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Contact : Jean noêl Bonnaillie / 142 rue B. Delepaul / 59000 Lille-FRANCE

Interview :

Nocturnal Fears ' style is hard to define. How do you describe it? To be in different musical styles is it an advantage or not?

I describe it as a heavy/ thrash metal. When I make each song I write, in fact, I don't think about that style or that others. I just play thing that I think good to listen to either it's more heavy or thrash or with some arppegios. I really don't mind 'cos I like a lot of style of music.

What's your main influences?

Our bassist listen to lots of things (like all the band) but §I can tell you that he is a great fan of the first Iron Maiden stuff. I know he also likes Loudblast, Kyuss, ...The singer listens to Depeche Mode, Pogues, ... &metal bands of course like Depressive age, Death, ...Cedric listen mostly to heavy stuff like Dio ut also to Dream Theater, Obituary &is not closed to jazz either. At last, I listen to lots of things : Dream theater, Elton John, Symphony X, Npalm Death, Megadeth, Allan Holdworth & to some demos too...At the moment, i recently buy the Magellan's "Impeding Ascension" & I think it's great. I really like progressive stuff like Rush too.

To record with Stephane Buriez from Loudblast is something a band coming from Lille must do, a sure way to have good conditions of recording (best rate quality/price), a way to attract lots of guys (or something else)?

Well, ...For us, it's more because we like the ways he works? we've recorded with him 3 times yet & we (the band & him) improve, I think , all together... The first time it was only in 4 tracks, the latest on 12 tracks & the next will be on 16 digital tracks. & another thing that made we like recording wuth him is that he likes the band. for us that's an important thing 'cos our songs are sometimes hard to record when you haven't have all the time to do it & things like that (also the money problems : when you deal with a studio it's for x hours & nothing more. with him, we make the things turn good &then took the time...)

For now, What do you think about "FIGHT" (the last demo)? what are the good thongs & he bad things?

I think it's a good demo.Even if we re write 1 or 2 things since the recording. ..Let's talk about the things we think it can nk it can be better : it's only the clen guitar parts. We think that inthe promo 93, the clean guitar sound was more worked...about the rest, we really like the way it sounds for only 3 days of recording. But the next time (very soon less thatn 3 months) we'll work more.

What are your projects for now & for future?

Work & work on thenew songs & prepare the next studio session. For us it's a new challenge 'cos we'll record (I hope so) lots of tracks with some old & new songs...&I really want both sound the same way, so even if they sound good yet, I want them sound the best they can, so we'll work for...first with with 2 guitars, then send the tape to the bassist (he works in Paris) so he can write/work his bass part & to our friend who'll do the drums for that recording. The only thing I can say is that it won't be the same drummer on the FIGHT demo...surprise...& after the new recording, we 'll trying to make everybody listen to our stuff either by radio shows or compilation or demo tape or Cd or... '98 will be, I'm nearly sure a great year for Nocturnal Fears. We've got lots of contacts now who wait our new songs...I hope it won't disappointed 'em!

You bring a particular attention to the rythm parts & to solis. You also try to to enrich songs with lots of breaks in tempos. Do you think that the band will evolve to a more progressive style?

Definitly yes!! simply because only in that style you can make nearly what you want & there so much differences between each band that play this "style" :who will say that there's no difference between Kalisia (great) & rush, between eldritch & Marillion..;Even if we tend to become more progressive, the songs 'll have a thrash style...But who can say what 'll be the next songs...

With a music becoming more & more technical & complex don't you think that on stage, audience will have problem to follow you?

I don't think our stuff are so technic & complex! Even if we take care on our song writing, there's so many bands who plays in a moe technical way than us. I know there's the opposite too. I really think the audience will like our new songs. I notice that each time, up to now, people are always surprised by our set. 'cos it sounds good & that's all. What I really think is taht a good song is a good song! Even if it's AOR or hardcore or classic or metal, a song which is well play in live condition will be great only if it's a good song, however the technical level... The people who liked our stuff have some differences ; some listen to death metal, some to heavy, some to thrash metal. I can tel that some people even don't like metal & listen to us.

What's the place of Nocturnal Fears in french sceene & what are your relationship with other bands

About the relationship we've with other french bands, I think it gets better & better! 'cas we try to get in touch with the others even if I know some better than others (Soultrack, Kalisia & lots of others..too numerous to say everyone, Hi to everyone we know...) I think our band is more & more listen to ...& awaited...There's wasn't a lot of people who know us before FIGHT but now...In fact, we're not on the top but the band to discove I think..even if our music is hard to describe, generally when you hear it, you find something that make you like it.

review : Recorded in 95 by stephane Buriez (from Loudblast) in a 12 tracks studio, "FIGHT" is a suprising demo, cos Nocturnal fears is no more a death metal band, it's at the cross from heavy, thrash & death . What remains death metal, is the vocals & the structuration of the songs. For the sound, it's nearer from thrash metal. the band trys to work a lot to bring musicality in songs. There's lot of breaks that slow the tempos. Nocturnal fears uses all the possibilities that they have with guitars to enrich songs. The drummer adds some jazz (influenced) breaks. (See complete presentation )
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