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1 Can you present Overlife?

1- Overlife is a band from Alicante (south-east of Spain). We started our project in the year 1993 . In that year only Javier Martínez, Fabricio Carlotta and Javier Marco were in the band ( the band was called DEATHLESS ). In 1995 the singer and the bass player left the band and Roberto Bonus and Leandro Martínez joined us.Finally Sergio Sanchez joined us on the keyboards and then we took the name OVERLIFE.

2 What's your influences? & how do you define your style?

2- Well the style we practice is a mix between classic german metal and the new tendences of progressive metal. Some of our influences are Dream Theater, Queen, Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Vanden Plas, Pink floyd, Simon Phillips, Angra,etc...

3 Can you present your album?

3- Between passion & Madness is our first album. It is a work we have made with great, great illussion and with the hope that it can be listened to by all the people who love Heavy metal, so who love the music. It is a conceptual album about the dream of a person and you can find classic songs like Victims of the holocaust, Classic-progressive songs like the last Martyr or Dark side , and slow songs like My last song.

4 I think that Overlife can become a new Angra, because there's a lot of things in the band that looklikes Angra : singer, guitar riffs, melodies with powerful, progressive side, ...Do you think that Overlife can be an European alternative to Angra??

4- Well firstly I want to say that it is great that you think so because Angra is for us a band with a increible future!!!!. Well, you are right when you speak about our progressive side etc... and it is normal that you find similitudes with Angra because is a great influence for us , but I will tell you that we base our music on a kind of fussion between Blind Guardian and Dream Theater for example, and that mix joined the voice of our singer is the music you compare with Angra. At least we think so...

5 Have you toured a lot to promote this album, when , where, which bands were with you

5- Yes we are going to tour with Bands of Spain like Dragon Lord or Eternal night and maybe we will make a concert with Avalanch, Knell Odyssey and Dragon Lord. But for the moment we are going to tour only across Spain. We wish we can go to France some day!!!!!!!

? 6 Can you tell us more about the scene in your country?

6- well now we think that there are a lot of good bands in Spain like Avalanch, Dragon Lord, Eternal night, Easy Rider, Mago de Oz, etc... and we think these bands will become stronger with their next albums. But Spain is not a powerful heavy metal country and the bands here have to work very hard if they want to have the chance of leaving Spain and recording for example in Germany.

7 Heavy metal is back, maybe stronger than before, why?

7- Because the heavy metal is a music that will stay eternally, it can´t disappear cos it has a great tradition and a great past. Although in Usa the people try to tell us that the heavy metal is dead , in Europe we will always love heavy metal.

8 What are your projects now? Can you tell us more about hte coming album?

8- We are going to make concerts until the summer, then we will start to record our new album wich will be better than Between Passion & Madness ( We promise that), we will try to get a great production. We are making now the new songs too and these songs are a powerful mix between german metal and progressive metal and we hope you will like it.

9 a last word ?

9- we want to tell you that we wish we can go to France to make good concerts with our next album. I used to go every summer to France and I can tell that I love this country ( Paris is Great, really great), and we know you love Angra and Angra love you. We wish you can love Overlife too. See you as soon as possible!!!!

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