the band (for reasons unknown) right after we signed with Visceral. A friend of ours in another local band knew that we were looking for a guitarist so he recommended this guy he knew. His name is Dallas Toler-Wade and he came down and auditioned for us and was so impressive that we hired him on the spot.

>2 You play a different deth metla fr the masses. There's new sounds & new influences in your music. Can you talk about them?

We have always been into Middle Eastern and African music plus we love Egyptian history. Here is a dead civilization obsessed with death and the afterlife preoccupied with black magic and brutal ancient war. Combine that with our love for metal and it is very easy to see that we didn't have to go looking very far to find our path. It was really just a natural evolvement. What better subject matter can you ask for for a death metal band to write about.

>3 What are your lyrics about?

You guessed it! Ancient Egyptian culture and war.

>4 What are your influences?

The whole death metal or metal sound for that matter grabs you and does something to your soul. It wakes you from that deep sleep that society has put you in and removes the shackles. You are free if you dedicate yourself to metal. What influences us, simply put, is Metal!

>5 How do you explain that you're signed on one of the most famous extreme metal companies worldwide ? Don't you think that you're lucky to get this deal, because you're sure to et agood promotion, good conditions to make your music, ...?

It was luck. Our music just happened to be heard by someone who was in a position and was willing to do something with it. We feel lucky in the sense that we didn't have to shop our demo to every label under the sun. We got picked up rather quickly once the demo was out there. So far they are doing a great job promoting us but basically a band and a label are in business together and like any business partners, you're not always going to see eye to eye. Anything can be worked out though.

>6 To someone that hasn't heard of the band yet, how would you define it & present your album ?

I would call it "Brutal Ithyphallic War Metal" . The lyrics are of a barbaric & primitive nature dealing with the culture of ancient Egypt. It was a very brutal time just to survive from day to day so the stories fit perfectly into the metal realm. To me the music and words work together as one to paint a very gruesome picture of what it was like to live back then.

>7 Once again for Relapse 's productions, the production is really powerful! Can you tell us more about this recording? How do you explain that there's so much brutal bands having a crap sound?

Well not to knock Relapse, but they had nothing to do with the recording of this album. Nile produced it. It's not an easy thing to explain how a band achieves a certain sound. You just do what you feel is you and somehow it comes out the way it was intended. As for brutal bands having a crap sound, I guess it has a lot to do with inexperience and maybe lack of money to afford to stay in the studio until it is right. Sometime you have to overlook the quality of sound and look at the quality of the band to find something worth more than one listen.

>8 What are your projects now?

We are working on new songs. That is something that we are always doing. We just feel like we are moving forward when we are working on new songs. Also we are going on tour with Incantation and Morbid Angel in July/August. Then we are going on tour with Oppressor, Gorguts and Cryptopsy in September/October. Maybe a new album at the beginning of the new year, we'll see.

>9 What do you think about the death metal scene ? Do you think that after a slow decrease, there's like a rebirth? & How do you explain this new increase of this scene?

I think the death metal scene is like any other form of music scene, it exists. You'll always have metal bands as you will always have country bands, jazz bands etc..... If there was a decrease it was because a certain number of musicians gave up on their dream of playing for the rest of their lives and are now doing something else. And the increase is more people picking up instruments and forming bands. Ther's this huge revolving door in the world of music. Bands are always coming and going. If you stick with it you will arrive at your destination.

>10 Female vocals are more & more present on several albums & in more various styles of metal : from progressive to black metal, gothic, ...What do you think about female vocals? Do you have a favorite female singer?

I think female vocals are terrific. There should be more. I really don't have any favorite female singers. I do however think I would runaway if I heard a female do a Chris Barnes growl. Now that would be scary.

>Will you have some female vocals in the future?

That's always an option I suppose. At present we are using some sampled female screams in a couple of songs.

>11 A last word?


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