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Self production - Style : dark metal - Demo tape

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Naglfar began as a 1 man project in 1993 & little by little some members appeared in the band. Thier music is often described as True norvegian metal which is in fact a blend of norvegian folk muisc with metal music. . they released their first demo in 1994. Lyrics came from ancient Norse poets, so Naglfar has nothing to do with Satanism. Since this first demo, the band has to wait because of military service made by all members. Naglfat doesn’ want to be affiliated with Black metal movement & they claim it as often as possible.

What’s a very interesting stuff but unfortunatly deserved by a weak production! Naglfar seems to come back right from the cult black metal scene , even if the band deny it. This tape contains 6 tracks issued in 1994 but only available since 1996 & it sounds really pure & intense, even if some melodies can be heard. But this first impression is rapidly changing as long as you hear this demo tape. Melodic parts often come from the use of keyboards & some bass parts that are really interesting. With some acoustic guitar parts here & there, Naglfar keeps attention & sometimes, it can remains old Emperor stuff or Bathory. Some epic parts counterbalance the aggressivity of songs & it really brings something interesting in Naglfar’s music. Surely a band to hear with new tracks & to follow, because if they continue to work like that & with a good production, Naglfar can surely become a real sensation in extreme metal music .


I've no informations about this band signed on Dzynamite records , so i'll only describe it through the music. Naked Rain comes from Denmark. They play some heavy rock at a high level of quality. There's like a revival of this sceene since the decrease of the grunge wave & Naked Rain is indisputably one the best band in that style. Musically talking,the band remains me White Lion, Talisman or Harem Scarem. Naked Rain proposes a good blend between originality & quality. At first, the production is quite perfect & that's an important point for that style of music. Then, the sound is really powerful & gives a good dynamism to songs. Teh bass guitar is very loud & present & sometimes there's some keyboards apparition . this one has got a tone close to the 70's & add a rock touch to songs. Created by excellent musicians, Naked Rain makes a great work on melodies. They've got a real musicianship & melody sense. But they don't forget also the powerful of heavy metal like on "Alibi" for example. More over, the band innovates in that style, in the way to structure their songs, which are better than the average ( "No mans land"). Of course, there's some ballads like on "One step behind" The singer has got a very warm voice. He's got a real personality; So, it's never an "sterilize" music. Like I said beforen on some songs, Naked Rain shows that their main influences come from the 70's & so "Misled Man" for example is more a rock song. So, there's a lot of groove & feeling in the music ( "No alibi" )& it's very pleasant to listen to this band.  Each songs concel its own brainwave that made songs unique & indispensable. So, "Brothers & sister"s is an excellent album of heavy rock full of subtleties & feeling; A total successs!


Label : Relapse records - style : Grind Death metal - album : Inhale/Exhale

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Formed in the 92 in sweden, Nasum ‘s idea was to create teh most intense grind core, in the old Napalm Death vein. After a 7’’ ep for a german label, the abnd entered the Unisound studio of Dan Swano in the goal to record tracks to submit to record companies. The result is 9 songs for a total of3, 30 minutes of grind crust ! In 1994, the band returned to teh Unisound studio to record 16 new tracks released on a new 7’’ EP called ‘Smile when you’re dead’. In 1995, Nasum get again in studio ( still the same) for 12 new tracks & 6 re recordings of 1994 tracks that were previous to be released on a mCD called ‘industrislaven’. In 1996, Nasum recorded 24 songs with their home tracks studio ( a 8 tracks one) , which represents yet their most brutal & raw productions which is issued on a new 7 ‘’ ep called ‘the black illusions’. Then, the band invested more in a personal studio & recorded 16 tracks for a compilation. This tape ended at Relapse & it turned into a deal. This ended with a 42 tracks album called Inhale/exhale recorded in the personal studio of this 2 piece band !

This album is intended to become a traditional grindcore act. Helped with a powerful production, Nasum is essential right now like one of the heads of file of this movement. The group reaches nodes of violence and brutality. One can sometimes make reference to Entombed for certain sounds of guitars and certain voices which go from the loudest to the most yelling. ' Disappointed' is on my opinion one their best titles with a surprising break where the drums parts are excellent. Decided to make no mercy on its passage, Nasum applies to the perfection its destroying method . It is impossible to resist this flood of incredible brutality. Certain parts of guitar leave nevertheless time to the listener to rest before a new attack as on the mid tempos tracks : ' shapeshifter' which really sounds close to Entombed or ' feed them, kill them, skin them' where the bass takes a very particular dimension. There ultimately, Nasum achieves an album of high flight where all is implemented so that its grind core is more devastating. Sensitive souls will have to abstain to listen to this album


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Necrophagia is one of the oldest death metal band 'Season of the dead' their Cd was originally out ten years ago Red Stream re issues it in 98. As a matter of their importance, bands like emperor, Mayhem put Necrophagia among their most important influence. The first issue of this album was also in a CD format, it was probably the first death metal CD!As the label didn't want to sell this Cd after 89 & bcause the demand was still here 10 years after, Red Stream with the agreement of the band decides to re issue it again, remastered. This commemorates also the return in the front of the metal scene of the band.

Season of the dead : it seems that this albu m is a cult one.  Through an horryfying cover, Necrophagia creates 11 tracks of death metal influenced by old Sepultura, Kreator & so on. it's very brutal & the sound & production is quite old but it sould have been good ten year ago. It will probably remains the kind of production on the 2d album of Sepultura : simple but brutal. Voices are quite far from death metal style. But as it was their beginning, Necrophagia develops a style that will be used by nowadays black metal band : harsh voice, sometimes loud but often clear. Tempos go from the ultra loud to speed ones, blending various surroundings, but always the darkest ones. 'Ancient Slumber' is cetainly the most surprising songs of this album . it starts with a short version of classic composer Mussorgsky's 'night on a bare mountain' which will be also played 4-5 years later by Mekong Delta. Necrophagia proves ten years later taht their death metal is still topical. It may be signs a 'back to the roots' period. 


Label : VMI - style : Black metal - album : Realm of Silence

I've got few piece of information about this swedish band. I've just received their album (the first one it seems), sent by Velvet Music international, & called "Realm of Silence". It's a black metal band (as mainly bands nowadays). This one is really inspired. It remains me Diabolical Masquerade but with a darkest production & more power in the songs. Necromicon brings lots of new ideas in their metal & makes effort on the recording of their album to make it attractive. The sound is very good (it's not the case for several black or death metal band) & clear. Necromicon is definitly a good black metal band in the international productions.

Label : Hammerheart records album : Sightweiler - Label E mail : - label Web :

Necromicon is more & more well known into the black metal scene. After a first & excellent album ' Realm of Silence' released by VMI, a frnch label, Necromicon is back with Hammerheart records! & it's 100% better than all tha could have been expected. It's a real metamorphosis for Necromicon. They find now their real style! If at their beginning, it was easy to make comparisons with bands like Diabolical Masquerade, Necromicon is now a band that creates its own style & that will feature as one of the most important influences for several bands to come! 'Sightveiler' is may be the best blakc metal album ever released. & this Cd will probably feature as one of the best one ever released ( with the superb Days of yore luxuriouspack!). This CD is a A5 digibook with a 24 pages booklet, with amazing photos. More, theproduction of this album is faultless. It's the heaviest black metal produciton ever heard! Musically speaking, Necromicon shows a rare & unique portential, blend of musical subtleties ( arpeggios, keyboards ) that creates the darkest surroundings of this Cd & powerful. The quality of their guitar parts overcomes a lot of so called black metal guitarist. There's also a splendid work made on vocals. As this album has been created as a concept one, there's different actors & each one is symbolized through a different voices : there's one close to death metal style ( very loud ), another one is really high screamed & harsh ( close to black metal main vocals but with an original tone), female vocals, ...4 actors participates in this concept : 'Father, Vincent, Angelica & Sightveiler'Their music is captivating & surroundings developped there are fascinating ( like on 'endless agony') . To create such a masterpiece, 7 musicians are not too much to succeed in it : 2 singers, 2 guitars, 1 bass, 1 drums & 1 keyboards. The last 2 ones also make some vocals ( Sightweiler & father voices). So, for any black metal fans, this album is completly an achievement, indispensable. FOr other ones, it's surely the best way to enter the black metal scene!


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COming from Canada, Nefarious released amCd 'Global Warning' which is a good beginning for them. PLaying a brutal death metal but at a mid tempos , Nefarious never forget to include a few melodies to make it audible. 4 tracks for 14 minutes of death metal well arranged : spoken voice, good solis, ...are the trademark of this band. rythmic guitars is very good & always precise. The voice is very heavy & loud. In some way, Nefarious could be compared to a band like Amor Committed Suicide without their heavy metal reference : music is brutal but production is very clean. This counterbalances the brutality of the music. It's a pity to only have 4 tracks because this kind of death metal has been really awaited for some years. With the help of the revival of this scene, Nefarious could easily have a place in the best death metal acts. 


Label :Displeased records - Style : brutal death metal - Album : incomplete

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Displeased records find in Nembrionic an ultimate brutal band ! Strongly influenced by 80& 90’s extreme metal stuffs, Nembrionic took the ebst of these 2 period to create its infernal music. Nembrionic can remain bands like Immolation, Napalm Death, .or Slayer but with sometimes an atonishing melodic approach. These musicians have got a real sense of composition, ‘cos songs rea never boring because of a too much long aggressivity. The band alternates its riffs & rythms & then, it ends with something very listenable. More, the excellent production of this album blended with their good arrangements turns to make this album as something indispensable for all fans of brutal music & the little reference to Tom Arraya & Slayer in « Murtrered Streaking » proves that Nembrionic is a really recommendable band. & it become more & more obvious with the excellent « Hurricane », a Motorhead-Venom inspired song which features as one of their best track ! & don’t forget to hear this album ‘til its end ‘cos there’s a surprising song as ghostrack !


"The personal fragment of life" is in fact the released in Cd by Adipocere records of the last demo of Neolithic. This Cd was issued in 1995. Even if it's a demo, the sound is really good & sometimes better than some albums. After a calm intro, where musicians show that they have a good technical level, the band leads us to the heavy doom metal sceene. Neolithic takes care of having good melodies in music even if the singer growls with a death metal style voice. Structures of the osngs are always different, it's not often the case with a demo. There's sometimes some keyboards parts that appear on some songs. Guitars do an impressive melodic work , even in the leads. On some songs, "Nightly friends" or "undesirable return", a spoken voice or a sweet one appears. It gives another dimension to the music. This great work on melodies in the composition of tracks, allows Neolithic to avoid to be a linear band or to propose a collection of riffs without coherence. As it's often mid tempos songs, the drummer is able to give special surroundings to his play. To enrich songs, Neolithic also uses some violin parts that strenghten the meldic aspect of guitars & songs. So, this demo Cd shows a promising band with a real potential , confirmed with the first album of the band, still released by Adipocere records on 1996 : "For destroy the lament".

NINE SPINE STICKLEBACK : This band plays in a hardcore vein vein but not with brutality & better with subtlety. With a fantastic bass, often a slap one, 9 spine stickleback remains a cross between Infectious grooves, Offspring (for the voice), Primus, ..."See what you missed" is the tittle of their mCd & it's a great name!!This 4 tracks shows a mature band playing an inspired hardcore, full of melodies. If you like energetic music, this band is the one you need. Mail them at

NME WITHIN : Bio - review

On 1994, Jonas Anderson recorded backing vocals on Rat Salads album, The Golden Playground, at Skylight Studio, Eskilstuna, and secured a solo-deal with Dolphin Records. This turned out to be a major mistake... but a chance to do a record. He teamed with other guys & so, Nme Within came up and the band was formed. They recorded the Nme Within's CD-debut, Son Of A Gun, but it wasn't actually released until the beginning of '95, together with Rat Salad's, The Golden Playground, on the same displeasing label. Nme Within almost immediately told Dolphin Music Production to go fuck themselves after lack of interest in promoting the CD and the search for a new deal was up. There is actually record companies out there who doesn't want to make money! On 1995, a tour started with Morgana Lefay, Colorblind and Nme Within & with a new line up they recorded "In Bloom" for the Tribute Records album A Tribute To Nirvana . On 1996, a record deal with Dzynamite Records was set. So they recorded the first full-length album (with working title Science Krisifikktion) . Some guests appears on vocals : HŒkan Hemlin of Swedish "mega-folk-band" Nordman , Transport League, Iron Shitsnakes and former B-thong vocalist, Tony Jelencovic.

With Nme Within, we enter the kingdom of an excellent & indispensable power thrash metal. This band is incredible . It's surely the best one in that style. On the begining track of the Cd "Retaliation", the band let the impression of an hardcore influenced bands. But it's not reallu the case. In fact, Nme Within is a perfect blend of all a band need to unite all those who listen to metal music. there's some influences of Metallica, Pantera, Fight, Annihilator, ...The production is near from perfection : a rare powerful blended with a clearness & original arrangements (utopian konnection). Wrks made by guitars is impressive by their precision. On some songs, it can easily remain what Jeff Waters propose on his last album "Remains". But "Science Krucifiktion" was released before. In comparison with several power tharsh bands, Nme Within owns an incredible singer, that is able to scream, to sing & even do the same in the same time. It's one of the best singer in all styles of metal, in the same time melodic & aggressive, with a clear & high voice or with a loud one. It allows the band to create an original blend. On some songs, Nme Within evolves in the same direction than did Death Angel : all brutality & aggressivity is always counterbalance by a melodic part. It strenghten the force of the whole CD. More over, all tracks are linked together. It's really difficult ot describe such an original band. there's nothing disturing in this album, no weakness or failure, like if it was the perfect album. I think that some bands can fear Nme Within 'cos this band is going to burst out & to assert itself on the scene.  The only mistake should be to ignore this album. 


label : The end records - Style Black metal- Album :Goat thorns

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With such a so good cover, it would have been a pity if this album had been on the average of the main production. Fortunately, it's nothte case & for its 3rd production, The End Records has done again a very good work. After along keyboards intro, Nokturnal Mortum ( also written Nocturnal mortum) , starts with a furious 7 min. piece. This 6 piece band contains 2 keyboards player, so, it's piece of evidence to find them regularly. Nokturnal Mortum relly plays on its album, it doesn't sound like rythm machine & all musicians has reached a good musical level. this results to a solid musical basckground, enriched by excellent keyboards parts. It's not only a few notes played here & there to create surroundings. Keyboards alsocreates lots of melodies & sometimes, it's on them that songs seemed to have been built. More, Nokturnal Mortum is not also this kind of band playing the same riffs during 3 minutes or creating 9 minutes songs with only 3 guitars chords. all songs are really built & their structure is quite complex, like it was in thrash metal in the 90's. So, there's various tempos within each songs, from the loudest one to the speedest one. 

So, Nokturnal Mortum released a solid album, which is highly recommendable for black metal fans.


Label : Relapse records - style : Brutal Death metal - album : Amongst the catacomb of Nephren-Ka

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Nile thinks that death metal scene & bands totally lack of convinction practising their music. That's why the band exists. Describing themselves as a "Ithypallic metal' band, the band released a demo in 94 & recorded a first Cd 'festival of ataonement' in 95. Then they played with bands like Obituary, Deicide, Six Feet under, ...In 96, they released a mini CD ( thorugh Visceral productions) & planeed a full length album to be called 'Amongst the catacomb of nephren-Ka'. Then, Relapse signs them!

Nile is probably the band that trys to make the death metal scene reached new horizons. Their album is inspired fom Pharaoh & Egypt 's history. It's a real masterpiece of brutality & subtleties. There's excellent arrangements in songs like some ethnic interludes, some strange or classical music influenced guitar parts ( hear the end of 'Barra Edinazzu') & som eexceptionnal intro, truly hymns ('Stones of Sorrow'). Nile has got a high potential of creativity & never lets its death metal turns into mediocrity & easiness ('Ramses bringer of war' ). Of course, Drums parts are devastating like the crushing guitar riffs, but the band is able to create in each songs a gimmick that make this whole album sounds like the ultimate death metal act. More, their overall impressive production shows the technical level & musicianship of Nile to its advantage. With only one album out, Nile asserts already itself as one of the premiere death metal band worldwide !


Label : Hammerheart records- style : black thrash metal - album : Triumph of the blasphemer - No surrender

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album : Triumph of the blasphemer

Before a new album & after their last one 'Aggressor', Nocturnal Breed releases this 'appetizer' mini CD called 'Triumph of the blasphemer' which contains 5 tracks : 2 studio recordings, & 3 live songs. There's alsao 2 covers. It starts with a thrash metal songs, relatively classical made but strongly efficient. The 2d studio recording is a fantastic cover of Wasp 'I'm alive' which is relatively close to the original & very well played! The 3 other songs were recorded live. First one 'Screaming for a leather bitch' is typically a mid 80's thrash metal song. It's very heavy with good guiatr riffs & this typically black metal voice, except for the chorus. this kind of voice is also near from what Mille Petrozza was doing in the beginning albums of Kreator. Thre's another ocver, played live. This oen is from Death & is called 'Evil Dead'. This time again, it's really well executed. Even if Nocturnal Breed evolves in a quite old style, they 're good musicians & do it with a lot of pleasure & passion.

album : No surrender

After a miniCD, triumph of the blasphemer, that was showing the band on stage, including some surprising cover like Wasp, Nocturnal Breed is finally back with a new album & a very convincing one ! Songs like « Thrash the Redeemer » are really refreshing with a mid 80’s feeling. It lets think about the Bay Area thrash but blended with more European influences like Kreator. Nocturnal Breed has so released the long awaited album. Those who bought « Pleasure to Kill » of Kreator, « Bonded by blood » of Exodus & all this kind of stuffs will surely be satisfied with this album. The band created some hymns that will probaly follow them during their carrer like this genuis « Warhorse » with its killer backing vocals. It’s speed thrash metal played at a high level of aggressivity & with the kind of production that totally suits to this music. « No surrender » is a model of speed thrash metal. completly convincing from the beginning to the end.


Label : Woodcut records - style : Rock bizarre - album : Anima (mCD)

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Born in 1995, noitapastori released a first demo tpae 'Taivaan elävät' which get positives responses from teh underground world. In 96, they win the finnish rock lyrics championship. Then, Woodcut offers them a deal. So , 'Anima', their mCd is released on a 24 tracks studio. It's difficult to classify this band into an extreme style & even in the metal style! With lyrics written in finnish, Noitapastori evolves in an unique direction & plays a dark rock, with several surroundings like on 'Sanaton' , built upon keyboards parts ( which sound like violin). All drums parts are made by a rythm machine. When songs are heavier (like in 'Hopea'), it's always counterbalance by some violin parts or more atmopsheric break . It's really different from all that has been created yet! I thought only Adipocere were signing bands evolving in other direction than metal. Woodcut proves that it's also an open minded company.


Label : Shiver records- Album : Yellow - Style black thrash

E mail : tlaunone@cc.helsinkifi

Created in 1991, the band had to wait 1994 to sign on Shiver records after 2 demos & a 7" ep. their first recording was a split Cd with Sarnath & now< in 1997 a Cd called 'yellow'. I've only hear 2 tracks from this 10 Cd tracks issued by Shiver records, a belgian company. At first, the production is really awesome : Nomicon is a young band but they take care to find their own sound. Musically speaking, it sounds like black thrash metal, may be black'n 'roll can fit to this pmusic. For some reasons, Nomicon remains me a more melodic but more vicious version of Entombed.  Nomicon plays very well & get a lot of good inspiration with songs.  This album seems to sound very good. 

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