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PO BOX 53, 3812 Akkerhaugen, Telemark, Norway

This young label is devoted to Black metal music. As the black metal sceene is over represented, they try to sign more original bands than the average. They do not hesitate to re-issue ancient bands if they were in their time original & if they are now a source of inspiration for several bands. This explains that NAP prefer to work on originality & quality. New productions will soon be out : Arcturus & Thou shalt suffer are on the way. I think you can read interviews & reviews of NAP productions in the first issue of Moonlight Magazine ( who also produces bands).

Here is the presentation & review of some NAP productions :

LIMBONIC ART: This norvegian band exists since 1993 by two persons : Daemon & Morfeus. Even if this band is young, they 've already made two demos, the first one in 1995 & the second one in 1996. Then, Nocturnal Art Production sign the band. So they release a first album called "Moon in the scorpio" in december 1996. They call their music Black ambient metal.

Review : "Moon in the Scorpio" is a good black metal production. Cover & art work are very well done & featured their will to spread thier visions of the moon, the planets & of all enigmas unknown to mankind. Their black metal is inspired . The symphonics parts shows music to an advantage & put some disturbing & scheming atmospheres of dark romanticism but full of anger as a symbol of the dark side of both man & nature that they try to symbolise.

TORMENTOR: This band came from Hungary & has splittd up in 1991, after two demos. They started in 1987 & played some black metal influenced by the old school bands like Venom, Bathory, Possessed, Celtic frost, Destruction. One of the particularity of the band is the folk music parts (from hungarian traditionnal music) in their metal. Tormentor is one of the precursor of the Black metal sceene of today. They were the first to include atmospheric parts in their music. Their first demo " the 7th day of doom" has been bootleged on CD. But their second one "Anno domini" is re-issued by the norvegian label "Nocturnal art production". These two demos were recorded in 1988, but it sounds exactly like new black metal bands

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