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Omage records is a youug company that totally works in a professional way. One of the most famous releases of Omega is without doubt the 2d Avalon's album that met a huge success worldwide.


Albums :  Unveiled -  - Style : Heavy  metal
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This is the European release of one of the best heavy metal record issued in USA in 98. I've already reviewed this album when it was out in 98. Now, Omega records (Avalon, time Machine, ...) has given the band the  cahnce to be issued in Europe; this new version  contains an interactive part that allows to discover how essential is Cage. This band has shared the stage with the best metal act : from Maiden to Judas. Highly acclaimed for the stage performance, Cage is now one of th ebest underground band from USA, maybe the only one to get such a good reputation in Europe. musically speaking, Cage plays a true Heavy metal. not this kind of so called "true metal", influenced by Helloween or Manowar. Cage has to be classified between the major acts; From powerful vocals to lou dguitar riffs, there's absolutly no dead time. "Unveiled" is the essential piece that any metal fans must get. This is a demonstration about how much sounds heavy metal. Like a lesson in metal in 15 chapter. CAGE is the ones who will regenerate heavy metal. Germany's ROCK HARD magazine said that Cage is the "best new unsigned band of 1999. Have I something to add ?


Album : Eternity ends - Label : Lucretia records / Omega records / LMP -Style : Heavy prog

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Time Machine impressed a lot when they released their « Galileo. Act 1 » album. The band were showing a high level of originality & at this time, Time Machine was in advance facing other bands. Prog metal wasnít spread at all. Of course, some weaknesses were easily found. Now Time Machine has work a lot & Eternity Ends , the new album could probably push them in the highlight of the metal scene. At first, the band has now a new & better singer. Then, their sound is now overall impressive. This time again, « Eternity ends » has to be heard like a concept album. Itís impossible to put in front only one song. Itís maybe because Time Machine masters their style & the musicians know how to keep attention to their audience. Each songs reveals tons of ides. In only one song, the band has enough ideas to make one full album for some poor inspired metal bands. Nevertheless, songs never sound like a collection of riffs. Time Machine has a real sense of composition. In many prog metal bands, keyboards take a large place. In Time Machine, itís guitars that predominate. Donít expect me to compare Time Machine with other bands. This one has found its own personality & its own way of developing its music. The Italian scene is surely one of the best in this style with bands like Time Machine, Empty Tremor, Cappanera, Eldritch & a few other ones. After the Swedish scene, maybe Italy can be the center of melodic metal in Europe.


Style Heavy prog metal - Album : Mystic places - interview -

Mystic places is the new effort of german melodic progressive band Avalon, after a first album 'Why now'. Avalon was created in 1992 & released a first demo only 6 weeks later. Before releasing their 2d album, the band toured with famous acts like Savatage, Gotthard, Sinner, Victory or Huriah Heep. They also toured in Canada & U.S.A. For their 2d album relelased in 1997, the bandworked with Charlie Bauerfeind ( Angra, Heavens Gate, Gamma Ray, ...). Isued by Omega Records, the band is also working with th efamous Limp Music Publishing, like mainlky of the most famous progressive european bands. The only reason i don't have made of this album 'the album of the month' is only because it has been released one year ago. But this doesn't mean that 'Mystic places' is an obsolete album, even if Avalon is now working on a follow up. Avalon features as one of the most brilliant prog metal band worldwide. With only 6 years of existence, Avalon reaches a level that only a few major bands reached : each musician ( the singer too) owns an unique technical level. But th emain difference between thousand prog bands is that they all play in the same direction. thye really make a lot of efforts to create good songs that are not collection of riffs or technical parts. That's certainly why a track like 'prisoner of my mind' could have been made. In this pice, the band shows the richness of its inspiration & composition. Vocals harmonies are superb! Many Stürner can take as well his sweetest voice than his more powerful ones ( like the one of Heavens Gate). The range of his voice is unbelievable. But don't be afraid, the powerful side of their music has not been forgotten. Avalon is a metal band before being a progressive one. Some riffs are amazing ('Time of the universe' or 'Blind dance' ). Keys are really well integrated to music. They not only played for surroundings like often in progressive music. Keys are quite as equal as guitars. So, Av&alon is definitly a fabulous band that has released in 1997 one of the best ( the best? ) prog metal album . Their 3d album will surely bring them to the highlight of the metal scene.


Album : Vision Eden - Style : heavy prog metal - Interview

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"Mystic Places" was showing a marvelous prog metal band from Germany. Unfortunately, the band gets no means to tour enough & to get a better worldwide distribution to conquer the metal scene. Things have quite changed for Avalon; At first, the band has found a new singer coming from Sri Lanka. & it's maybe th ebest thing taht oculd happen to the band. The previous one was really excellent but this one has a so much incredible voice that it's like metamorphosis for the band. His voice has got a very large range but he gets something more than other ones. His voice makes him as one of the most charismatic singer ever heard. What is the most surprising is that he sometimes looklikes Klaus Meine from Scorpions . Musically speaking, songs are even better. Avalon reveals fine composers which are using their technical level to strengthen songs instead of searching for demonstration. Anyway, you only need ot hear the overture track to feel totally cinvinced that this album is one of the greatest one issued this year. To ignore it is surely a great mistake. In 3 albums , Avalon has reached an incredible level. This band shows how the now classical prog metal scene must be. It's progressive but strongly powerful.


label : Omega records - Album : Metal forces vol4

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This sampler is released by Lucretia records, an italian label & omega records help them with distribution. On this sampler features several bands. As always some are really excellent & promising. That's certainly why some others seems less good. But it's always hgard to make his own decision with only one track.  The opening one is from Raphsody. It cames from its foirst album releaased in France by CNR records. This abnd evolves in a progressive or better epic heavy metal. A kind of prog Manowar, with strong influences coming from Gamma RAy & Kai Hansen ( hear the vocals line for example)/ Maybe rapshody succeeds in blending the best of these 2 bands. Time Machine is well known for prog metal fans. This italian band released some album sthat get good recognition worldwide. 'Act 2 : Galileo' was probably the most avant garde melodic metal album ever released. This project was really excellent. On this track, the band sounds more classical, maybe it's better to follow them & to comprehend their music. Archangel tracks starts after a very long keys intro . The band plays a loud & melodic heavy metal. more powerful than the previous bands but more classical too, even if there's some unawaiting breaks. Arachnes si a real revelation in this sampler : solid heavy metal with just enough melodies & technical parts. It sounds really refreshing wiht some Malsmteen references . Then follow Avalon with "I'm falling" from their 2d album.  The melodic german scene counts with Avalon one of its best bands. Abighor proposes the most ambitious track on the sampler with its more than 10 minutes length. The feeling developped in this song is amazing. Abighor sounds really different fr mother prog bands. It's less demonstrative & more turned in to band like Rush, Wyzards, ...but in a heavier version. They never try to impress everytime with their technical ability. Abighor is really promising. I hope to hear more from them soon. Node is one of the most brutal bands on this sampler. Composed of guy playing with The Gathering, i heard about one album issued by the band. This track is certainly coming from this album. It's death metal with a few melodies . the work on the production has been well made. So, it sounds pretty good. Anesthesia, the following band evolves in a more classcal direction : solid heavy metal. The band is composed of Ex Gamma Ray drummer & bassist. The band told me a few week sago they send the album for presentation on the site. OS, i think i'll tell you more soon. Anesthesia really not sounds like a clone of Gamma Ray. The band has developed its own personality. It's more aggressive but without losing the heavy metal influences. Singer is excellent & the rythmic section is awesome. Then, Moon of Steel starts its osng with a furious riffs like it used to be in the 80's. The band is really inspired by the 80's like the singer for example with a high pitched vocals line that can remains old Helloween, Virgin Steele, or more recently Sacred Steel. This track is really refreshing. Anger, the last band seems more brutal with a deth metal feeling. With Node, Anger sounds relly different from the others, it's old school death metal, really well made & played & with a good production despite a lack of originality.

So, this sampler shows 10 bands evolving in different horizons .Some are close to each other. If there's some that are now really growing in th emetal scene, some should soon appeared.

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