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Fax: +46-8-15 89 51.


Web site : No web site, but you can see my presentation of the label & its band at

1 Tell us about the story about Heathendoom music.

Heathendoom Music was formed during the later half of `94, due to the fact that I was interested to start releasing quality CD`s instead of 7" ep`s and compilation tapes that I was doing with my old underground company, Megagrind Productions. I got the name from one of my favourite songs with Memento Mori.

2 You've few releases for now but quality on recordings, quality & originality of your bands are really impressive. How do you choose bands & what do you give to them?

We usually pay their studio recordings and stuff like that. We split all the covermaking costs. Plus that we pay all the legal rights to release the bands material, then we are also paying alot of cash when we promote new releases. We like all bands that are good and do have something important to say.

3 Heathendoom is a label that seemes to be devoted to doom metal & slow metal bands but always melodic. Why this choice?

As I stated in the last answer, we like all good bands. We don`t care if it is Doom Metal, Power Metal, Death Metal or Black Metal, as long as the quality in songwriting is there. Our new releases with T.A.R and FIFTH REASON is not all Doom Metal, even if both bands like to mix some slower parts with a lot of experimental Metal stuff. As long as it is good, I don`t care.

4 What are your projects for now : previous releases, distribution, ...

Right now we are pushing and promoting our new releases (see band names in last answer). It costs a lot, and believe me, for now I don`t know if we will still be able to produce any further releases due to all high advertisments costs and flyers and shipping and...Bla, bla,bla... On the other hand we are also running an underground metal store here in Stockholm, where you will find cool vinyls, CD`s, T-shirts, Books and other obscure stuff. We will have a new mailorder catalogue available any day now, plus that we distribute some other companies products, like: Dark Trinity Productions (UK), Dark Symphonies Rds (USA), Nwrapped (Sweden), Merciless Records (Ger), Pussy God Records (Czezh Rep.)...etc, etc.

If anyone are interested to receive either our mailordercatalogue or our distribution list with a lot of good wholesale-prices on Undergroundreleases, just drop us a letter, fax or e-mail.

We are also doing a swedish written magazine called Heathendoom. Issue #3 is propably out when you read this, over 160 pages in the A5 size, with a lot of interviews (Annihilator, Mike Wead, Tulus, Liquid Sound Company, Mortiis, Fifth Reason, Close-Up Mag, Metal Blade Rds...) + tonnes of reviews.

5 Do you only sign bands coming from Sweden?

No! We are only signing bands that are good, and it doesn`t matter wich country they come from.

6 What is the situation of the sceene in your country?

Ehh, there is a very small sceene at the moment, but I am doing my best to make become bigger. We have been arranging a few conserts with our bands + that we`re doing the magazine and the mailorder. Hopefully a lot of people will wake up soon. The good bands that are big, like Dissection, Marduk, Morgana Lefay, Memento Mori...etc, is not doing any gigs in Sweden. I don`t know why. Maybe they aren`t interested in doing anything in Sweden, but it would be great to arrange an quality metal festival here in Stockholm someday.

7 What are your goal with Heathendoom?

It is simple. I want to survive, actually. And of course, I want to put out quality releases with only good bands. Not like those labels that also put out bands that not even are worth to put out on an demo cassette. If anyone play in a band that are good, just contact us at the following address: HEATHENDOOM MUSIC, BOX 36, S-114 79 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN. Fax: +46-8-15 89 51. E-mail:

Also feel free to ask for our new mailorder catalogue or distributionlist. By the way, I got an special offer for all you Metal freaks reading this interview. If you want to get hold of all our releases thus far:


DARKLANDS "Chronicles" MCD,


FIFTH REASON "Psychotic" Digipack-CD &

T.A.R "Fear Of Life" CD,

then please, send only 60 US$ (incl. postage), just mention that you read this interview and that you support quality Metal bands. Thanks for the interview Laurent, You rule- METAL RULES!

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