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Self production - Style : thrash core - Album : Use your voice

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Payback plays a thrash core & one of the most corrosive one. Always playing as fast as possible, the group does not spare anybody. The chant is vindictive, aggressive, incisive. The singer spits its hatred to those that wants to hear it ! If from time to time, Payback can remind Suicidal Tendencies on its first albums or again others group htat evolve in a more current style, the group possesses a certain talent to distil efficient and energetic titles. Rhythmics are fierce. And a title as « Squid » can easily satisfy both fans of pure metal and harcore thrash. Because guitars know how & when to alternate between precision and madness ( « Slanted »). Some influence as Machine Head but also Sepultura can sometimes make their appearance. But Payback hasn't a lack of idea and the band can to each time surprise the audience, for an intro ( « Solution » or « Bulldozer »), for a break (« Big Shot »), with a melody or any other gimmick. In any case, to these that like a "muscular" music,Payback gives you some for your money. Payback can make think too of the French group Gang. Nevertheless, the music of this last remains more classical with mainly reference to the Bay Area thrash. Payback is really a group to discover !


American technical death metal as Morbid Angel. They just have demos, the last one is called "my belief" & was recorded on home studio. The sound is quite not good.

PENDRAGON : The Magic is Back! This band comes from London. Their career has started in 1977: 20 years together... The musical style is a bit different of metal world, 'cos Pendragon plays relief rock ( prog rock of the 90's), in the vein of Marillion, Genesis, Pink floyd, Yes and Camel. However, many heavy metal fans appreciate their music as it is full of energy and deep emotions on CD and on stage too! As this scene inspired lots of metal bands, I think it's a good thing to include them on this page as they have become a reference. They've already done big gigs as for instance the Reading Festival in 1983-84, Le Bataclan (France - 96), ... The band toured in Europe & USA and plan in early 1998 to tour in South America, Canada and Japan too. They've also released ten albums in their career. Here are some of them : 'Fly High Fall Far' , 'The Jewel', '9:15', 'The World', 'The Window Of Life', 'Fallen Dreams & Angels', 'Utrecht... The Final Frontier', ..., 'The Masquerade Overture' (their brilliant last one) all re leased on its own records company 'Toff records'. You can also visit their home site at : . The band has now released a live video showing them during "The masquerade Overtour". Recorded in Poland, this 98 minutes video shows the band at his best!! Read the interview!!!

"The masquerade Overture" is really a brilliant album. Music has got an incredible delicacy with subtle arrangements. The main part of this album is quite calm but as soon as guitar is more present, as soon as the drummer speed the tempos, Pendragon shows its powerful. The band lead us to new horizons. The influence that they have on metal prog band is evidence (see Magellan & sometimes Dream Theater) : songs are quite long with complex development showing differents ambients parts. Pendragon's musicians are fearsome technicians & affirmed composers (hear the tittle track : an opera ouverture ). this album is surely one of the best prog rock album of these last years. I think it 'll be hard for the band to make a better one. Pendragon has got its own style even if sometimes, influences of bands like Pink Floyd or Genesis are present. To complete this scheme, production & cover art work are just fantastic. Pendragon wants the best for its fans. the band has got respect for them. If 2 words could resume Pendragon i would say : honesty & faithfulness. that's why the band prefers to create its own structures (label, ...) to offer the best for its audience. A limited edition (2CD) of "The masquerade overture" is also available at the same price than the simple CD. See on labels page for details. A video called "Live... At Last" (from the 'Masquerade Overtour') is planned for end of June (1997) too. For more info, mail The Mob at or if you are French-speaking contact


Psychotron is back after a first demo that was strongly influenced by Bay Area thrash metal. Created in 92, some members of the band were also playing metal in the 80's. Their new album ( still on tape) is now issued by Negative records. There's some changes in Psychotron 's music. It's still thrash metal & Bay area influences are still here . But the band gains more efficience with its growing eperience. It's near from last Testament 's evolution. It's heavier, terribly heavier! Some Pantera touches can be found. But the band still kept its melodies. Psychotron makes me think to a band like Mental Crypt. It's truly powerful, with a huge & loud production. After Cryptic Tales, debut album ( teh tales) that was showing that polish scene was now as equal as other european ones, Psychotron proves that something has happend there. I hope a record company to sign quickly this band & issued their EP in Cd format. It'll be so still heavier!


Label : Full Moon productions - style : Heavy speed metal - split CD : Metal inquisition/stay ugly

Label web site :


Piledriver is not really a new band. They came from Canada & teh band's first album was released originally in 1984. Full moon productions decide in 1998 to release again & in Cd format both of Piledriver albums fom 84 & 86 . 'Metal inquisition' was issued in 84 on cobra records. this album wa blending 2 elements that matter a lot at this time : heavy metal & Satan. It was very provocative & may be shocking at this time ! Tracks like 'Sex with Satan', 'sodomize the ded' or 'Piledriver' have established Piledriver as one of the craziest band of this period & one of the best one in the underground scene. Songs on this album are quite long & it really sounds like a piece of heavy metal music. Some tracks are really loud & reflects precisely the state of mind of several bands of this period. 'Witchhunt' is one of their best track on this album with a genuise chorus( that could have suit in a Motley Crue or Skidrow album ! ).

'Stay ugly', the second album of Piledriver was originally issued in 1986. With a better production & some modern influences ( in 1986!) Piledriver creates a fantastic album of speed metal. unfortunately, this album has not meet a huge success in Europe ( & less success in France!). but if you've appreciated 'kill 'em all' of Metallica, this album will surely pleased you with its fast & crushing guitars, its harsh melodies , its chorus as good as on a Judas Priest album & its solis that could have been played by an hysteric Kirk Hammett! songs are shorter but really more aggressive, kinda speed metal with just enough melodies to make it more powerful. 

So, it's 2 different albums released by Piledriver & fortunately, Full moon productions offer both in a split CD. S this band is often mentioned as one of the reference for extreme metal bands, it's worth to get it as soon as possible!


Label : Metal Blade - style : Thrash metal - CD : Form of release

Label web site :

With the decline of the thrash metal scene & its bands such as Testament( despeite its good last album) , Heathen, & Metallica ( to name a few), there's no more 'Bay Area thrash metal bands' still in activity; Purged is maybe one of those which has possibilities to create an increase of interest in this style. By some ways, Purged takes the best side of Metallica like the complexity of '& justice for all' & some heavy parts of 'the black album'. An intelligent drummer, very clever ( hear the original double bass drums & play on toms). This guy owns the powerful & inventiveness of Lars Ulrich with the subtlety of Clive Burr. Even the vocals parts remain a young James Hettfield ( with some Testament's inflexion). Then guitars sound really heavy, with excellent solis. Then, the band blends this with a more modern approach & sound & gives it more powerful elements. 'Withered' is maybe one of the song that shows the most the influence of Metallica in Purged.. this result is simply demential. I wonder why Metallica has not follow this way ! Anyway, with Purged & its album, there's a lot of satisfaction . It's good to see such amazing band offering this kind of album. It proves that thrash metal is not obscolete or old fashioned style if the band is able to keep its inspiration alive.

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