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OBERON : Oberon is Newfoundland's most brutal fastest band. Shear unrentless brutallity and pure 100% originality clearly describes Oberon. Death/Thrash metal stlye at it's finest, dealing with dark atmospheric morbid lyric topics with an twist of death. Before more news, see their home page!!


Label : Roadrunner - Style : death metal- Album : dead

Web : http :// -

Obituary is back. Creators/precursors of the death metal movement, Obituary had a bit left the front of the scene. It is true that their last album , while keeping characteristics and thesound that has made the glory of the group and its trademark, had not fascinated crowds. To make quite a musical health, Obituary has recorded concerts of their last tour to show and demonstrate that they 're always one of the most extreme band on the metal planet . for the sound of this album, there's nothing bad to note t ! It is very limpid and I confess to have been surprised by a such sound quality. Immediately, we recognize the trademark of the band with songs like « Download » ; riffs are simple, very heavy, crushing the audience & then, there's some brutal acceleration and the characteristic voice bursts in our mind . One of the forces of Obituary is surely this voice that is easily identifiable. In more, Obituary hasn't forgotten to play & propose its classic songs, « Causes of death », "Back from the dead», "Dying» and the ultra classic & killer song « Slowly we rot» are delivered in faithful version . Sustained by a public that completely support the band & that give it his total faithful, Obituary proves that pure death metal still sounds good. This music doen't sound old dated and when it is played with so much conviction, it is impossible to resist there. 16 titles for a more than 1 hour long ! total death metal that crush minds


label : The end records - Style Progressive Death metal- Album :Embossed dream in 4 acts

Label web site at :

Web : - Band E mail

This band comes from teh greek scene, which is truly bursting out nowadays with a skilled generation of bands. This one is proud to have worked on a more eclectic musical approach. Created in 1993, the band released in 1995 its first promo tape with only one song. In 1996, the irst official demo is released . It’s called ‘Atheistic Emotions’. Teh band presented ther 3 songs of atmospheric symphonic death metal with som efemale vocals & a cover of Black Sabbath ‘Paranoid’. Getting a lot of positive answers & often described as one of the most promising greek band, Odes of Ectassy had to wait 1997 to release a new song for its promotion. Including elemetns from classical music, the band is often compared with Septic Flesh, Therion, theatre of tragedy, ...This new demo, featured a sdemo of the month in Metal Hammer ! This led them to sign with The end records for a first album..

After a intro with a piano which takes a lot from the traditional repertory, the first riff comes likea heavy metal band of great class! And yet, Odes of Ectassy would be rather to classify in the category Death metal. But attention, where majority of their fellow-members alway seems to evolve in the most primary brutality, Odes of Ectassy enriches its music by new sonorities loaned to the traditional repertory. And the female-intonated voice which punctually appears is certainly one of the best one ever heard. She’s really a singer of classical music, with the clear voice, powerful and suffering from no limit. Her singing exercises are all more beautiful the ones than the others and sound all right, which is not often the case! But there’s also another voicie evolving in a death metal style. Some riffs and certain melodies of guitars will point out the best current groups of heavy metal, with some melodies that sometimes sound close to Maiden for example (' War symphony'). Equipped with an effective production, Odes of Ectassy also explores new sonorities and does not hesitate to show audacity as in ' the total absence of light'. The end records has just offered there an album to us which will certainly compete with the best productions of the kind. Odes of Ectassy make u sthink about Therion. The group thus shows quality of compositions, originality and ‘know-how’ which should carry out them very far in the underground. Undoubtedly a group to be followed and support!


Self production - Style : Death metal - Demo : Complaint

E mail :

Created in 1993, Odium watiteed one year before being able to play live due to many members changes. In 1996, they recorded a rehearsal tape which were played in several radios stations & allowed tghem to play with bands mlike Cryptic Tales ( one of the most important polish band with Psychotron). Then, they recorded a real first demo in studio in 1997. 3 tracks were recorded in 20 hours. Influences came from bands like Sepultura, Rotting Christ, Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division, ... Now, Odium searches for a record company to invest with them in the recording of their first album.

Odium is a polish band not to confound with another polish band (oder) that was also named Odium. Odium plays some death metal with some melodic influences. With an honest production, Odium alternates pure death metal parts with more atmospheric parts. Some keyboards parts & acoustic guitars are also used to enrich their sound. The more the tape is played, the more evident is that Odium has been influenced by heavy metal. There’s some riffs parts that could have been used in this style. & with the high tone aggressive vocals, it can sounds like the most melodic black metal bands. With a lot of good ideas ( hear arrangements on « Elegia »), Odium built basis that could lead them to a higher way than the one they are now.

ORIGINAL SIN : Bio - review

It started with the beginning of human time and has been brought forward through the ages known as ORIGINAL SIN. So as this evolution developed, so in time, did the band Original Sin.This formation took place in Los Angeles in the early part of 1990, as Edgar "Paul" Allen turned his years of experience as a drummer transforming into a vocalist/frontman, and with the help of Andy Haller, who has been written up twice in Guitar Magazine, and he also performed on the multi-platinum album for Doctor Dre and Snoop Doogi Dogg, and Tim Miller who teaches Rock/Metal bass theory for 10 years at M.I.T. in Hollywood. ORIGINAL SIN grew into one of the hottest,well-known bands to hit the Sunset Strip club scene in Hollywood, playing shows with bands like Rhino Bucket and Bang Tango.

Paul moved to Sweden in May of 1995, after signing a production deal for ORIGINAL SIN, but that never turned into what was expected, and , for the time being, the rest of the band stayed in America. However, Paul remained in Sweden to continue with ORIGINAL SIN, and while looking for people to play with, hooked up with members of Espinoza, featuring Peter Espinoza (former guitarist of Nasty Idols fame). Immediately things started to happen! Just about every major newspaper and magazine gave positive response to the new line-up of the band with interviews and live show reviews! The band supported Yngwie Malmsteen, with the help of EMA TELSTAR, throughout his Scandinavian tour 1995, plus performing in over 25 shows of their own. During the first half of 1996, Peter decided to leave the band and pursue other interests. It was inevitable that ORIGINAL SIN was to now be brought back to life, and Paul and Andy, utilising a couple of local Swedish musicians, finished recording their songs at Berno Studios, for their upcoming new CD, tentatively being titled "Temptation", capturing their unique style of metal tunes, containing heavy riffs, with sometimes underlying religious overtones in melodic lyrics, meshing with monstrous guitar leads. The CD is to be completed et the end of 1996 for early 1997 release. Already major interest has started to flourish, and again with the help of EMA TELSTAR, the band is planning a support tour to promote this incredible debut album by ORIGINAL SIN.

"Temptation is the ultimate album that Black Sabbath could have released! The perfect following of an album like "Heaven & hell" or "Mob rules". But Original Sin is not really a copyof Black Sabbath. They use their large influences to continue in the same direction. Original Sin has got various influences & carateristics ( "Bad Child" ) , even if the common points between the 2 bands are pice of evidence ( loud bass play , drums parts, ...) . So, it's a real heavy band. Musically speaking, musicians are quite excellent especially the lead guitarist & singer. Bass & Drums complement each other & gives songs a good cohesion. They also bring a lot of subtelties in their game that enrich songs a lot ("Temptation", Flight to Jupiter" , or "No way out") . As i said before, the singer is impressive & has got a voice which is the ideal compromise between Ozzy & Dio : powerful, clear & melodic. Teh band has got a real musician ship in counterbalancing loud parts with melodies. As a tribute to Black Sabbath, the band makes a cover of "Symptom of the universe" . There's also a fantastic instrumental songs called "Flight to Jupiter", which allows the band to prove that they're not prisoners fr mtheir influences ( also on "heart of steel"). Even, if Original Sin is composed of skilled & technically superior musicians, the band succeeds in keeping a musical cohesion & coherence in songs,  during the whole album. SO, "Temptation" is a real rebirth for the heavy metal sceene, because of its incredible potential & efficience. As Gutrix or Nme Within, Temptation is also a Cd rom where you'll find bio from other Dzynamite production & a video where you'll discover the band during the recording session of "Temptation "in studio. Great idea!

OS 101 :

Label : Victory Records - Style : Hardcore - Album : United brotherhood of scenesters

Website :

here is an album of Hardcore in the purest tradition of the style. OS 101 give a real pleasure when you hear it ! This album reflects the integrity in the first sense of the term. Influence from Suicidal Tendencies is strongly felt all to the long of the 13 titles of this album. But some parts of pieces show that OS 101 is a band able to play more technically songs. Their musical brutality is not the fact of a limited technical level! Able to be by moments very brutal « Stealth », OS 101 slows sometimes the rythms and lets too the guitarist plays some solo («Shut Up Kid »). Of more, OS 101 diversifies atmospheres of its pieces. Some are violent musically as well as vocally. Others are far more melodic with fun lyrics and remind the US punk rock movement. Musically and technically irreproachable, OS 101 gives with this album a lesson of Hardcore-punk rock. Fundamentally honest, this album is the archetype of what is the best in this style !


Have a look at Osmium site. Osmium are currently working on a CD called "Internal Torment". They also search for professional management and booking for North America. Influenced by bands such as Slayer, Pantera and Sepultura, Osmium has got their own unique style. This band seems to be very good on stage, they have already played with Testament, & a show with Exodus is planned for this year. 


Label : Metal Blade - style : Thrash metal - CD : Cybervoid

Label web site :

Obliveon web site :

Band E mail :

Oblivion comes from Quebec ( like Days of Yore) & was created in 1987. After 2 demos tapes released in 1987 that help the band to spread their name worldwide,, Oblivion has to wait 1989& the 'Fiction of Veracity' demo to strenghthen its basis. Starting as a death metal band & probably as thg efirst one in Quebec, Oblivion has evolved a lot since this date, including a more progressive or lyrical approach to its music. Cybervoid is th e3d album of the band. first one was released in 1990(from this day forward) & second one was called Nemesis' & was released in 1993. One album per 3 year. Cybervoid was so recorded in 1996 but in Europe we had to wait for 1997 to see its release with the help of Metal Blade records.

Fortunatly this album is now worldwide available! Cybervoid is one of the most interesting power thrash metal album of the 1997 year. It's may be the best response to Annihlator's album. Jeff Waters is no more alone ! Guitars are ultra precise & some riffing parts are just hallucinating : syncoped rythms, powerful, originality, ...All that can be done with a guitar are put in the songs. This precision is possible because the technical level of the band is really up to the average. The production is totally awesome. I think the only link with death metal is the voice of Bruno Bernier, the vocalist. Oblivion blends just enough melodies &aggressivity to its songs to make them absolutly interesting & never boring. This album remains us how good is thrash metal when it's composed at such a high level of creation & solidity of play.


Album : between passion & madness - Style : heavy prog metal - label : Goldtrack records

E mail : - Label : http :// -

Created in 1993, Overlife is a band composed of 6 members & it was at first a heavy metal project that evolve with the departure & arrival of new members. Formerly known under the name of Deathless, the band recorded « ideales muertos », a demo in which they put a lot of illusions. But, the band had to wait 1997 to get a solid line up. So, they decided to enter a studio again but not to record a demo. The aimwas to make the mos professional recording possible. It ends with « Between Pssion & madness », their first album . Goldtrack records was really intersted by this recording & so, they signed the band but meanwhile, Dethless changed its ame into Overlife. Overlife’s album can probably remain the same interest than Angra created with its first album « Angels Cry ». I’d even say that Overlife can easily be compared to first Angra’s appearance. At first, Overlife’s sound is pretty good & clear. Then, musically speaking, there’s a fantastic work made by guitars like on one of their best track « the last martyr ». Blending involving chorus, speed guitars parts as well as emotionnal acoustic ones, the work of the 2 guitarist is fully complete. Facing most progressive bands, Overlife’s song never sounds like a collection of riffs or parts even if all musicians in the band are really up to the average. It’s certainly because they were at first a heavy metal band. The singer use a large range of his voice , trying to diversify his vocals appearance. Backing vocals are really good too & they bring a lot to this richness music Overlife has to be classified between Rhapsody & Angra & it’s sure that the band have all means to convince all fans of melodic & progressive metal. In 7 songs (including one intro & an outro), Overlife appears like a very promising band & maybe among the rare one in the underground able to compete with the most famous acts worldwide. It’d be really a pity to ignore them so far !


Label : Season of mist- style : metal - album : Sidereal journey

Label E mail :

Oxiplegatz is a concept created by Al Svensson. He's also well known because of his participation in Grotesque & At the Gates. Al is also a famous & well reputed composer in the old swedish scene. 'sidereal journey' is his third album of Oxiplegatz & may be his more accomplished one!

'Sidereal journey' is a concept album. There's 33 parts inside made of shorts musical interludes with some heaviest parts! It's really impossible to talk more about one precisely track because this album must be considered in its globality. More over, this kind of album cannot be classified in any style. Al explores all dimensions of metal music, from black metal to amospherioc metal, including some of the heaviest riffs ever created, females vocals, death metal ones, black metal ones, ...It's really a total achievement. Generally talking, Concept album are often boring or are so called conept album. It's not the case for this one; Lyrics hava to be taken a sa novel or a tale, telling teh story of race of beings driven off their home world, due to the presence of a black hole that threatens teh stability of the sun.  The richness of composition, the musical skill, the effort of experimentation & research of efficience make of this album something indispensable & a reference in metal music. Probably the most original & refreshing concept album of these past years!

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