Contact : Brennus - Alain ricard / 5 rue de Lixy / 89140 Villethierry - France tel / Fax : 33 3 86 66 51 41

Web site : http://www.infomusique.com/brennus - http://www.musearecords.com/ -http ://www.id-net.fr/musea

E Mail : Brennus.hardrock@wanadoo.fr

1. Can you tell us more about the band ?
“Overstep” is a group initially created at the end of  1995. It emerged in its present form  in March 1998 : a quintet including  Matthias LE TUMELIN - drums - , Florent EXMELIN - bass - , Christian LE TUTOUR   - rhythm guitar -, Christophe BLANCHARD - rhythm and lead guitar - and at last Morgan MARLET     - vocals-.

2.  Your album strongly remains the french metal wave of the 80's. But insteead of sounding obsolete or old, "La pierre" sounds reallyh refreshing & modern. How do you explain it ?
First of all we are satisfied in noticing you are interested in our album. We only hope there will be a lot of us.
To come back to our subject, on the one hand I have the feeling that it comes from the mixing of a sound of the early 80’s and present technology. Musical equipment and audio-visual supports  have improved in nearly 20 years.
On the other hand, after the realisation of our album, with a very small budget, we put all our hopes in a better production for a second album ( in the near future).

3.  Can you tell us more about the recording ?
Drums live recordings required 24 hours on March 28-29 1998 ( 11 tracks right through Matt was at the top of his form !!). Afterwards we took over from one another on a period of two months in a studio for bass, guitar and vocals recordings. Then Marc worked on mixing and mastering during 10 days. In the end 6 months passed from the first stroke on the bass drum to the release of the album.

4. How did you get in touch with Brennus ?
We were talked about BRENNUS by Agnès and Bruno DOLHEGUY –“Killers”-. Alain Ricard discovered our single, we met and tried our chance.

5.  To sing in french was like a crime there's 3-4 years ago ( for the french masses !). Now, there's more & more bands singing in french. What doest it bring more to your music ?
Considering the number of French Metal groups re-issues  ( in short supply ) it may be a force. The market still exists but nowadays we are taking part in a true French Heavy Metal style reappearance. For all that, singing in French is not always a positive fact. It sometimes becomes a disadvantage and paradoxically foreigners are more interested in Hard Rock than The French. It seems that we are confronted with a news blackout from French specialised magazines. Singing in French is a choice, a will and we won’t change our minds. In fact it may be our strength…

6 - & what sort of importnace do you give to your lyrics & what are they dealing with ?
For me when we talk or write we find words in our hearts. And no way in digression when you tackle current affairs, let alone other topics. The text must be pregnant with meaning and coherent. In our album the less significant text is written in English. Ha! Ha!
The consent of the 5 group members is necessary for a text or a topic to be adapted but I sometimes improve songs lyrics a long time after its initial writing.
Latter we take public reactions into account. And listening to the audience singing in return during a concert is a great pleasure.

7.   I don't understad the meaning of your cover with your tittle track. Can you tell us more about ?
The arrival of our mascot called “SPACECAT” on earth is a mystery and a satisfactory explanation of our choice for a restrained cover. The tittle “ LA PIERRE” is a reference to a gravestone made of granite on which our logo and tracks tittles are carved.
The use of both tenses –present and future-  emphasizes  the contrast  of our musical style with the becoming of a new millennium. Do you see what I mean? Hmm… Don’t you share my opinion? How about free thought?

8. When death metal was at its best in the 90's, wasn't it too hard for a french heavy metal band ?
Yes and no. Heavy and Death Metal possess the same roots but the public is divided on this point. I believe in the existence of a respect on both sides despite a critical eye from one part to another. Whatever Black, Doom, Death or Heavy, Metal will always be Metal!

9 - The trend now is to reissue 80's albums on CD, especially old french bands. Do you think that it's an help for you  ? 
We hope the public will appreciate our music. We live in hope of taking part in the re-entry of Hard Rock in France. It’s necessary to make oneself popular and perform in public to sell more albums. We aren’t a professional group and with nobody behind us we come up against daily difficulties : lack of time, of support and means.
Appetite and thirst – C’est bon la bière … - : two keywords.
10 - What do you think about this trend ?
As far as I am concerned listening to our past idols is fantastic. Thanks to re-issues I now possess a new record collection. Moreover re-issues boost sales in all countries. To my mind it is an  advantage. We are not talking about a new fashion but godsend.

11. DO you have already schedule some gigs to promote "La Pierre" ?
We perform in public regularly –from 20 to 30 concerts per year-. It is not enough to earn a living.
Except with the group “Killers” we have never played on a great stage or for the opening of a well-known concert. We are waiting for someone who will give us a real chance – I must say he or she will be right!-. We are ready to take up any challenge. We just want to play. Unfortunately we are unable to tour in the present time. Nevertheless we have many contacts and recently we began performing in public outside Brittany.

12. A last word ?
Yes. Thank you!

Morgan MARLET (singer) “OVERSTEP” (Heavy Metal)

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